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Security and Surveillance

An interview with the wistleblower Edward Snowden realized by Ewen MacAskill, reporter in Moscow and Alan Rusbridger, co-editor chief from the Guardian, explains well until what extend the new control over data and the information storage exposes sensitive data to surveillance. 142 mots de plus


As security startups heat up, a reminder that security is not a product or service: it's a value

There’s a lot of funding going on in security these days, but it’s hard to tell whether or not these new services are actually going to help things.

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Russian stealth corvette put British Navy on alert off Danish coast - media

A British frigate was dispatched to track a mysterious battleship that covertly sneaked in close to Denmark’s coast. The ship turned out to be Russian stealth corvette conducting a complex checkout of battle systems, according to British media. 171 mots de plus


Series 1: Only in Canada...

Only in the Canada will you hear of 2 teenage boys hacking into an ATM on their lunch break from school and not actually taking any money, but rather informing the bank of their security loopholes! 17 mots de plus

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