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Entrainez l'esprit, et le corps suit !

Upgradez votre cerveau,
Passez de la vision centrale à l’activation de la vision périphérique par la voie dite de la « vision aveugle » inconsciente ou voie colliculaire. 22 mots de plus

Hypnosis - Hypnose

Movin' in Wing Chun 05 : The Evil Circle

Where we learn about circles and Baguazhang steps adapted in Wing Chun and the plum flower moving set.
Walk in the mud buddy, walk the mud, and you’ll rock ! 40 mots de plus

Wing Chun

Movin' in Wing Chun part 04 : Zombie Feast !

In this video, we just learn ho easy it is , with the mighty Wing Chun, to escape well educated people or brain damaged teen and eventually a zombie plague. 37 mots de plus

Wing Chun

Movin' in Wing Chun part 03

Where we just learn how to do some self defense attitude, look like a psycho when overpowered, anticipate the anti zombie steps video, and study and respond to basic and usual ranges of bridges with an opponent.

Wing Chun

Movin’ in wing chun Part 02

Where we learn how to fall back from a close embrace, and go berserk at a tango party.

Wing Chun

Movin' in wing chun Part 01

Where we learn how to turn, and sweep, and counter sweeps !

Wing Chun