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Tablets at school?Leading way to disaster?

Hello ,my name is Jimmy I’m fourteen years old high school student and I would like to express my views on this matter.First of all ,both have advantages and disadvantages .But personally I believe that books will always do the trick.And why is that?It is easy.And there are two main reasons.Because of enviromental issues and learning experience.You probably think I am crazy but please listen to me and then you can be able to say anything you want. 303 mots de plus

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Rookie Photography: The Beginning!

Hey everyone! I am the Rookie Photographer, a Mechanical Engineering student who decided to take photographs that look decent… ish.

Here I’ll upload photos, as a way to keep track, motivate me to become a better (rookie) photographer and get some constructive critisism. 55 mots de plus

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So tired ...

Hey guys !!!

This day was so good but I am so tired !!! All happend from early in morning … I had a bad feeling about this single day !!! 188 mots de plus

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Hello ( #first post )

Hello everyone !!!!

I am Chrysa and I love blogging …It was my dream to have a blog and posting my everyday and share my world and my dreams with you !!! 54 mots de plus

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This week's dish: "random" news.

Nike Middle East, has launched an ad that has caused much turmoil. The ad feautures arab women in sport attire working out and participating in many different sporting activities. 258 mots de plus

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