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Come and See Us!

The Apple Scrapple Festival is this weekend.  As a result, I’ve been very busy preparing.  This will be our 6th year participating in the Trinity Craft Show… 102 mots de plus


Headbands and Hats

As one of our craft shows approaches, I have been crafting and crocheting like a crazy person.  I got into a headband kick.  It is so fun creating cute crocheted headbands.  29 mots de plus


Flower Power Headphones Pattern

Check out my new pattern!  It’s been ages since I took the time to write and post a new pattern.  I’m always creating, but formatting a pattern, getting it tested, and all the other stuff that goes into pattern publishing is so much work that I rarely am committed enough to follow through.  91 mots de plus


Trolls - Guy Diamond

Guy Diamond, everyone’s favorite disco ball.  This hat is crazy glittery, but oh, so awesome.  $30


Crafting like crazy

Hi everyone! I hope your day has been filled with sparkley rays of sunshine. 🌞 I have been sooo busy, between caring for my 2 children, who are bundles of excitement & bursts of energy, & crafting, & crafting. 136 mots de plus

Smacked With A Sparkle Posts

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Trolls - DJ Suki

This adorable DJ Suki hat is one of my favorites.  Headphones are completely a stand-alone feature.  Wear as earmuff, headphones, or as part of the hat!  $30


Trolls - Poppy

Next up…Poppy!  I love this hat.  These hats turned out so adorable.  This hat has an adjustable and removable flower headband for wearing with or without the hat!  $30.