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Week Eleven: Political Engagement

Good old politics. Everyone’s favorite family dinner topic.

When it comes to politics in the United States some see it as a touchy subject that they’d rather not talk about in public, a social taboo of sorts, for fear of stepping on someone’s toes or hurting feelings. 242 mots de plus


Bonus Blog: Scary Things!

When it comes to writing everyone has their own set of fears. Some things that come to others naturally can seem very daunting to someone else. 277 mots de plus


Week 10: Rhetorical Analysis

This week we learned in class the nine key concepts of rhetorical analysis. Now how do these fit into real world writing? Well almost everything that you read employs some, if not all, of these nine concepts. 251 mots de plus


NBA DFS 11/4/15

Yesterday we got back to the winning side of things cashing a DFS lineup that hit 303.74 with the help of Lou Williams, Andre Drummond, Zach Randolph, and Evan Fournier. 667 mots de plus



I was brought up in a world consisting of the warmth of a caring family, the laughs of best friends, closeness of a community, the aroma of delicious food, and a sheltered environment. 395 mots de plus


CBS Explains Why the New ‘Star Trek’ Will Air is on a Paid Streaming Service

CBS President and CEO Leslie Moonves discusses why the new upcoming Star trek series that will  debut in January 2017, will air on CBS’ paid streaming service CBS All Access, rather than the network itself. 157 mots de plus