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Acceptance to medical school!

While there is much scientific and religious controversy over when, exactly, the moment of life begins, the Jewish tradition is clear: The fetus is not considered viable until after it graduates from medical school. 794 mots de plus


Word of the day #114


Ar – cha – ic

Old fashioned.

Example: His approach was an archaic one.


Konjiki no Wordmaster: Web Chapter 114 - Out of Place Hiiro

Bell: Papa has become a NEET all of a sudden. Bell hopes that Rika comes back soon~

Bell: This is the Updated version of 114. So enjoy! 1 632 mots de plus


"I Should Care" from Too Much Monday

Our second sextet rehearsal was yesterday, this one was more challenging due to the reading of my new tune, « Gratitude. » Modal and mixed meter, it had some editing issues that… are best to come out in rehearsal and not on the bandstand! 150 mots de plus


Day 114 - 116: Ill

Unfortunately over the last week I felt the early signs of a cold and it has come to a head over the last couple of days, pair that with a vomiting bug, and I have spent my time in bed. 16 mots de plus


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  • “Homeland”
    • to sing with Center Grove students on January 30th
    • Sing out more in mixed formation, don’t be afraid to make a mistake. – Don’t be timid when learning music!!!
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