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1/13/17 - 1/16/17 Writing Tracking

Because I was somewhere with not-so-great internet, I didn’t even think to try and write more blog posts and upload stuff to the blog to let you know what I was working on.   107 mots de plus


Welly It's Been Nice

So long, farewell, auf Wiedersehen goodbye! Wellington was a fun little town, windy and quaint and packed in to a few blocks of action. I ended up just fitting all of my stuff into my bags, bursting as usual as I fled downstairs to load everything up. 737 mots de plus

Fun With Friends

HB 67

Sponsor: Ruth, Becky (114)

Summary: This bill adds a full-time, non-retired teacher to state board of education. This teacher shall be a non-voting member of the board. 25 mots de plus


HB 66

Sponsor: Ruth, Becky (114)

Summary: Proposes that the Department of Health and Senior Services expand the newborn screening requirements to include spinal muscular atrophy and Hunter Syndrome. 24 mots de plus


HB 65

Sponsor: Ruth, Becky (114)

Summary: This bill establishes the “waterways trust fund,” which will be paid into by portions of some fines and fees related to boats and boating. 46 mots de plus

Galvanized Pipe Nipple 1-1/4

« WORLDWIDE » PIPE NIPPLE 1-1/4″ x 72″size Galvanized. Long size. Commonly used for water or gas lines. With thread protection on all pipe thread. Pipe nipples. 8 mots de plus