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Blank Generation

European comics tend to be focused on stories serialized in about 8-10 pages in magazines such as 2000 AD, Warrior, or Heavy Metal, mostly in black and white. 2 336 mots de plus


Warlord Games Gets the 2000AD Miniatures License

Warlord Games has announced they’ll be producing a new line of miniatures and games based on the British comic series 2000 AD.

The deal covers miniature games, scenery, and collectible miniatures sets. 149 mots de plus


Game On: @2000AD and @WarlordGames Come Together To Produce A New Miniature Games Based On 2000 AD.

Warlord Games is to produce a new line of miniatures and games based on the legendary British comic book, 2000 AD.

The worldwide licence covers miniatures games, scenery and collectable miniatures sets based on series and characters from the weekly comic, which is the home of… 363 mots de plus

Great British Comic Book Characters: Zenith

Borag Thungg fellow Squaxx Dek Thargo, and welcome back to another instalment of ‘Great British Comic Book Characters’ our occasional series that aims to acquaint you with some of the classic dramatis personae that originate from this small island known as the United Kingdom. 666 mots de plus


Never mind the adverts... here are the toys ! (Pt4)

Welcome to part 4 of TVTA’s series Never Mind The Adverts.

In this edition we focus on the 1999 Re-Action Figures line for British comic… 90 mots de plus

2000 AD

The Daily Zarjaz- Anderson PSI- Clear & Present Danger

Starting today, by writer Lee Robson and Dunk! Nimmo.

Join us for the rest of 2016 as we present to you the finest webstrips in the known (or unknown) multiverse!

Anderson PSI © Rebellion 2016. 

The princess and the droid - an edited kiss, from 1983's Charlie Mensuel. Plus 2000 AD Palitoy prizes

Charlie Mensuel. Issue 19. 1983. France. Charlie Mensuel was a French adult comic book published between 1969 and 1986 with links to its current relative… 114 mots de plus

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