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Judge Dredd Under Siege #1

Judge Dredd Under Siege #1

Review by Paul Bowler.

All hell breaks loose in Judge Dredd Under Siege #1 when contact with the Patrick Swayze Block is suddenly lost. 458 mots de plus


LawgIVer- Saturday May 26th 2018

Team FQP (Bolt-01) will be at LawgIVer this weekend, but dows not have a table. If anyone was planning on collecting copies of Zarjaz or Dogbreath at the gig, please get in touch and we can make sure copies are brought. 116 mots de plus

2000 AD


Budgets were cut back for the tail-end of the Dredd audios. In order to have full casts in some of the other episodes, Big Finish asked me how small I could go. 173 mots de plus


Monster (2016)

Monster is a strange comic. It’s British, was serialized weekly, running a couple years in a couple different comics magazines–Scream then Eagle–and there’s a very British comics storytelling sensibility to it. 526 mots de plus

Alan Moore

Dredd (2012) - Movie Review

The basic aim of Dredd is simple – it needs to be bold, true to the source material and full of juicy violence, enough to wipe out the memories of the notoriously poor Stallone attempt of 1995 that threw plenty of money at the screen without bothering to work on anything resembling a decent script. 810 mots de plus

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