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Dredd (2012) - Movie Review

The basic aim of Dredd is simple – it needs to be bold, true to the source material and full of juicy violence, enough to wipe out the memories of the notoriously poor Stallone attempt of 1995 that threw plenty of money at the screen without bothering to work on anything resembling a decent script. 810 mots de plus

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Over on the ‘Strip Archive‘ page there has been a new arrival. The Dreddheads are back.  These strips have been away for quite a while so it is with pleasure that I announce them returning. 19 mots de plus


Mega City Book Club Ep. 61: The Terra-Meks

Journalist, editor, and podcaster Andrew Harrison joins Mega City Book Club to discuss everybody’s favourite story from the Ro-Busters Disaster Squad, written by Pat Mills and beautifully illustrated by Dave Gibbons. 32 mots de plus


Journey Planet- Judge Dredd

Journey Planet is a occasional fanzine themed around whatever takes their fancy.

Issue 39 has just been launched and the theme for this issue is: … 64 mots de plus


Zarjaz 30 - Out in the wild...

As usual I’m going to try to collate all the reviews of the latest issue right here. Starting with:

The Forbidden Planet Blog, where Joe Gordon says some nice things about us. 172 mots de plus


Zarjaz 30- Now available

At long last Zarjaz 30 is here! Another 48 pages of hi-octane thrills from the finest creators available, all wrapped in a cover by Dan Cornwell- one of Tharg’s newest droids. 103 mots de plus


Preview: Resident Alien #2

Nurse Asta and Shaman Twelvetrees earn Harry’s complete trust and learn more about the newest mystery that’s haunting him. Stranded on Earth, Harry’s only hope of communicating with his home planet could possibly be found in New York City! 19 mots de plus