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Rogue Trooper Redux, the remaster of the underrated late PS2/Xbox Original game from 2006 based on the Rogue Trooper comic published in 2000 AD has a release date: October 17th. 123 mots de plus


The Official 2000 AD Podcast Team Speak to the Production Team Behind Mega-City One

Image copyright Rebellion Productions/IM Global 2017

So, we previously posted about Mega-City One’s poster and how the Judge Dredd based TV series is in production, and now we have a little bit extra for you all. 339 mots de plus


"I AM THE LAW!" Judge Dredd Based Series 'Mega-City One' Reveals Its Teaser Poster.

Image copyright Rebellion Productions/IM Global 2017

Via Entertainment Weekly, a poster was dropped on Wednesday 10th May and features a massive sprawling view of Megalopolis, the fictional super city that features prominently in the… 271 mots de plus


Strontium Dog

If you were asked to name a comic book company your answer might depend on where you are from. Those from the French speaking world would answer either Herge (Tintin) or Hachette (Asterix and Obelix). 196 mots de plus

2000 AD

TV Time: Judge Dredd-Mega City One Is Headed To TV Thanks To IM Global & Rebellion

The world of Judge Dredd is coming to TV screens thanks to a deal struck between leading independent entertainment studio IM Global and independent UK games developer and publisher Rebellion. 186 mots de plus

2000 AD Sci-Fi Special: posters, features and adverts

Aside from its regular weekly issues (known as PROGS), British comic publication 2000 AD also published summer special issues known as 2000 AD Sci-Fi Special. 167 mots de plus


Female Superheroes

Where are all the female superheroes?

Have you ever noticed how few known female superheroes there are?

Go ahead and name some….

I bet if I asked you to name artists from history, they would be mostly male, if I asked you to name only female artists, I’m guessing it would take you longer. 571 mots de plus