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Geek Art: "Judge Dredd" and "Strontium Dog" by Matt Ferguson

Vice Press, under license from Rebellion, is proud to announce the next releases in their officially licensed line of limited edition 2000 AD art prints. 81 mots de plus

Geek Art

Mike French and Karl Brown: An Android Wakes

An Android Wakes is a graphic novel that’s been put through a centrifuge, restoring it to the traditional form of an illustrated novel, pages of illustration interspersed with short chunks of prose. 620 mots de plus


Great British Comic Book Characters: Judge Dredd The Megazine's 25th Anniversary

« Oh hi there, Judge Death here, the Duke of Demise, Emperor of Expiration and all round evil fiend. Just thought I’d stop by to wish my old foe Dredd congratulations on 25 years of his solo comic, before I head out to snuff the life of billions in my eternal quest to extinguish the living from all mortal planes. 481 mots de plus


Judge Dread: Judging the Dark Tories

Mike and his commenters over on Vox Political have this piece, noting the similarity between the Tories’ stance, physical, political and moral, and those of the Dark Judges, the archenemies of the ultimate lawman, Judge Dredd, from the Galaxy’s Greatest Comic, … 131 mots de plus


Great British Comic Book Characters: Nemesis The Warlock

« I am the shape of things to come, the lord of the flies, holder of the sword sinister… the death-bringer, I am the one who waits on the edge of your dreams… I am Nemesis » 775 mots de plus



Cover based shooters existed before the year 2006, a few examples being the WinBack series, Namco’s Kill Switch or even Time Crisis in the arcade’s. Ask most people though what game they think of when they think cover based shooter, and they’ll probably say Microsoft’s big game for the Xbox 360 that year,  1 621 mots de plus