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Geek Art: "Rogue Trooper" By Florian Bertmer

Tomorrow, Vice Press will be releasing a brand new, officially licensed 2000 AD screen print by Florian Bertmer, titled « Rogue Trooper. »

Florian Bertmer is a huge 2000 AD fan and has brought Nu-Earth to life in this insanely detailed art print.

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Geek Art

Deep Thoughts: @2000AD Honors Army Veteran Who Passed Away and Created A New Judge

An army veteran and comic book super-fan is to have the character he created immortalised in print, four months after his tragic death.

Tragedy can hit anytime and anywhere.   722 mots de plus

Mega City Book Club 11 - Chopper: Song of the Surfer

Mega City Book Club welcomes Glen Lees all the way from the wonderful land of Oz to discuss a classic chapter from the legend of… 54 mots de plus


CM Podcast 69 - Alan Moore Tribute Pt. 1

Alan Moore, who has penned some of the greatest comic stories ever written, stated that he will be retiring from comics after all his current Avatar Press comics are completed. 182 mots de plus


Deep Thoughts: Judge Dredd Headed To Your Local Martial Arts Studio

Judge Dredd Headed To Your Local DOJO

Judge Dredd from the pages of 2000 AD! All the details, along with a teaser image, are below but if you have any questions about the above, please don’t hesitate to ask! 286 mots de plus


So delighted with the imminent reprint of Misty by 2000 AD, and the huge interest it’s generated.  I’ve just done an interview with Samira Ahmed for BBC Radio 4’s art and culture show… 2 218 mots de plus


Saturday Comics

Sat at work on a Saturday morning chilling, people I help support in their day to day life still sleeping, time to waste, nothing to do, good job I have an iPad containing this weeks comics. 399 mots de plus

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