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Judge Dredd: America

I’m reading Judge Dredd: America and I wasn’t expecting this.

I got into Judge Dredd because of the 2012 movie. Watch comic book movie, dive into the comics it’s based on with wild abandon, repeat. 638 mots de plus


Kickstarter Preview - Hero Hourly

Humour for adults – We usually try and keep things somewhere around PG on GeekOut, this article isn’t so much.

Now here’s an idea: What if heroes were paid by the hour? 452 mots de plus


Comic covers: 2000 AD Judge Dredd and Co.

British comic 2000 AD has always been a firm favourite since I was a kid. For me their titles have consistently provided a colourful and anarchic, black-humoured universe full of sharply-observed characters. 163 mots de plus


Influential British Comic-Book Artist Brett Ewins Passes Away, Aged 59

Legendary British comic artist Brett Ewins sadly passed away yesterday after a recent illness. Brett was known for his work on the UK’s best selling 2000 AD comic, which has given the world such classic characters as Judge Dredd, Slaine and Rogue Trooper amongst many others. 106 mots de plus


from the web: colsmi: (1) Promo art by Arthur Ranson for his and John...


(1) Promo art by Arthur Ranson for his and John Wagner’s The Button Man, as appeared on the back covers of 2000AD during the spring of 1992.

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Welcome to Comic adventurer.

This Website is a place for information on everything to do with comic books.
This can be in the comics themselves, TV shows such as the flash or agent carter and Films. 61 mots de plus

2000 AD

Going Transmetropolitan (Yes I Am)

Did you know that Warren Ellis took the name for Transmetropolitan from a song by The Pogues?

Yup there you go. Lesser know fact out of the way. 832 mots de plus

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