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Geek Art: Vice Press To Release "Dredd" Print by Carlos Ezquerra

Vice Press under license from Rebellion are extremely proud to announce the next in their on-going 2000 AD screen-printed series of art; featuring Mega City Lawman, Judge Dredd! 431 mots de plus

Geek Art

Film Friday: Judge Minty

Judge William Minty has spent his entire adult life policing the violent streets of Mega-City One – and now he’s slowing down. When a lapse of judgement almost ends his life, he knows that it’s time to quit. 172 mots de plus


Great British Comic-Book Characters: Judge Dredd Lives!

Iconic British anthology comic 2000AD has been administering thrill power to the masses since its inception in 1977. It not only succeeded in presenting to the world seminal characters like  1 091 mots de plus


Random Access Memory - Musicians using comics as their muse

I listened to a lot of metal music back in my teenage years and one of my favorite bands was Anthrax. I was on YouTube today, listening to some of their songs (which still hold up today IMHO) and came across ‘ 284 mots de plus


Judge Dredd: Dark Justice (2000 AD)

Rating: 5/5 – A Definitive Look at the Dark Judges!
By ComicSpectrum senior reviewer Shawn Hoklas.

It took two years for artist and painter Greg Staples to complete the story that revolves around Judge Dredd’s most iconic villain, Judge Death and the Dark Judges. 587 mots de plus


Great British Comic-Book Characters: The Rise Of The British Superhero

American comic books in the last ten years have become a much more mainstream field of interest, mostly due to the popularity of their recent celluloid successes. 1 126 mots de plus


On The Cheap: IDW's Judge Dredd Sale

Assuming that you have any money left after the massive sales that went on during San Diego last weekend, I’ve got some good news: Comixology is bouncing back after the con with another round of digital dollar books, and this time, they’ve got… 627 mots de plus