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Great British Comic Book Characters: Nemesis The Warlock

« I am the shape of things to come, the lord of the flies, holder of the sword sinister… the death-bringer, I am the one who waits on the edge of your dreams… I am Nemesis » 775 mots de plus



Cover based shooters existed before the year 2006, a few examples being the WinBack series, Namco’s Kill Switch or even Time Crisis in the arcade’s. Ask most people though what game they think of when they think cover based shooter, and they’ll probably say Microsoft’s big game for the Xbox 360 that year,  1 621 mots de plus


The Toy Box: Judge Dredd and Lawmaster by #MezcoToyz

As MezcoToyz continues to grow in their products, which contains the One:12 line Previews has released details on the up coming ONE:12 Collective Judge Dredd and Lawmaster Set. 159 mots de plus

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Dredd (2012)

« grim, gritty, great »

Directed by Pete Travis
Starring: Karl Urban, Lena Headey, Olivia Thirlby and Wood Harris

Judge Dredd’s world is a wild one, and thankfully… 182 mots de plus

Micro Reviews

Geek Art: Vice Press To Release "Dredd" Print by Carlos Ezquerra

Vice Press under license from Rebellion are extremely proud to announce the next in their on-going 2000 AD screen-printed series of art; featuring Mega City Lawman, Judge Dredd! 431 mots de plus

Geek Art

Film Friday: Judge Minty

Judge William Minty has spent his entire adult life policing the violent streets of Mega-City One – and now he’s slowing down. When a lapse of judgement almost ends his life, he knows that it’s time to quit. 172 mots de plus


Great British Comic-Book Characters: Judge Dredd Lives!

Iconic British anthology comic 2000AD has been administering thrill power to the masses since its inception in 1977. It not only succeeded in presenting to the world seminal characters like  1 091 mots de plus