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Dogbreath 32- Dog Mash! process post by artist David Broughton.

One of the strips in Dogbreath 32 is Strontium Dog- Dog Mash by writer Paul Eldridge and artist David Broughton.

David has produced a lavishly illustrated post on his process for creating his work on this strip. 30 mots de plus


Comics Illustrator of the Week: Kevin O'Neill

Comics Illustrator of the Week: Kevin O’Neill

Featured Art(top):   League of Extraordinary Gentlemen Tempest #1 cover

Origin:  Probably best known for collaborating with legendary comics writer… 89 mots de plus


Zarjaz 31- Review

As usual- any reviews I’ll be posting as I see ’em or they get pushed into my view!

Thanks to Rich McAuliffe of Everything Comes Back to 2000 AD for this review. 49 mots de plus


Zarjaz 31

Now available via the FQP WEBSHOP, Zarjaz 31 sees the first appearances of Torquemada- Grand Master of Termight as he brings purification to the masses and… 124 mots de plus


The Daily Zarjaz- Judge Dredd- Apocalypse Soon

To celebrate the imminent launch of Zarjaz 31, we are pleased to continue our run of shorts featuring the cast of 2000 AD. Today we want to thank writer Adam Breen for the short- Apocalypse Soon. 9 mots de plus


The Daily Zarjaz- Rogue Trooper- Whispers On The Wind

Thanks to Gail for a superb strip, and join us tomorrow for a special Saturday treat- a one-off Judge Dredd!