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Daisuke Ikeda vs Takeshi Ono (Futen, 9/26/10)

This match isn’t a match, it’s a legit fight I don’t care what you say. The punches from Ono are furious, the kicks from Ikeda are deadly and there are like two wrestling moves the whole time. 82 mots de plus


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Rewind to 2010. Enters Vihaan. And my heart officially skips a beat!

Vihaan wasn’t my first boyfriend. But he was definitely my first love. That love, where you lose your heart at the first sight. 254 mots de plus


City Under Siege (2010)

From the director of New Police Story comes this homage to superhero-style films that is best described as somewhat goofy yet somewhat still fun.

A group of Hong Kong circus performers are in Malaysia for a show. 847 mots de plus

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#BIRTHDAY: Safura from Azerbaijan is 27 today

BIRTHDAY: Safura from Azerbaijan is 27 today

Do you ever wish for more ethnic songs in Eurovision? By ethnic I mean songs reflecting the traditional music of the country it represents. 139 mots de plus


3 Reasons To Watch: The Qwaser of Stigmata

#1 It is self-aware enough to get away with being trash

Let me be absolutely clear here: Seikon no Qwaser is fucking awful. It’s a sexed-up urban fantasy with shitty lore, stupid characters, an edgy emo boy as its male lead, and even fans of ecchi shows are likely to feel a little ashamed of watching it. 576 mots de plus


Goodbye My Fancy by Douglas A. Powell

For years now, we’ve been crisscrossing
this same largesse of valley.
It has provided for us, plenty. You’ve been
my homoerotic sidekick, Bryan.
Excuse me. Ryan. 193 mots de plus


DUE DATE (2010)

Directed By: Todd Phillips
Written By: Alan Freedland, Alan R. Cohen, Adam Sztyikel & Todd Phillips
Story By: Alan Freedland & Alan R. Cohen
Cinematography By: Lawrence Sher…
748 mots de plus

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