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A Million Shillings (2010)

Title: A Million Shillings
Photographer(s): Alexandra Fazzina
Designer(s): Fruitmachine
Writer(s): Alexandra Fazzina
Publisher: Trolley, London 2010
Pages: 368
Language: English
ISBN: 978-1-904563-84-6
Edition: Two edition. English and Arabic… 375 mots de plus

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The Optometrics of Love by Tony Gruenewald

Thank you for being the one
who never looked
through lenses distorted
by the residue
of former boyfriends,
spouses and lovers
and saw

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Hiroshi Tanahashi vs Go Shiozaki-NOAH 10.7.2010.

The opening was good enough-basic matwork and Tanahashi continously evading and blocking Shiozaki’s chops. Unfortunately that mini-atory was quickly came to an end when Shiozaki randomly and forgettably chopped Tanahashi to little reaction while fighting over…some leg-based move, probably a dragon screw. 202 mots de plus

Hiroshi Tanahashi vs Go Shiozaki-NJPW 4.1.2010.

I liked the opening-consisted of basic holds but they worked them well, and Shiozaki bridging out of a hold and then transitioning into a hammerlock looked cool. 381 mots de plus



38″w by 24″h
Commercial and hand-painted cotton fabric. Quilted.