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Mary Lynn Rajskub - Don't Tell My Mother

I LOVE Mary Lynn – Every time she comes to our stage, she’s just so effortlessly cool.

Last time I saw her, she greeted me with this buttery-melting personality – it destroyed my usual awkward anxiety. 21 mots de plus


august 24

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and said on the coming

and  used on the island… 42 mots de plus


Trial By Fire



1994. Tateos Gadjoyan, an Armenian arms merchant, has been a target of the Central Intelligence Agency for years. 426 mots de plus

My Books

Seeking Challenges in Math

I was working with a grade 7 teacher and his students a while back.  The teacher came to me with an interesting problem, his students were doing quite well in math (in general) but only wanted to do work out of textbooks, only wanted to work independently, and were very mark-driven. 882 mots de plus

Tôi là ai?

Sắp bước sang tuổi 24. Tức là không còn trẻ, không còn thể tự do lông bông muốn làm gì thì làm nữa.

24 tuổi, tức là đã kiếm được tiền, dù không đủ để chăm sóc bất kì ai nhưng nhất định phải đủ cho chi tiêu cá nhân. 414 mots de plus

Tản Mạn

Thank you for judging my life, Mr Taxi Driver.

At £2.20 I was making small talk with the cabbie.  He asked how my night was, what I’d been doing and who I’d been with.  I asked how his night was. 159 mots de plus

Single Life