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I'm Here

I’m poor, black, I may even be ugly, but dear GOD, I’m here! I’m HERE!

For all intents and purposes, I am not supposed to be… 823 mots de plus

'Throw the Nazi off the boat!' - The Sunday Film Review #24

Hello there! Another week and only…. ONE film review. I’ve been extremely busy with an acting tour recently, but I did manage to squeeze in this one film! 516 mots de plus

Reciting surah al-Faatiha behind imam in audible prayer

English subtitles:

Dutch subtitles:

(disclaimer: i am not affiliated to the websites at the end of the dutch film, also i do not advice with them.)


24: anthro

it’s a little odd, but every time i’m in anthropologie, i feel at peace. i feel inspired and cozy, aka: home. plus, their bags are the cutest things out there. 11 mots de plus

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