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Welcoming 24

My birthday was on Saturday and I think 24 had a nice start. I had one thing on my mind: food. After I came back from a basketball game Friday night, I decided to get donuts the following morning, and that’s exactly what I did. 457 mots de plus

Looking Back

'Homeland' and the Anti-Heroine: Anti-Conformity to Genre Conventions

Mostly spoiler-free up through the fifth season finale.

I just finished watching the incredible fifth season of Homeland, which has moved the majority of the show into Berlin. 511 mots de plus

SOCI 4000: Society & Media

The UPDATED big honkin’ books pre-order links post.

Yes, my blog titles don’t really leave a lot of mystery, do they?

Back in November and after a couple of folks on Facebook requested as much, I posted a bunch of links that would allow interested peeps to pre-order any of my forthcoming 2016 titles. 349 mots de plus


The White Bronco Case Fictionalized

Everybody still remembers American football player and The Naked Gun actor O.J. Simpson, and that white Bronco car being chased by the police on the highway. 674 mots de plus


Ned Claffey's, Castletown Geoghegan - Dec '15 (2/4)

Not Guinness Time, Not Here Anyway

This really is a lovely, cosy little pub situated is the middle of nowhere away from any hustle n bustle &, oftentimes, from any mobile network coverage too. 251 mots de plus

Guinness Blog

Earth's Best Chlorine Free Baby Wipes Travel Pack, 30 Wipes (Pack of 24)

Introducing… New Earth’s Best TenderCare Chlorine Free Wipes from Earth’s Best – the #1 baby brand in natural foods. These wipes have a hypo-allergenic, alchohol-free natural formula that contains Aloe Vera and Vitamin E. 36 mots de plus

Buletin Al-Muhajirin: SYIRIK CINTA


oleh: Fajar Subijakto

Q.S. AT-TAUBAH Ayat 24

Katakanlah: “Jika bapak-bapak, anak-anak, saudara-saudara, isteri-isteri, kaum keluargamu, harta kekayaan yang kamu usahakan, perniagaan yang kamu khawatiri kerugiannya, dan rumah-rumah tempat tinggal yang kamu sukai, adalah lebih kamu cintai daripada Allah dan Rasul-Nya dan (dari) berjihad di jalan-Nya, maka tunggulah sampai Allah mendatangkan keputusan-Nya.” Dan Allah tidak memberi petunjuk kepada orang-orang fasik. 44 mots de plus