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Transat A.T. Inc. (Air Transat) reports a fiscal first quarter adjusted net profit of $32.4 million

Transat A.T. Inc. (the parent of Air Transat) (Montreal) posted revenues of $788.6 million for the quarter ended January 31, 2015, compared with $847.2 million in 2014, a decrease of $58.6 million, or 6.9%. 220 mots de plus


Read to Discover!

Asking questions while reading to your child is a great way to catch and keep your child’s interest.  It also helps your child understand what the book or story is about. 213 mots de plus


271 and Level 3

  • 271 is a prime number.
  • Prime factorization: 271 is prime and cannot be factored.
  • The exponent of prime number 271 is 1. Adding 1 to that exponent we get (1 + 1) = 2.
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It’s blowing my mind that I’m 6 days away from the beginning of the third trimester, that we are now less than 3 calendar months away from my due date, that the baby shower is in just over a month, and that we start childbirth classes this week. 910 mots de plus

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