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Ian Rayer Smith, painting that makes visible the invisible

Since graduating in 2013, british contemporary artist Ian Rayer Smith has been prolific in his creating and is establishing himself as a highly accomplished and award winning artist, who explores and pushes the boundaries of contemporary painting with his own unique expressive style. 1 434 mots de plus


Painting is silent poetry with Betsy Eby

In her paintings, Betsy Eby fuses the line between the musical and the visual composition. A classically trained pianist, she seeks in her work what Rothko described as “the place where music lives.” The layers and gestures of her paintings evoke musical spaces and rhythms while drawing on patterns found in nature. 1 923 mots de plus


Gentle Gourmet

Plus je veillis et plus j’aime Paris. Et depuis que j’ai lancé mon entreprise j’y passe énoooooormément de temps! Manger est une deuxième nature chez moi donc je suis toujours à la recherche d’une nouvelle cantine où harceler un serveur pour découvrir l’intégralité d’une carte. 141 mots de plus

A La Une