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Last week, the 2018 Game Awards happened.  Now, I wasn’t able to catch all of it, but, I did at least get to see a few of the new game trailers, and was able to see the overall Game of the Year. 532 mots de plus


Your First Audit!

Hello, again friends,

Today I am writing to you with some actionable words of wisdom and advice, we are leaving the ramblings of my previous letters, albeit for one week, and am going to focus on something that you can do to broaden your understanding of what is happening in your life and town. 712 mots de plus


Are You Delivering a Meaningful or Manipulative Apology?

While the holiday season may be calm, peaceful and joyful for some people it is busy, stressful and miserable for other people. It is a time of abundance for both expectations and disappointments, commitments and misunderstandings. 588 mots de plus

Change Your Life - Views And Values

Between Worlds FULL MOVIE 2018

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#Between Worlds2018

Between Worlds fullMovie
Between Worlds FULL MOVIE
Between Worlds full movie
Between Worlds full movie
Between Worlds official trailer… 58 mots de plus


Day 56: Making Due

Alma 57-59

Once upon a time, when I was younger, I used to quit things if I couldn’t do them the way I imagined. Whether it was a question of finances or availability, if I couldn’t get the right materials, I wouldn’t do the project. 219 mots de plus

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