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Don't take the Dragon Race lightly

The episode was quite an action pack which was really out of nowhere and made me shocked.
The episode had good action in it and the battle was great and everyone was panic and then……. 88 mots de plus


Change Looks Good on You

The year started with a social media rave around the #10yearchallenge. Basically, this involves juxtaposing a picture from 10 years back with a more current picture of you. 379 mots de plus


The Predator: Written by yet another writer with below average intelligence.

The Predator (2018) by Shane Black on Ultra HD Blu-ray
My rating: :star: :star: out of 5 stars

From the outer reaches of space to the small-town streets of suburbia, the hunt comes home.

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The reason she fall in love

I first had food then watched this episode because I needed some strength to see upcoming blood’s in this episode which I expected but, the creators never cease to surprise me. 165 mots de plus


Caturday Art in Action and an After Selfie

Hi (Furry)furriends <3

We’re getting spoiled over here…

the temperature is rising

so I stay in my garden

the whole day…

I only have to check on my nip… 222 mots de plus

Caturday Art

Dreams Can Come True

I used to have a dream of getting married. The thing that wasn’t great, though, was that I wasn’t dating anyone! Very unromantically, I put it on my goals list – to be married and have two boys. 397 mots de plus


Aquaman review

Imperius rex?

by Thom Yee

Ask any of us comicbook fans, any of us REAL comicbook fans, whether or not we’re happy that there are so many superhero movies right now and most of us will tell you that of course it’s something that makes us happy.  3 454 mots de plus