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Class Time Thoughts

Sitting in a macroeconomics class my professors red face makes me feel anxious for him. He truly tries to make economics fun which I admire. All I hear is Debt, Taxes and Fiscal Policy just one large dirty cycle. 113 mots de plus


Kingsman: The Golden Circle- Movie Review

I’m apparently in the minority, but I wasn’t a fan of 2015’s Kingsman: The Secret Service. As much as the film tried to convince us that it was self-aware, I found it to be a rather paint by numbers spy flick with little originality or substance, kept adrift only by some charismatic performances and memorable action scenes. 310 mots de plus


Walking Goals

So I am walking 5 days a week for 3.5-3.8 miles per day every early morning (so as to do so alone), and have done so for a few months now. 208 mots de plus


Repeal Fever is Back on Capitol Hill and It’s Deadly Serious

By Jill Zorn

The Republican majority is feverishly working to pass the Cassidy-Graham bill and take health care away from 32 million people.  They just might succeed. 839 mots de plus

meditation & action

Addiction is famously, and quite simply, characterised by cognitive obsession and behavioural compulsion.  We addicts are, through and through, obsessive-compulsive.  We think about, fantasize about, dream about, fear and otherwise obsess over the world, our problems, our frustrations, and how we would like to fix them.  293 mots de plus

Twelve Steps

CMIS and Apache Chemistry in Action

CMIS and Apache Chemistry in Action PDF

Summary CMIS and Apache Chemistry in Action is a comprehensive guide to the CMIS standard and related ECM concepts, written by the authors of the standard. 59 mots de plus