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Dragon Ball Super Manga Says No To Ultra Instinct Omen and Sign

Dragon Ball Super manga and anime cover the same arcs but they treat them differently. For that reason as the manga continues with the tournament of power we find out that Goku will be missing a few stages while on his way to Ultra Instinct. 92 mots de plus


Bloodstained Curse Of The Moon Intro To Bosses

Bloodstained Curse Of The Moon has been delayed yes. Good news is that we get to see the bosses. Check out who awaits you in tis retro. 802 mots de plus


Brain Exercise is a Group Activity

I teach college students about the last step before launching into a career in communication/marketing/advertising. Job titles, how to negotiate, what to expect.

They have learned models. 486 mots de plus


Yakuza 3 Remastered PS4

Yakuza 3 is coming back. for PS4. We have screenshots at high res of 1080 thanks to Famitsu. Check it out to see if you want play it on PS4 and see how the game has aged. 14 mots de plus


Blade Strangers Lina Trailer

Blade Strangers has a new character for us to look at with Lina. Lina is a cyber girl we were introduced to in the last trailer. 39 mots de plus


Chapter 18 - Hero Selection Process (2)

“What do you think Hero? Are you not content with Neila’s performance?”

“I don’t like it.”

“You don’t like how well she’s doing or because you didn’t have much of a choice knowing she will be involved in your hero selection process no matter what?” 5 469 mots de plus


Is It Wrong To Try To Pick Up Girls in A Dungeon Light Novel Volume 3 Review

As my collection of light novels grows, so does my appreciation for them. For the most part these are quick and bite sized reads that pack a reasonable punch and DanMachi is a series that is definitely sitting well for me. 744 mots de plus