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Mini Game 1 - Activity 7 - Playtest Report

Playtester 1 – Chris Laffan

Observation Notes

  • Found the controls difficult to use at first but slowly got the handle of it
  • Started to shoot at the enemies but felt like he couldn’t easily dodge the enemies’ bullets…
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Reminder: Friday Movie & Eats - THE LAST WORD - Gateway 7:10 pm

Friday Group Movie & Eats March 24, 2017

THE LAST WORD Starring Shirley MacLain

Gateway Theatre (US 1 and Sunrise)

Starts 7:10 PM  – Meet inside lobby… 191 mots de plus

Walker Nature Center

This past weekend we went to Walker Nature Center in Reston. The craftsman-inspired building opened in 2009 for environmental education. The center sits within 72 wooded acres, and includes trails, a pond, and demonstration gardens. 67 mots de plus


Lift Tone Burn

In preparation for my wedding I needed to do some sort of workout but didn’t know how and where I would find the time.

I found this studio through Instagram Pure Barre and it was really close to my apartment. 175 mots de plus