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Beautiful Bangladesh

Bangladesh is a land of mystery and intrigue. The country is centuries old and while it has seen many visitors over the years, it is only now starting to experience a commercial tourism boom. 247 mots de plus

A Sense of Community, Whatever that Means....

Social media is a purveyor of all things, from the simplest of thoughts, ideas and pearls of wisdom to the most complex multi-dimensional concepts and musings. 808 mots de plus

Baby Boomers

Who's Ready?!

Summertime in the valley almost forces people to stay inside during most of the day. But tell that to two pint sized toddlers and you might as well just break their hearts. 660 mots de plus


10 Most Mystical Spots In Hawaii

Hawaii is actually the name of the entire state that groups this archipelago of islands paradise lost in the Pacific Ocean. The archipelago is composed of more than 130 islands, including 6 main islands: Oahu, Hawaii or « the Big Island », Maui, Kauai, Molokai and Lanai – followed by Niihau and Kahoolawe. 90 mots de plus


Girls Just Wanna Have Fun, Fun and More FUN!

Now that I’ve shared the basis of how I got to where I am now – everyone’s got their own idea of how I must be doing and how I might be coping. 214 mots de plus