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My 2nd Commercial

« Amazing acting » « 1 sec of screen-time and she simply nails it! » – Voices on Josefine’s Aftonbladet commercial.

I hope you caught the sarcasm! 176 mots de plus


Happy Valentines Day

spent some late night quality time with my tripod last night ♥ ♡

♥ ♡ focusing yourself is harder than you would think

hope you have a happy valentines day ♥ ♡ 20 mots de plus

Carly Rae Hollas

Millenium Actress

I learned about this amazing animated film from Every Frame a Picture (below). Created by Satoshi Kon, Millennium Actress is a unique, dreamy film that tells the story of Chiyoko, an old woman who looks back on her life when a documentary filmmaker, Tachibara, finally convinces her to agree to being interviewed. 205 mots de plus


So sad! Actress, Lizzy Gold Onuwaje robbed in Delta State

Nollywood actress, Lizzy Gold Onuwaje, is seriously not happy with the high rate of robbery incidents in the country as she was recently robbed while in Delta state. 149 mots de plus


Why I don’t wear panties -Baby Blanche

Actress Baby Blanche has revealed that she hardly wears panties when she’s going out. 181 mots de plus