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Samiha Tawfik and Hoda Sultan (1953)

This is another scene from the 1953 Egyptian film ‘Ghaltet al Omr’ (Mistake of a Lifetime غلطة العمر) which starred the performers featured in this clip; dancer/actress Samiha Tawfik and singer/actress Hoda Sultan. 22 mots de plus


Kacey Barnfield Early Clean and Clear Commercial

This is an early commercial Kacey featured in advertising Clean and Clear face wash.

Kacey Barnfield


A client from my area, we first met at Starbucks, and I’ve noticed that she has a taste for 50s-60s fashion.  Very elegant with her taste in clothes, movies, music, and even writing.   155 mots de plus

Do What You Want To Do

I have been doing a bunch of existential thinking lately. I think it’s my age, I grow wiser with every passing day … seriously I do! 1 196 mots de plus

Veronica Clavijo

to date or not to date

I am a very happy single person.
Well I am an overworked, stressed, trying to smile all the time single person who longs for something to make her change person. 262 mots de plus