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L’actu de N-3ds interpellera ceux qui s’intéressent aux jeux en ligne

Vous êtes passionné par les jeux ? Ça tombe bien puisque sur le site d’actu N-3ds, un article a été posté sur une plateforme ludique ! 101 mots de plus


How to extend your Twitter perspectives with Google Chrome Flipfeed

Willing to enlarge your community and get to develop differing views. Flipfeed will make you see the Twitterverse through someone else’s eyes.

Flipfeed it’s a Google Chrome extension that enables Twitter users to replace their own feed with that of another real Twitter user. 114 mots de plus

What hasn’t changed in corporate communication model since Digital?

It’s certain that the use of technology has radically altered the traditional top-down method of communicating. As digital age has brought real-time, 24-hour communication between businesses, employees and customers to the forefront. 165 mots de plus


Suivez l’enregistrement du nouvel album de Pianocean !

Nouvel album disponible en pré-commande sur BOUTIQUE PIANOCEAN


It's all about love

pretending to give a call or to send a text message, look up to avoid making eye contact to him or her. You feel uncomfortable with this, you hate that and it’s not your fault no One said it was.It’s life, no one has the correct answer or the correct way to do things. 149 mots de plus


Photo ©Anne-Lise Le Pellec

L’enregistrement du  nouvel album “Pluie t’île?” va débuter !

Composé durant la dernière tournée, « Pluie t’île? » est un voyage musical à travers les averses, les escales insulaires, les rayons émanant des regards croisés sur les quais… 98 mots de plus


Feb 8, 1995 - Business united in anti-carbon tax meeting. Unions too.

Staying with the carbon tax debate- on this day 22 years ago, business played a blinder.  They presented a united front at a ‘business roundtable’ meeting, opposing a tax and proposing a voluntary scheme instead. 224 mots de plus

Price On Carbon