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AVCON 2016 (Repost)

Two and a half weeks ago, the Adelaide Convention Centre played host to AVCON (Anime and Video game CONvention).

I don’t usually go, due to a lack of money, but I’m planning on making a habit out of it (going to AVCON, not having a lack of money). 486 mots de plus


OAK doorframe for a church

My entire last week was spent on a first floor of a hall installing 16 bronze anodise sliding windows.  It was a challenge (4 of us there all week) but in terms of photos, pretty boring.   104 mots de plus

The Window Man

Obnoxious chick not afraid to randomly name-drop rich father into convo

An Adelaide girl has become renowned for namedropping her wealthy dad into any conversation she possibly can.

But Grace, 20, who can barely tell her Dolce from her Gabbana, admits she doesn’t exactly know what her dad does for a living. 195 mots de plus


Thank You Facebook

If you’re female and you’re fixin to travel, then you need to join the Facebook group: Girls Love Travel. Reactivate that dusty ass Facebook and let’s get it. 783 mots de plus


Day 6: A Sleepy City and a trip to Gaol

Today didn’t really go to plan… We had hoped to start the day at Central Markets indulging in coffee and oversized cakes but arrived to find it shut. 479 mots de plus

Victoria Park - the Queen of all parks

You’d be forgiven if you’ve been reading our blog, seen the articles on Marysville and Cathedral Range State Park and thinking that the only way to get out into nature or find nice scenery for a walk is at least a 2 hour drive away. 317 mots de plus

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