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Adelaide Radelaide

I have just started a PhD and will spend 2 years of it in Adelaide, wine capital of Australia. Now that I have been living here for 3 months I think it’s time to actually start blogging about it! 420 mots de plus



It was with some trepidation I started my journey again with Centrelink because there was some bad  press earlier this year. I was trusting myself and the system that it would all go well and not fall apart as had been suggested.   567 mots de plus


Photographic Evidence

See the boy in centre stage. That is, in the centre of the entire world. As his vehicle rips and tears through the rugged landscape, the planet moves around him like an endlessly repeating pantomime panorama. 2 057 mots de plus

Shining a light on family violence victims

On Wednesday night, they and many others will be remembered at a candle lighting ceremony in Elder Park organised by the SA Coalition of Women’s Domestic Violence Services. 240 mots de plus


3rd May 2016

Watching the Telly, 9:15 pm. Ioad finger drawing, brushes XP


A Gathering of Beauty

Words and images by Emily Underwood
Sunday May 1st, 2016

If there is a better way to spend a Sunday afternoon than making your way down rows of stalls at an exciting new market, I haven’t found it! 402 mots de plus

Froth & Fodder and no funds

I may have overspent last weekend at Tskarke Winery so this weekend has been all about not spending much money at all. I started my non spending fantastically by heading out to brunch at Froth and Fodder, but it is important to maintain your social life. 384 mots de plus