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2nd October 2015

Quick night drawing, (iPad finger drawing brushes XP)


Bread & Bone Wood Grill - Peel Street

Yay it’s a long weekend, I definitely think there should be more public holidays between June and October or every week should be a three day weekend! 589 mots de plus


NEW COMIC- fuck YOU Facebook

You’ve probably come across something on Facebook that’s sexist, homophobic, racist, transphobic or other horrible things, and, unless you’re a bit numb, you’ve probably reported it to Facebook. 29 mots de plus



So I visited Australia for a month over the summer and it was memorable to say the least. We ran over a kangaroo, was stranded in the outback and hitchhiked over 4000km althoughI’m far too tired to type about that at 3am so I’ll leave you with a few photos taken from my phone!


I Held a Koala, Who Cares About the Rest?

I’m not sure what I pictured when I pictured Australia, but Adelaide was probably not it. We flew in on Thursday to learn it looks a lot like an American suburb (or to me, the South Bay/Peninsula area outside of San Fran) and is on some sort of crazy 1/2 time zone. 611 mots de plus