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About 10:30pmish tomorrow will find me finally heading off to Australia three years after the maiden voyage.

It has been quite the travel year for me. 187 mots de plus


A Journey of Rediscovery

It began as a delayed mutual promise: to travel around much of Australia by rail. Often we had put the journey off, due to commitments, time pressures and responsibilities. 840 mots de plus


Adelaide market update (1) 23/8/16

Nationally this past week there were 1747 capital city auctions with preliminary results showing that 1485 of them were reported at the time of writing this article. 213 mots de plus


"Banana Splits" Banned From AFL

1970s TV stars « The Banana Splits » have been banned from attending Aussie rules games after fears that morons may hurl band members at indigenous players. 284 mots de plus


Pokémon GO Book Tag

I heard about the Pokémon GO Book Tag from Booktuber SuperSpaceChick and it seemed too perfect for me to resist!
I first got into Pokémon when I was about 12; my younger brother let me play his Blue Version and I was a fan from the get go. 668 mots de plus