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29th April 2017

The beginnings – iPad animation experiment, brushes xp.​


Adventure land

Playing around with a few editing Techniques in Final Cut pro X, Hope you like this short Evolve Skateboard Ride.

https://www.facebook.com/groups/EvolveSkateboardRidersAdelaide/?ref=bookmarks 6 mots de plus


The Bizarre Subterranean World of an Australian Opal Town

Coober Pedy, an isolated town in the middle of the southern Australian desert, is scarred by man’s greed. A lust for opal riches has left the once flat landscape pockmarked with hundreds of thousands of holes and accompanying hills. 687 mots de plus

14th – 20th April 2017: Adelaide to Port Augusta

Departing Black Cockatoo we took the scenic route via Moana Beach, Seaford, past the Onkaparinga River mouth and Port Noarlunga.  Arriving in Adelaide Easter eve was good and bad.  1 000 mots de plus

Free Camping

Mind in Harmony - the psychology of Buddhist ethics

Mind in Harmony

the psychology of
Buddhist ethics


our new theme for Sangha Night

commencing Tuesday 2nd May


According to the Buddha’s teaching, there is no limit to the human mind, nothing is beyond its reach. 168 mots de plus


An autumnal blanket

It is the season of autumn in Adelaide.

One week is hot with clear skies and warm nights, the next it is cold and pouring with rain. 114 mots de plus


Adelaide to (New) Zealand via Melbourne

Adelaide is a cute little city. The Central Business District (CBD) is much smaller than those in Melbourne and Sydney. It’s very green but then so are a lot of towns and cities in Australia; it’s a stone’s throw from National Parks, but then so are a lot of towns and cities in Australia; it’s right on the beach, but you guessed it… so are most of the towns along the coastline in Australia. 1 511 mots de plus