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T is for Theresa

One of my fourth great aunts was Theresa Susannah Eunice Snell Poole formerly Walker née Chauncy (1807-1876).

Theresa was the oldest daughter of William Snell Chauncy née Brown (1781-1845) and Rose Theresa Chauncy née Lamothe (1748-1818). 2 011 mots de plus

A To Z 2018

Out and about - again.

Well, that’s one task almost completed. I have finished writing the Church Newsletter and have now sent it off to my two proof readers, one of which is Annabell. 703 mots de plus

House, Garden And Dogs

Spin off : Returns to wayville - July 20th 2018

Spin off, returns to Wayville on 20th July 2018 after five years, and promises a massive line up of 8 + acts as promoters say “the 2018 edition is coming back bigger and better than ever.” 137 mots de plus


21st April 2018

More footy with my muse. Pencil on paper.


Mount Lofty Hike

Waterfall Gully to Mount Lofty Summit

Known as the most popular trail

Opening hours:  weekday to weekends from sunrise to sunset

(will close on days when Catastrophic / Extreme Fire Danger occur) 135 mots de plus