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Welcome to Men's Style Adelaide

Ever walked into a clothes store to find yourself lost with all your potential options? Have you ever walked into a party and realised that you’re either over or under dressed for the occasion? 153 mots de plus


22nd October 2017

30 minutes a day, day 9. Oil and charcoal on linen.


New Camera and new looks in the city.

I can’t remember how young I was when I got my first camera but I’ve certainly gathered a lot over the years and have never been quite able to part with them, apart from the odd instamatic that probably fell to pieces. 799 mots de plus


Favourite Dharma talks and books

Favourite Dharma talks and books

our new theme on Sangha Nights

commencing 14th November

As we move towards the culmination of this year, our Sangha Nights will be devoted to hearing from you about your favourite Dharma teachings, whether you have learnt about that teaching from listening to a talk, reading a book, seeing a film or watching a documentary. 183 mots de plus


19th October 2017

Day 7, 30 minutes a day. Last charcoal sesh. (Night light)

And flicked…

Charcoal on prepped linen canvas, and remnants.


Exchange students face challenges adjusting to life abroad

Brianna Shaffer

(Adelaide, South Australia) — Many exchange students say they find balancing money, time management, socializing and independence to be some of the greatest challenges while living abroad. 512 mots de plus


That's a Wrap, Adelaide

With the awards ceremony and all official WSC business behind us, the team just had to pack everything up to get shipped back to Stanford. While the team spent all of Monday furiously packing, I stayed at the Airbnb working on job applications and being sick with a cold. 459 mots de plus