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Baby Bleurgh

Poor 2yog.

Saturday night saw her first tummy bug with the life rushing out of her at both ends.

It’s a reminder that some things can be controlled and others are left to the gods. 390 mots de plus


'Culture not Torture'

I am taking some time today to mourn something more than another Aboriginal death in custody.  I don’t know the man, or his family.    I will simply  dwell on some of the names that are part of telling his story. 491 mots de plus

27th September 2016

That kid again. iPad finger drawing, brushes xp


one hectare

I had the chance to sit down and chat with the talented modern stationery designer Nerissa and learn about her journey in creating the ever so gorgeous One Hectare.  1 582 mots de plus



Adelaide Botanic Garden :: North Terrace – incl. cafe, Wisteria Walk

Museum :: North Terrace

Rundle Mall :: north-eastern corner of the Adelaide Central Business District, in close proximity to the cultural and university precinct on North Terrace; the Rundle Street/East End retail and restaurant strip; and the Hindley Street entertainment strip. 241 mots de plus


26th September 2016

The pixie faced kid. Drawings for the painting. iPad finger drawings, brushes xp

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