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23rd August 2017

Andrea Gugnin, Ukaria. Sunday – memory. Ipad finger drawing development.


from street to topographic photography

In looking over the non-Bowden  1980’s  photographic archives  for the proposed book on Adelaide photography  I realised that I was in the process of making  a shift  from  the then  fashionable   439 mots de plus

South Australia

Yarra Valley Wine Tour

Having lived in Perth for a few years, wine tours became quite the popular past time for Ms. D, Ms. G and I. I recently had a friend visiting me in Melbourne and as she wasn’t going to make it over to Perth, I thought, we have to go on a wine tour! 651 mots de plus


When Swans Are Watertight

Offence is bedazzling, defence is heart-warming.

The resounding memory of last Friday night’s Sydney v Adelaide clash will invariably be Lance Franklin’s goal, but the game itself was defined by Sydney’s defenders. 484 mots de plus


That's just wrong

Kiwi Fruit with the skin on… I don’t think so. I’ll get the skins benefits from other means thank you very much.


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