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March for Life thoughts

So hey, the March for Life is tomorrow and according to my newsfeed we are encouraged to use our voice, so I thought I would share mine here. 678 mots de plus



My name is Nichole. I am a first mom in a recent open domestic infant adoption. My child is under the age of 5, so I have quite a bit of experience with the current domestic infant adoption systems. 52 mots de plus


Thank You

Dear No One,

This post isn’t for no one though. This is for everyone. All of our supporters. It has almost been one year since we announced we were adopting. 330 mots de plus


Dear  Big C & Little C,

After today my heart felt ready to write you. My heart has been swelling beyond my body these 28 days since you came into my life at 11:50 on a Monday night screaming as I took you from your ill fitted booster.   1 168 mots de plus

My Lost Sister: (Part 4)

When my little sister was born, my big sister and I were so happy!

I was six and she was ten.
I don’t remember much about my mom being pregnant, but I remember when we brought our baby sister home. 339 mots de plus


Adoption Isn't For Everyone - And That's OK!

My latest Adoption.com article – I think the title sums it up. Basically, it’s about not judging anyone for their choices about how they choose to grow their family. 9 mots de plus

Vincent The Magnificent

Mother's Day as an Adoptee

I read this post by Nigel Higgins who blogs at DIY Daddy Blog. About step children who call their step parent Mum or Dad. As I’ve been a step parent to two boys for 10 years now I have experience of this. 399 mots de plus