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The Phone Call

Blog Post 9.

My heart beat was racing, suddenly I couldn’t focus on any one thing. My senses were completely over loaded. I can see I have enough DNA match with Lisa for her to be a full sister. 947 mots de plus


Death of the accidental mom

You may remember that post I wrote about a friend with a brain trauma? She died on Friday, at noon. Her daughters, who are twins, are bereft. 185 mots de plus

The World And My Place In It

about the outs

I posted earlier about the adoption and how I was surprised that I I didn’t feel that different after. In a lot of ways, it feels like nothing has changed. 394 mots de plus


Why is this so hard for some adoptive parents to get?

The question I keep asking myself is how to get some adoptive parents to step outside of their bubble of ‘how beautiful adoption is’ long enough to see the full picture of what adoption can be like for the one adopted over the course of their life.  1 301 mots de plus


The Quietest Mother

I have to approach so slowly, so cautiously. Marcus is crying. It’s rare for him to ever cry out loud. Instead he will sit with silent tears streaming, unchecked, down his face. 352 mots de plus


Adulting 101: Introducing A New Pet to Your Other Pets

Hello lovelies and welcome back to my blog. As you no doubt noted during my post a couple of weeks ago, I will be starting a new « mini series » of sorts all about « adulting. 940 mots de plus


I am open to you.

My world has been turned upside down and rolled over these last two weeks. It all started with a message on ancestry « I see we are related, how are we related? 235 mots de plus