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I belong to No One

I haven’t ever posted a book review, but I feel compelled to try.

I don’t know how many of you are following Garrulous Gwendoline …The Reluctant Retiree .I know some are but if not you should because she’s Australian but mor importantly because she has something to say. 446 mots de plus

Something Edric Taught Me

I was standing at the sink the other day, washing up after dinner.  I overheard Leslie tell Edric to go downstairs and put something in the garage.  2 309 mots de plus


A sweet dream of repose

Last night afforded a lovely consolation. I dreamed of our little boy Gabriel. (Gabriel, if you don’t already know from previous posts, is our child who passed away last month.) 719 mots de plus

Growth Through Pain

So Begins Our Very New And Exciting Journey Down The Road Of Adoption 

How often have you heard a beautiful adoption story or watched one in a movie, and asked yourself if it’s truly that majestic in real life? 1 135 mots de plus

Missy (Dane/Lab) in Need of Adoption in Sonoma Co, CA

This was posted by Victoria Garcia-Shipley at the ROHNERT PARK/COTATI/PETALUMA PETS GROUP Facebook group: Missy has been fostered and needs a FUREVER HOME! 💞Call/text 707-701-1313 for a meet & greet. 74 mots de plus


Think before you speak...

If I got pregnant I’d put my kid up for adoption…
My best friend said this to me when we were younger. Her reasoning: I’m too selfish, I don’t have that motherly instinct. 302 mots de plus


The Day That Broke My Spirit - Part 1

Become a foster parent, they said. Change a child’s life, they said. It’ll be an amazing experience, they said.

I guess I don’t really know where to begin.

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