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Galatians 4

Michael Hansen preached in Galatians 4 this past weekend at VCDC (the church), my family and I have been attending.  One of my favorite passages about the trinity is contained in Galatians 4.  674 mots de plus

Bible Study

N.S. court of appeal says 'Judge-made vortex of uncertainty and delay' stalled adoption

Nova Scotia’s highest court has issued an unusually blunt rebuke to a judge who delayed an adoption application because of hypothetical constitutional concerns about whether the child’s biological father had been given proper notice. 201 mots de plus



Seizure: being grabbed and tossed to the ground.  In an instant, I became a bucking horse, forgiven everything except this moment. In exchange for a mouthful of blackened bacon sweating grease, here is a chaser of carpet and the hail of a table’s debris.  1 012 mots de plus

Sibling Bickering

Our 13 and 14 year olds takes their bickering to a whole new level. If it didn’t cause major rages it would be comical. LOL OK so after all is calm again it is still funny. 267 mots de plus

Both Sides Now: Reunion & After

Our guest blogger today has been a faithful follower for awhile now and we are so honored that she chose to submit this poignant piece of her story for us to share with all of you. 1 136 mots de plus



Hello beautiful peeps. Yes I love that word. Beautiful. You thought I was going to say peeps huh?Lol That’s just a bonus. Well life is still going from when I made last post. 1 310 mots de plus

Disney Day 2

Sorry for the delay in posting, it’s been a bit busy starting a new job and adopting this little guy.

His name is Simba Charles Weasley and he’s the sweetest thing. 243 mots de plus