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Cigar for Dummies (Introduction)

I have a weak spot for cigars (cerut or cheroot) even though I don’t smoke them as often anymore.

But old habits do die hard. 565 mots de plus

The Good Stuff

Cher Jean-Pierre...

Il y a environ 1 an, tu m’as invité à te rencontrer à Alès après que j’eu accepté ton invitation à me joindre au travail du CRAC Europe. 399 mots de plus


Singles' day 11/11. Awesome deals for tech aficionados


Tech aficionados rejoice! Singles’ day is upon us! Originally started as an ‘anti-valentines’ celebration in China, it has now evolved into the world’s biggest online shopping day. 252 mots de plus

Money Matters

How to dress up for a soccer match or un partido de fútbol.

1. Get a group of your friends together.

2. Wear the jerseys or las camisetas of your favorite team. If you don’t have the jersey, wear the team colors. 62 mots de plus


The Arketekt by Aficionados

Do you ever get that feeling of ultimate balance and satisfaction when the universe simply puts you in the right place at the right time? 254 mots de plus