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Keeping an Effective Planner | 5 Tips

Hey guys! I hope you all had a great weekend. Missed a couple weeks posting because I had tests, so now that they’re over I am back at it! 672 mots de plus


Practice Journals Are "Notable" and the "Key" to Making Musical Progress

It’s all about defining focus, setting goals, practicing, and methodically solving problems!

A good way to “warm-up” to the benefits of making a personal practice diary, check out this video of cellist Sarah Joy “A Look Inside My Practice Journal.” … 907 mots de plus


Selecionados Labcom 2018


2018 já começou e nós já estamos com todo gás para iniciarmos nossas pesquisas desse ano e realizar trabalhos que só irão acrescentar cada vez mais em nossos currículos e aprendizado! 38 mots de plus


3.7 🍐 19-23 February 2018

20 February 2018

  • Analyze two complex speeches by Nobel Prize winners.
  • Synthesize textual evidence by participating actively in a Socratic Seminar.
  • Emulate the model speeches by drafting an argumentative speech.
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Our Entitled Attitude is Killing Us

Man, the ignorance is rife.
Had Mukthar Ahmed walked into a South Florida school, with an AR-15, killing 17, American society would have been united as one, while we dropped bombs halfway around the world. 1 305 mots de plus


Council Agenda Preview - February 20, 2018

There seems to be little of importance on the agenda beyond 2.1.1/10.2.1, whether the matter of fluoridation should be on the 2018 ballot. 499 mots de plus

Parry Sound