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Plans Kids Bxl 21-22/10

Alors, on fait quoi avec les enfants ce week-end à Bruxelles ?
Any plans with the kids this weekend in Brussels ? 952 mots de plus


Siddura, eight wines to tell an island

Siddura winery founded in 2008 from the fusion of the experience of a German industrialist and the profound knowledge of the territory and market of… 367 mots de plus


Great Leaders Have Agenda Moving Skills


The major leadership challenge is to lead innovation and change. In that sense, leaders need to move ideas through the maze of the organization. 590 mots de plus

Money Matters

Antonio Muñoz Molina vuelve a Granada... y por partida doble

El escritor, periodista y miembro de la Real Academia Española, Antonio Muñoz Molina (Úbeda, 1956) vuelve a la Universidad de Granada, en la que estudió Historia del Arte, y a la ciudad en la que residió en los años 80, para participar en dos actos de alto contenido académico. 306 mots de plus

Cultural Events

agenda Th/F Oct 19/20: essay progress

learning goal: we know what it’s like to _______________

brainstorm ways to complete the statement in today’s learning goal

identify brief passages to use in each of the essay’s three body paragraph (3 per paragraph–i.e., one for each of the paragraph’s eleven parts) 105 mots de plus


Wednesday, 10/18

Assignments due Monday, 10/23:

1. Everyone must have some tape by Monday.

I’ll collect your SD cards from your Zooms, and switch them out with new ones. 123 mots de plus