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agenda T/W Jan 24/5: Hamlet and the gravedigger

learning goal: how do gravediggers’ and Hamlet’s comments on death relate to the play’s themes?

exercise with lines 1-180

read whole scene together

if time, see film


agenda T/W Jan 24/5: Poetry Day, qasidas and ghazals

learning goal:  what role do the these poetic tools play in a traditional ghazal: qasida, couplet, matla, enjambment (run-on line)?

check paragraph submissions

KR journal: longing (e.g., for home, for someone/something lost) 74 mots de plus


Weekly agenda | 23rd - 29 Jan

Have you been keeping your good intents for this year, people?

Yesterday I got this message from a friend saying how much he had liked my previous story, that it was original, that he appreciated my « contemporary fairytales », that I should definitely keep on going this way. 626 mots de plus


Global Tall Building Studio, at Manipal University Dubai

Dubai is a unique example of a city that has witnessed an Architectural development which has put itself in the global world map. The changing skyline is an example of transformation of the city in the past few decades to create architectural marvels. 371 mots de plus