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Loyalty illustrated

When I saw this Youtube post, I know what ‘loyalty’ looks like.

What makes me said that? Look at the video, at the 2.50 mins mark, … 2 033 mots de plus


Aikido Principles: The Walk

Kenji Tomiki developed a kata that encompasses the basic movements for Tomiki style aikido. This series of movements is known as “Tegatana no kata” or, as we call it, “The Walk”. 207 mots de plus


Late Bloomers Welcome

I got an email from a possible student the other day, asking if we offered adult classes, or if we would be willing to accommodate a 45 year old. 797 mots de plus

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Armpits may be Aikido's secret weapons

Twice a year our dojo brings a senior teacher from Japan for an intense seminar week of classes both indoors and out in the woods.  On recent visits he has been focusing on the basics, not on flashy techniques.   158 mots de plus

Martial Art

Contract 'showdown' looming between Aaron Rodgers, Packers?

Blockbuster deals for quarterbacks Derek Carr (completed) and Matthew Stafford (soon-to-be completed) could set the stage for a contract showdown between Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers, according to one NFL general manager. 485 mots de plus

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Interested in the History of Aikido? Check out this blog!

I have been reading up on Aikido (a martial art I have studied in the past) and on its history for some time. I have yet to find a blog as informative, careful, well-written, perceptive, and accurate on the history of Aikido–albeit perhaps somewhat controversial–as the… 202 mots de plus


Trafford Aikido Club Offers Free Taster Sessions In Support Of Women's Sport Week

Trafford Aikido Club is now offering free taster sessions for women in support of Women’s sport week which started on June 19 and ends June 25. 75 mots de plus