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Fucking. Ow. I got about five hours sleep, maybe about four actually. Was up at eight, on the mat at ten, off at twelve. Then we had a meeting at which I had a certain sense that I have arrived because today was an instructor’s course; the kind of thing where instructors get together to basically teach teaching and critique each other. 497 mots de plus

Tekubi Kosa Undo

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Otro de los Aiki Taiso con los que veo que los estudiantes entienden acerca de los conceptos del Ki, se denomina Tekubi Kosa Undo… 479 mots de plus

Entrenamiento Ki

Rolling is hard!

Dear Wayne,

Your mum and I has always know you to be an independent child. More often than not, you’ll be the one up to no good, and your elder brother is the one who has to give in to you. 656 mots de plus

Everything Else In Between

Favorite Martial art

Aikido (Japanese: 合気道 Hepburn: Aikidō ?) is a modern Japanese martial art developed by Morihei Ueshiba as a synthesis of his martial studies, philosophy, and religious beliefs. 171 mots de plus


KIMU Katana Kayu / Kodachi

KIMU Katana Kayu / Kodachi

-bahan: kayu sawo
– warna: dark tiger
– panjang bilah (nagasa): 74,5 cm
– pancang gagang (tsuka): 24,5 cm… 58 mots de plus

Produk Kayu

KIMU Hakama Aikido

KIMU Hakama Aikido

– panjang: 98cm (L), 92cm (M).
– bahan: drill katun campuran polyester (pas untuk aktifitas beladiri).
– panjang pinggang depan maksimal 28cm (all size) 96 mots de plus

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