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Zomerschool Markelo 2015

Vanuit de Dutch Aikido Foundation worden per jaar verschillende seizoenstages georganiseerd. De zomerschool – jaarlijks gegeven in Markelo – is de oudste en de meest bekende.  46 mots de plus


I can do something!

It’s often said that learning progresses by leaps and bounds.  Rapid progress is made in a new area, then the acquisition of new skill sets slows, and with it progress seems to slow as well,  This is due to the refinement of existing knowledge, rather than something brand new, and it is considerably harder to measure progress in this area. 283 mots de plus


"Practice makes perfect!" - Miss Schmidt, 3rd grade teacher

« Practice makes perfect » was Miss Schmidt’s mantra.  Miss Schmidt, third grade teacher, white-haired and in her navy blue dress with white polka-dots, black shoes.  547 mots de plus

Classes suspended for one week (We are on holidays :-)

Monday 3rd August and Wednesday 5 August we will be away so no classes that week. We are back Monday 10 August.

Training notes - Katatori menuchi hiji nage

Katatori menuchi hiji nage is an Aikido technique which combines a double arm bar and projection throw to defend against a grab to the shoulder and accompanying strike ( 89 mots de plus

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Breakfall basics class - 15 July 2015

Some video of the « breakfall basics » class held at the dojo on 11 July 2015.

Big thanks to our dojo seniors Matt, Neil, Peter and Jeremy for their assistance in teaching and ensuring practice was safe. 20 mots de plus

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Aikido's first pillar - Shiho nage

« The first of the six pillars of Aikido techniques is shiho nage. This technique represents the gratitude Aikido trainees feel toward life in all four directions and is commonly the first technique learned (but not easily mastered) by students… 32 mots de plus

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