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TAB 2015- day 3!

today i wasn’t feeling very well so i decided to take it easy. i went to class in the morning and after that i slept for a few hours. 293 mots de plus


Interview With Linda Holiday Sensei!

I just finished interviewing Linda Holiday Sensei. she taught a very interesting class today so i just had to talk to her for a little bit and learn about her story. 430 mots de plus


TAB 2015- second day

last night i wanted to write another post, but it was raining and i didn’t want to ruin roee’s computer. after the opening training session we had dinner and then some chill out time. 328 mots de plus


TAB 2015- first post

so we just arrived at the sports camp, where the Training Across Borders aikido seminar will be held. i woke up at 3 am this morning because i had a nightmare that i slept in and missed the flight. 277 mots de plus


Aikido and Sofia University: A Perfect Match

Balanced Development of the Whole Person

It may seem paradoxical to include martial arts practice as an important aspect to being a therapist, especially when we think of the martial arts, and words such as, « opponent » « defeat », and « against » come to mind. 68 mots de plus

Aikido - A Powerful Martial Art

An entrepreneur, Oleg Aronov founded MEDEX Diagnostic and Treatment Center and Stat Rx Pharmacy to provide quality care to patients afflicted with a variety of physical and mental illnesses or health conditions. 200 mots de plus


The Vinegar Tasters

Frank and I face off. I move quickly toward him, a wooden practice knife — or, tanto — gripped firmly in my right hand. At the last moment before I enter Frank’s space, I playfully switch the tanto to my left hand and jab him lightly in the ribs, throwing off his defense and forcing him to adapt his technique. 479 mots de plus