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The Day has Finally Come

We have this door at the dojo, in the ladies room, that just refuses to work properly. It always causes us problems and complaining about it while changing into our uniforms has become an ongoing joke that’s been running for quite a while. 260 mots de plus

TIL: Pain is subjective

I’m currently reading Angry White Pajamas by Robert Twigger. While I haven’t read too far into the book, I feel I have picked up one thing: pain is subjective. 326 mots de plus


Aikido Principles: Unbendable Arm

One of the fundamental concepts we use in aikido is the « unbendable arm ». This is used in other martial arts as well, such as tai chi. 101 mots de plus

Life Skills

Clemson LB Ben Boulware believes game ‘fits perfectly’ with Raider tradition

The Oakland Raiders’ history is riddled with physical, aggressive defenders at all levels of their historic defenses, including former defensive end Lyle Alzado, safety Jack “The Assassin” Tatum and linebacker Bill Romanowski. 605 mots de plus

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Mel Kiper 2017 mock draft: Raiders snare lengthy Gators CB Quincy Wilson

Though a majority of analysts have pointed to an inside linebacker or defensive tackle as the Oakland Raiders’ first-round target, ESPN’s Mel Kiper Jr. went against the grain in his second mock draft of 2017, selecting Gators cornerback Quincy Wilson. 467 mots de plus

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Raiders GM Reggie McKenzie points to ILB as a hole 'we have to fill'

Without a physical, ball-hawking presence at inside linebacker, the Oakland Raiders’ defense is without an imperative component of a playoff-ready front-seven.

If Oakland is to take the next step in the postseason, Raiders general manager Reggie McKenzie must look to address the inside linebacker position either via the 2017 NFL draft or free agency. 621 mots de plus

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Aikido Principles: Hand in Center

In martial arts, it’s important to get a thorough grounding in the basic principles as early in your training as possible. Learning the basics provides a much easier path to learning the more advanced techniques down the road. 122 mots de plus