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Completely Out of Character

As the weather wasn’t great for paddling this weekend, 30kph winds make someone my size a sail rather than a paddler, I decided I needed a bit of exercise so for the first time in seven years I went to a martial arts class and for the first time in three I went for a run! 103 mots de plus

Daily Post 0058: Fighting the Sickness

I’ve been sick the past few days which is why I haven’t written much.

Even now I really don’t have much motivation or inspiration for anything. 575 mots de plus

Daily Post

Mushin - A State of No Mind

Having recently read a blog post on the state of Mushin, or No-Mind, I have been prompted to pass on my thoughts on this matter and also some observations from my dojo experiences. 549 mots de plus


Week 9: analysis

For the ninth « week » of my body / the buddhist I proposed the theme released form. I used the images presented in the last post (a Japanese archer, a lighthouse, an hourglass, and a prowling cat) and added the element of stopping mid-improvisation. 772 mots de plus


Human Arts

As I sit here for martial arts testing
(A once-every-two-month$ event)
What a beautiful sea of humanity
Surrounds me as we watch
Our collective children… 65 mots de plus


Love and hate

What is really aiki? I mean we do it all the time, or rather; we try to do it all the time, but If we are asked to define it, I find it very difficult to describe in words. 1 057 mots de plus


Simple Answers

Numbers: Met with 15 family members (immediate and extended). Got 2 people at the grocery store in downtown Vancouver to remember me (why grocery store, and not a bar? 1 018 mots de plus