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Aikido - Tachi Dori

Aikido Tachi Dori. Tori is myself Joseph Kennedy, Uke is Steve. Filmed in Kilkenny by Dominika. Editing and Music by me.

This is the first in a series I will make demonstrating Aikido technique when applied against sword, staff and tanto. 169 mots de plus


moving to a new site: http://theaikidad.wordpress.com

I was an Aikidoka long before I became a Dad, but I am a dad of 2 boys, and there are lessons I learned in Aikido which I use as a Dad. 84 mots de plus

The Grey Matter

What you see is what you get

I used to have a very existentialist opinion; ‘Until I see it, hold it, touch it, it does not exist’. Something to that effect…what I was thinking back then, I will not belief in things that is not tangible. 829 mots de plus


vocabulary and determining the meanings of words

We had a lovely aikido class this morning, and an issue that has been kicking around in my head for quite some time crystalized at one point in our discussions of one of the techniques on which we were working. 374 mots de plus

Bizarre And Random Things

Noticia Triste

Hoy les escribo con gran dolor para comunicarles el fallecimiento de Shihan Giuseppe Ruglioni. Siempre voy a recordar sus enseñanzas, las cuales iban mas allá de lo técnico y alcanzaban la vida misma. 24 mots de plus

Info Ki Aikido


There’s this moment where you realise that your partner has made a mistake and maybe they’re attacking when they should be defending or making the wrong attack; it happens, we all do it. 83 mots de plus

Happy New Year Milwaukee!

The Milwaukee Aikido Club held their annual kagami biraki training and potluck on Saturday, January 30. Class was led by Joe Takehara of Chicago Aikido Club, an old acquaintance of the dojo’s founder, … 83 mots de plus