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I Can't Roll

I arrived for the Wednesday intro class on April 20th to find the door locked. Thankfully, within a minute, Daniel (another senior student) arrived. He would be leading the class. 500 mots de plus


aikido in Sydney

I edge my way around the dojo, looking for a door I can go in.  I know I’ll have to bow to the shomen… 892 mots de plus

Dojo Etiquette

On Tuesday, April 19th I attended another class led by Marsha Turner Sensei.  As before, it was a relatively fast-paced class (though there were only a few attendees) with serious warm-up exercises (which I’m still trying to get the hang of).   382 mots de plus


Third Fridays = Aikido + Potluck!

At Chicago Aikikai there are normally no classes on Friday.  The third Friday of each month, however, there’s a special evening class followed by social time/potluck (I think the term ‘potluck’ is used pretty loosely, here).   418 mots de plus


Unsurprisingly, I'm Getting Confused

My memory is not great.  I should have started this blog back up ages ago (well, I should have never let it lapse).  I really… 421 mots de plus


Penguin Aikido has their first class tonight, starting with the « Little Flippers » at 3:15pm.  I am one excited Sensei.

Penguin Aikido


Intro Class #2/First Regular Class

Wednesday, March 30th I arrived at my second intro class with my paperwork filled out, ready to officially become a member of Chicago Aikikai.  I handed it over to Stephen and that was that.  501 mots de plus