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Sharing Aikido and Receiving Friendship

A Thursday the first week in March, 2018, I sat on a plane bound for Hong Kong, then Manila and finally Davao City, Philippines. I had previously been invited to teach aikido there exactly two years prior, and so this was my second time I travelled to the southern most major city in Philippines. 1 122 mots de plus




I’ve not written much about Aikido for a while. There’s a big course on tomorrow so I’m now feeling meditative. I’ve been practicing martial arts for more than half my life, which is something to think about. 463 mots de plus


Things have changed slightly since the last time I wrote about kokyuho.

My partners will find it increasingly difficult to bring me down, for a variety of reasons. 1 173 mots de plus

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How to find an Aikido Teacher

Of course I’d be biased.

I have the best Aikido teacher in the world!

After more than 2 decades with Harry sensei, it has been decided that he will be my Aikido teacher as good as a marriage vow; « Till death do us part. 1 332 mots de plus

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More about Kokyu-ho

I ended class with Siew Chin on Thursday evening. And she always finds it a challenge exercising kokyu-ho with me. So I shared with her a few pointers. 758 mots de plus

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Warming up, training & black belt

In Aikido it is a common activity doing warming-up to start a class. Some groups are using a short warming-up session, others are using a very long and tough warming-up session. 1 239 mots de plus


Kokyu Ho and Fear

I learned something about myself last evening when I exercised kokyuho with Siew Chin. there was something i cannot figure out from last week’s session I had with Gaynor. 370 mots de plus

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