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Direct the flow
When the cup is broken.

Redirect the flow
After the pitcher grows.

Crash the know
Then drink in what needs to be.


Turkish Wrestler vs Aikidoka

Aikido is a great martial art. WPMAF actually encurage people to study the fantastic aspects included in this martial art. It is not a competition and have to be accepted for that. 99 mots de plus

Life lessons from aikido (Guest post)

Huge aha! moment last week at aikido.

We have a brand new student who’s only been coming to classes for a couple of weeks, and at a class last week he did the warm-up and then stepped off the mat and joined me where I was sitting, watching class. 621 mots de plus


A lot of first timers

For the first time in Romania, and for the first time this year, I am going to run tomorrow.

For the first time ever I am starting on Thursday to have Aikido courses. 253 mots de plus


Rambles of an Insomniac 2

Hello friends! Welcome back to more of my life rambles!

It is currently 2:25AM, and I am sitting here watching Love Actually, which is an incredible movie, and if you haven’t seen it, you absolutely have to. 636 mots de plus


The choice

Choosing a direction on reliable knowledge

When one chooses to study a Way, tao in Chinese or do in Japanese, one has to choose the master with great attention. 266 mots de plus