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Sushi is My Sheet Cake. Too Bad Neither Are an Answer.

Thanks to gluten and sugar sensitivity, I would end up in the worst kind of food coma if I were to stuff my face with sheet cake per  727 mots de plus


Aikido and the solo travel journey

A couple of weeks ago I spent 3 days at an Aikido summer camp in Andover, Hampshire. Aikido is a unique martial art that practices non-resistance. 398 mots de plus


Ukemi Night

A couple of evening ago, I took a class and emphasized a lot about falling. Which I feel is one of the most important hands on technique. 1 161 mots de plus

Everything Else In Between

5 things we learned from Kevin Byard's Midday 180 interview

As Titans safety Kevin Byard got ready for the team’s first preseason game Saturday against the New York Jets, he took some time out to join the Midday 180 on 104.5 The Zone in Nashville. 927 mots de plus

Tennessee Titans

KIMU Bo - Long Stick (Tongkat Panjang 180cm)

KIMU Bo – Long Stick (Tongkat Panjang)

– bahan: kayu bengkirai
– diameter: 3.5cm
– panjang keseluruhan: 180cm
– finishing: 3x semprot IMPRA Black / Dark Dragon + 2x semprot clear… 62 mots de plus

Produk Kayu

Summer on the aikido mat - and a video...

It’s been a great summer for me in many ways, not the least when it comes to aikido. As usual I have clocked several hours at… 231 mots de plus


Mr. Stinson achieves rank in Aikido

Mr. Neil Stinson has passed examination and received the rank of 6th kyu at Dojo of Nashville. The Dojo of Nashville is a well established Aikido school in Nashville. 30 mots de plus