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I’m not sure what it is, what’s changed, but I’ve been loving Aikido lately. It’s making me smile big goofy grins. Sometimes I’m still sort of smiling hours after. 251 mots de plus



8:03 投げられて受身を取ると言うんじゃないですね。体を痛めるから受身を練習するのじゃないんですね。柔術の場合は相手に投げさせて、自分が回って行っちゃうんですね、先に。で、相手に返し技をしたり、崩したり、その隙に腹を切って行ったり… 投げられたから、負け、そういうルールはないですね… かと言って自分勝手の速さではだめですね… 相手がいるわけですから相手に合わせて。

8:03 不是被摔而受身。不是因為要避免受傷而練受身的。柔術的受身是讓人摔自己,再自己先滾出去。然後做返技阿,破勢阿,趁空隙切腹對方的腹部阿。被摔而輪了這個概念是沒有的。然而不是按隨意的速度滾出去。因為有對手,所以要配合。

8:03 Ukemi is not about being thrown. Avoiding injury is not the point of practicing ukemi. In Jujutsu, one let’s one partner throw, and rolls away of one’s own accord. 165 mots de plus


Congratulations to Our New Black-Belts!

Hello everyone,

Special congratulations to John Holt, Dave Lehnert, and George Parker for taking their Shodan (1st-degree Black-Belt) test this last weekend at Buki-Waza (Weapons Seminar) in Stratford, New Jersey.   73 mots de plus

Martial Arts

No Classes Thursday Nov. 26th

Hi everyone,

There will be no kids or adult classes on Thursday, Nov. 27th in observance of the Thanksgiving holiday.  Classes will resume Saturday Nov. 29th. 7 mots de plus

Martial Arts

A Dream Of Living In Cornwall - A Spiritual Journey - 22

22. Further Developments and Revelations

After a while Lucia returned to working alone magically. She was attending Reiki, Yoga and Aikido classes where she worked with many others so felt that she needed some solitary work. 2 455 mots de plus

Mystical Work

The Walking Dead S06 E07: Heads Up

In last week’s episode of « The Walking Dead » we met a swamp walker. It was special effects supervisor and co-executive producer Greg Nicotero’s tribute to artist Bernie Wrightston, the co-creator of Swamp Thing. 1 052 mots de plus


The Warm Fuzzy Moral Center of the Post-Apocalypse (On Pacifism and The Walking Dead)

I’VE BEEN WATCHING AMC’s The Walking Dead for a little over five seasons now, and one thing I’ve noticed about the show is that you never want to become the moral center of the group. 2 241 mots de plus