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Mr. Bob O'Hare- Aikido, The Fountain of Youth

« You can’t help getting older, but you don’t have to get old. » -George Burns

I truly believe getting old is a state of mind. 289 mots de plus


Recovering from Sports Injury (Guest Post)

You love participating in your sport. You hate pain and injury. Sitting on the sidelines sucks. This is the story of how I finally wised up and figured out what mattered most to me. 1 038 mots de plus

Guest Post

Zero Stance

Pardon my very rudimentary stick-man illustration, it serves to prove a very subtle point. The principle of ‘Zero’ stance.

Aikido stance, as I’ve understood it since I first practising it, is not the most comfortable stance, there are many other more dynamic stances out there that one can learn and use. 853 mots de plus

Something Else

Day 4: The Turtle Man

I left Pamplona early this morning, and I’m quite sure Michelle, Stefan, and Martin were staying in Pamplona an extra day (see featured image from last night in Pamplona). 256 mots de plus

Camino De Santiago

Banner Up Today!

The banner has gone up on SWAT Taekwondo Centre.

Just over a week to go before the new class starts.


Aikido Really Popular These Days for Various Benefits

Aikido is a lot more than simply another self-defense skill. It is a method to learn everything about the most significant person in your daily life… YOU! 580 mots de plus

Aikido In Sydney