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Playing with koshi nage - A bokken and jo perspective

Although part of the broader Aikido syllabus, one of our favourite techniques to practice at the dojo is koshi nage (hip throw). In fact, there would rarely be a class where this technique does not appear in some form. 180 mots de plus

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Learning to breakfall - its a lot easier than it looks

At our dojo learning to breakfall is an accepted part of our training culture.  The ability to breakfall is something we learn and develop to make sure we stay safe in our practice and to enable us to practice Aikido at its more advanced levels. 217 mots de plus

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Jujitsu Training at the One World Jujitsu Clan of the Philippines


Location: Brgy. Macabog, Diversion Road, Sorsogon City

Contact: Sensei MIke Anonat

Mobile: +639199948727

Contact: Mike Anonat


What martial arts taught me about fighting breast cancer (Guest post), #breastcancer, #cancer

« You’re the happiest cancer patient I’ve ever seen. »

I was having coffee with a psychotherapist friend, and her words caught me off-guard. I thought I was handling my breast cancer diagnosis well, but I hadn’t realized my attitude was remarkable. 969 mots de plus

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Aikido in Amsterdam

The aikido season is starting, and for the first time, I will start teaching regularly at the dojo of my former teacher, Carel Zappeij (a 7th Dan who just decided to take it a little bit more easy, now that he is above 80). 90 mots de plus

Kote gaeshi

Kote gaeshi is a popular wrist lock in both jitsu and aikido.  Both those martial arts teach a « jump out » from the lock.  Dan Djurdjevic has explained a range of counter- techniques from a kote gaeshi application in his blog.  12 mots de plus


No Practice Thursday August 27th

Hi everyone, due to holidays, there will be no practice this Thursday (Aug 27th).

If you’ve had a summer holiday or just a break from Aikido for a while, we hope to see you soon.

Cheers – steve