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Introduction to Energy Flow

I started looking at energy flow around the same time I started taking aikido. Life could be frustrating, and seemed very difficult at times. Eventually, I realized that some of that frustration was due to me. 109 mots de plus



Some more about my insights of LIFE-experiences.

AIKIDO takes a big part in my life.

The founder of Aikido said:      Aikido   is LOVE.   It is! 29 mots de plus


Aikido and Horsemanship...

I’ve just returned from a 10 Day Intensive in Aikido and Horsemanship school in Colorado. Part of being a horse person, in my opinion…is continuing the education of getting better at my job. 401 mots de plus


Fitness Classes @ Penguin Budo

Fitness classes commencing tonight at Penguin Budo straight after the adult class – 6:pm

Come along every Monday night and improve your fitness with ; 35 mots de plus


Grading Date Announced!

Yes! A picture taken earlier in the year shows our small but committed Aikidoka during some outside training periods when we get the weather for this. 193 mots de plus


Aikido and Energy Flow

Most people who have been practicing martial arts for awhile realize that there is more to it than just the physical aspect. Aikido is a defensive Japanese martial art developed by Morehei Ueshiba as a method of defending oneself while still protecting an opponent from injury as much as possible. 90 mots de plus


We have permanently moved into rooms 1 & 2 at Penguin District School Community Learning Centre, 105 – 125 Ironcliffe Road.

See you at the Dojo – Sensei Palmer