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Watanabe Mayu Photobook promotion stream screenshots & download link

Video has been rendered! Now downloadable from A!O here!

While watching Mayuyu’s photobook promotion stream I made a few screenshots when she was doing something that I could screenshot at the time, a few more things happened that were fun or interesting to see that I was unable to screenshot however. 51 mots de plus


What I can say about those graduation announcements (and my thoughts on Jonishi Kei)

A flurry of graduation news (and ceremonies)

I am a Jpop listener, but I admit I am not often updated with the happenings about AKB48… 1 297 mots de plus

Tomomi Itano Rocks Singaporean Shores At MILLIAN SINGAPORE!

Tomomi Itano, an ex-member of the popular girl group AKB48, hit Singaporean shores earlier this month for a solo fan meeting and mini-concert! She certainly delighted the fans with her energetic dance moves and her infectious energy! 1 443 mots de plus


Nanami Hashimoto of Nogizaka46 is graduating???

Nanami Hashimoto saying goodbye?

That can’t be true. Hours after I celebrated the end of the 8-year title drought of Barangay Ginebra San Miguel, I stumbled upon the news of Miss… 557 mots de plus

Darkness : Chapter 7

Darkness: Chapter 7

— Somewhere in the wood –

Iriyama Anna’s POV

I’m looking at Yuria, both are completely stunned.

“I-I-We-I’m fine now! We can continue to look for the plant!” She almost yelled while standing up quickly. 1 528 mots de plus


Japanese idol singer reveals three simple phrases men need to use to be popular with women

Former AKB48 member also advises against telling a woman “You’ve sure gotten fat recently.” 330 mots de plus


AKB48's Ogasawara Mayu Announces Graduation

AKB48’s Ogasawara Mayu has announced her graduation from the group. 133 mots de plus