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あなたも、あなたも、みんなの心に(さくら咲けー!) 鹿児島県出身、宮脇咲良18歳です。Anata mo, anata mo, minna no kokoro ni (Sakura Sake!) Kagoshima-ken shusshin, Miyawaki Sakura juurokusai desu.(You too, you too, in everyone’s heart (Sakura (Cherry Blossom/Nickname) Bloom!) I’m Miyawaki Sakura, I’m 18 years old, from the Kagoshima Prefecture.) 633 mots de plus


paint your soul into my heart (wmatsui by nezukara)

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AN: Hey guys, Nezu here! Oh my god, it’s been a while since I’ve posted anything… Sorry! 4 211 mots de plus


summer love part 1 (jurisaku_by chicken little)

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On a late Friday night, the band, Baby Blossom, were gathered around the floor, encircling a box of a half eaten pizza and were tossing through old records, tossing ideas around. 2 495 mots de plus


from mayuki, with love

i kinda into tumbler recently…and its kinda fun

but since i have like 5 oshi… its kind a juggled

so…i think ill just put all my original  mayuki thread..that  i have blog or i would blog later here… 28 mots de plus


Shuukan Idol - Morning Musume and AKB48 Finish April Strong

This week was packed full of MVs, announcements about overseas performances, as well as interesting updates about a few groups.

What were our 5 top headlines of the week?  531 mots de plus


Media Mix, May 1, 2016

Here’s this week’s Media Mix about the new single by the female idol collective HKT48. The column discusses media charges of sexism against the song and its writer-producer, Yasushi Akimoto, but another topic that has come to the fore in the talk about « Einstein yori Dianna Agron » is that old complaint about how idols are not allowed to have love lives because it would dilute their appeal and thus damage the brand. 385 mots de plus


AKB48 44th Single Coupling MVs Released

AKB48 has released the MV for Team A’s Set me free, Team K’s Aishuu no Trumpet, Team B’s Koi wo Suru to Baka wo Miru… 456 mots de plus