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Fatehpur Sikri. India.

Situated a short drive of about about 38km from Agra, Fatehpur Sikri is a Mughal era fortified city made of local red sandstones. It runs along a ridge that at one time was in its entirety, part of the walled city complex. 436 mots de plus




After the disintegration of the Delhi Sultanate, Babur was able to establish the Mughal Empire in India in 1526. He traced his linage from Timur the great conqueror of Central Asia and also a descendant of Mongols. 2 023 mots de plus

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The mughal empire

The word “mughal” is a persian translation of the word “mongol” which also explains its origin.

Mughal empire was a prominent empire that controlled vast parts of present day India and Pakistan for nearly 300 years (1526 – 1857). 778 mots de plus


Zelaldinus: WINTER | SPRING

Waking up late for a review gets to be utterly painful for me, but life, as we have it, it is here, into me, and I’m perfectly cheerful considering the fact that I am, at the least, up with the review — the amazing part that remained. 370 mots de plus


'The T-Band' at Route 66, Qurm Resort

Having only been in residence in Muscat for a few months, I am still on a newcomer’s voyage of discovery of the live music scene. Initially, I didn’t think there was one. 619 mots de plus


Reuni Akbar Alumni SMAN 5 Karawang akan digelar 8 April 2018

Setelah sekian lama dinantikan,  Reuni Akbar Alumni SMAN 5 Karawang dari angkatan 1992 sampai 2017 akan diselenggarakan. Diinisiasi oleh Ketua Ikatan Alumni SMAN 5 Karawang (Ikalisma), Budiyanto, acara ini akan terlaksana pada 8 April 2018. 247 mots de plus


The Greatest Gates of India – Buland Darwaja

Monumental Gates has always been a reflection of prosperity for Kingdoms. Rulers, over the course of human civilisation, have always wanted to build gigantic gates which will play a pivotal role in the security of the countrymen and also display the might of the state. 946 mots de plus