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Born Emperor-Akbar

The great emperor of India in the Mughal Dynasty is still remembered as « Akbar the Great ». But do you know how was his destiny forged into such marvelous era of the country. 769 mots de plus


Hindu man raising a Muslim child in Lucknow

On February 2002 a tea vendor in Lucknow Aiku Lal Sandil finds a Muslim boy abandoned at a garden near his tea stall, when asked about his whereabouts the boy only remembers his name as Akbar, Aiku reports to police but the police were unable to trace the boy’s parents as there was no complain registered on missing of a three year old boy in any of the police station all over the state. 321 mots de plus


Wah Taj – My Agra Diary (Part 5)

In 17th century, an unfortunate Mughal Prince, Dara Sikoh used to identify India as Majma – ul – Bahrain, which means ‘the confluence of two oceans’. 536 mots de plus


Wah Taj – My Agra Diary (Part 4)

In India, Islam had spread much less by the sword then by the Sufis. After all, Sufism with its holy men, visions and miracles, and its emphasis on individual search for union with god, had always borne remarkable similarities to the mysterious side of Hinduism. 552 mots de plus


Fatehpur Sikri


Some of you may have visited Fatehpur Sikri and some may not. Whatever the case may be, I’m sure none of you can disown the mystical charm in the name itself ‘Fatehpur Sikri’. 478 mots de plus


Akbar and the Silenced Children: Language as Heritage, or Language as Community?


As part of the process of assembling, expanding, and (re)writing the material for Book 2, I’ve returned to the problem of “feral children,” which I first visited… 3 051 mots de plus


The End of the Caliphate, India & Pakistan

Two brothers from North India were impacted perhaps more than most by the news of the dismantling of the Istanbul based Caliphate. Shaukat Ali and Mohammad Ali Jauhar had spent the past five years organizing protests, writing articles, even attending conferences in London, all aimed to save the Caliphate and what was left of the Ottoman Empire from further dismantling. 1 066 mots de plus