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Sultan Daniyal Mirza

The youngest son of Akbar was Daniyal Mirza born in 11th Sep 1572 and died on 8th April 1604

He had many wives, a few listed below… 295 mots de plus


Aaron & Sarah's Visit

it was much more abbreviated than I thought it was going to be (because I just read what I want to read in messages!) but it was SO SO GOOD to have some family here. 90 mots de plus


Shreya Suhani Khanna's book review AKBAR & BIRBAL

Akbar and Birbal
Author’s Name : Akbar and Birbal
Publisher’s Name: PUFFIN BOOKS 418 mots de plus

Meat ban obviously doesn't curry favour with Hindutva forces

The contrarian approach of the saffron parties towards the meat ban in Maharashtra during the Jain fasting period of Paryushan reveals that the Sangh Parivar is a divided lot instead of being one united family. 1 100 mots de plus


Review: “Star Wars: Aftermath” by Chuck Wendig

Star Wars: Aftermath
Chuck Wendig
Del Rey, 2015.

When I was a kid, the playground had these cool cage swings that you had to pump with your arms to get going. 837 mots de plus


Aurangzeb v/s the idea of India

What do Tulsidas, Surdas, Kabir, Rahim Das & Tansen have in common? They all lived and created immortal art during Akbar’s reign. Each in his own way created not just pieces of art but a way of living and thinking about art and spirituality that persists today. 537 mots de plus


Akbar and Jehangir with falcon