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Praise be to Allah ūüíĖ

Before we begin our Salah, we start with the praise of Allah Allahu Akbar. The purpose of this is to acknowledge that the One we are standing in front of us, is greater than anything else that is occupying us in this world. 177 mots de plus

Who was the real Akbar? Cruel Warrior or Visionary Emperor

Who was the real Akbar? Was he a cruel conqueror as some believe or was he a visionary as many other so? 870 mots de plus


WPC-Details/ Fatehpur Sikri

The post appears in response to WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge-Details. The challenge this week:

For this week’s challenge, try to look past the big picture and take a more intimate approach. 187 mots de plus


Lost in time...

Historical monuments always seem to me like teleportation devices bearing the ability to open up vistas from the past. The past which can not only be seen in the form of stone and mortar, but can also be relived by strolling through the geometrically perfect gardens, passing beneath the symmetrical sky high arches and domes, or admiring at the magnificently gilded resting places for the mortal body. 644 mots de plus


Strange are the ways
Where the river of love flows,
Those who jump into it, are drown
Those who are drown, get across.

A poem by Amir Khusrau… 458 mots de plus