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Aurangzeb v/s the idea of India

What do Tulsidas, Surdas, Kabir, Rahim Das & Tansen have in common? They all lived and created immortal art during Akbar’s reign. Each in his own way created not just pieces of art but a way of living and thinking about art and spirituality that persists today. 537 mots de plus


Ahmed discusses racial intolerance in Europe

There are two sides to every story, from the juvenile to the catastrophic. The same goes for both the rise of Islamophobia and the spread of the Islamic State group, Akbar Ahmed said. 650 mots de plus


When Friends Do Better Than Me...Surprisingly!

Okay, so you were doing great at school (you *thought* you were doing great), feeling like you’re at the top of the world, thinking that you’ve achieved success, when you realised… 278 mots de plus


Too good to be at the Fatehpur experience of a lifetime Part I

Rimi Mutsuddi


The hymns of the early Morning Prayer were coming from Jami Masjid. The emperor of Hindustan, the great Akbar was seated towards west direction, at the direction towards the holy Kaaba, Mecca for Namaj. 2 048 mots de plus

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Reuni ( Pamer ? ) Akbar

Reuni ? Akbar pula ?

Pasti terbayang dibenak kalian « gilee nih anak udah umur berapa sampai ikutan reuni akbar segala ? »

Jadi begini, beberapa bulan yang lalu salah satu tenant di tempat saya bekerja mengadakan reuni akbar dan perusahaan saya menjadi sponsornya. 730 mots de plus