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India – My First Time (2)

A few more photographs from 1989 (my apologies for the quality of some of them – all I had with me was a very cheap camera): 1 078 mots de plus


Aram Banu was born on 22nd Dec 1584 and died in 1624. She remained single and with her brother Jehangir. She was the last child born to emperor Akbar from his secondary wife Bibi Daulat Shad. 324 mots de plus


Ravi Bhatia in an Indonesian series!

Actor Ravi Bhatia, who was last seen in Balaji Telefilms’s popular show ‘Jodha Akbar’ recently did an Indonesian series ‘Cinta Di Langit Taj Mahal… 130 mots de plus

What's Happenin'


ABU HAURA en HANIN, Rintih pilu, duka nestapa serasa tak pernah lepas dari Bumi Syam. Lara itu bertambah pedihnya manakala berbagai negara seakan tak melihat dan tak mendengar suara tangisnya. 552 mots de plus


Pray for India

Today is the Indian Republic Day – when 1.2 billion people celebrate the nation’s emergence as a secular republic, free from the shackles of colonial rule.  347 mots de plus

The Magical Musician, Miyan Tansen

It is said music has magical powers. It can drastically change the atmosphere as well as the mood of a person. In modern days, we all will admit to the fact that music can transcend us to another world, can heal a grief-stricken mind or can increase the ecstasy. 569 mots de plus

Animal Crossing & Youtube

So I guess I can say I’m better then yesterday, not entirely back to normal but somewhat more level. I guess there’s a few things that have been piling up. 760 mots de plus