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A story of a woman cross-dressing as a man and working and living a life as a man might interest or turn off some people. The story of Albert Nobbs goes beyond the static shallow idea of the cross-dressing LGBT world but delves achingly deep into the core of human needs and wants. 990 mots de plus


Albert Nobbs ,surprisingly good, review trailer

From the instant Dr Hollaran (Brendan Gleeson) and Albert Nobbs (Glenn Close) share a moment at a costume party for which neither of them have a costume, the scene is set for this thought provoking story. 496 mots de plus

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Movie review: Albert Nobbs (2011)

Albert Nobbs explores the status of women in 19th century Ireland, highlighting their precarious place in a world where women could not financially support themselves. 414 mots de plus


Albert Nobbs (2011) (Available on Netflix)


Albert Nobbs (Glenn Close) is not at all what he appears to be. In fact Albert Nobbs is not a man at all. During the late 19th century women aren’t encourage to be independent. 520 mots de plus


Albert Nobbs (2011).

An interesting film, starring Glenn Close, about a introverted waiter who has a secret – he is actually a woman. 115 mots de plus


From the Archives – Irish University Review - ‘Albert Nobbs’, Ladies and Gentlemen, and Quare Irish Female Erotohistories

In the May 2013 issue of the Irish University Review, “Queering the Issue”, there were a number of articles on gender, identity and Queer Theory as related to Irish culture. 382 mots de plus