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And another one bites the dust

The cucurbit I used a couple of weeks ago for a distillation broke when I held it by the neck. Being pyrex I thought it would be a bit stronger, but obviously the weight of lute around the bottom and some sort of flaw in the glass, perhaps brought on by too much heat or the time I heated it without lute and it changed shape slightly, meant it could only do a few more high temp distillations. 215 mots de plus


Solve et Coagula: Anxiety and Neural Plasticity

“Existence and the ordinary turmoil of life, the struggle and confusion which sooner or later binds consciousness by manifold links to an unevolved and infantile attitude towards life, create anxiety and deep-seated fears. 469 mots de plus


The Third Path

 « To live alone one must be an animal or a god, says Aristotle. There is yet a third case: one must be both–a philosopher. » 351 mots de plus


Coagulatio - becoming earth, becoming spirit

The materialisation of spirit and the spiritualisation of matter. As above, so below. The alchemist’s job is to raise what is earthy to the level of spirit and to bring to through to full incarnation that which is in potential. 414 mots de plus

Transpersonal Psychotherapy

The importance of good lute

Once again whilst distilling I was reminded of the importance of a good lute. That is, the stuff that serves to hold the glassware together, forming a strong and impervious seal. 381 mots de plus


The Alchemist's Preparation. Understanding the difference between alchemical stages, and alchemical operations

Citrinitas? Coagulatio? Solutio? Albedo? What do all these things mean? This is a brief primer, a round up of some of the main terms in alchemy. 1 088 mots de plus

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The part medieval alchemy played in the scientific revolution


There have been a lot of books and articles discussing the scientific revolution that took place in the 17th century. However, even after 9 years reading and research, I’m still uncertain about the precise place of alchemy in the scientific revolution, meaning what part alchemical ideas, knowledge, experience and technology played in it. 2 783 mots de plus