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Embodiment of Multidimensional Consciousness ~ Your Unique Blueprint

The Design of consciousness as a Holy Vehicle of Light that transmits its awareness into the Holographic Field, contains the embodiment of Light of all frequencies, held in the Heart of hearts. 727 mots de plus

Alchemical Transfiguration

Bile from cattle – an overlooked ingredient in alchemy

Someone I know mentioned the importance of bile, i.e. the fluid produced by your liver and stored in your gall bladder, for digesting food, more specifically fats apparently. 700 mots de plus


Your Transformation ~ Your Quantum Awakening

The Cosmic Light that exists streaming through all timelines, all dimensions, is something at the Higher Levels of your consciousness, you understand and Know.

Your subconscious mind, your inner computer is aware also, of your connection with this YOU as Light. 647 mots de plus

Alchemical Transfiguration

Merging the Consciousness of Matter with Your Higher Self

5th Dimensional Consciousness, matter, the subconscious and memory. Our Data bank of memory is held in the inner computer of our Soul.

Our Blueprint.

This is about existing in the future timeline FULLY as the Ascended 5th Dimensional YOU ~ You as your God Self! 631 mots de plus

Alchemical Transfiguration

Alchemical illustrations, colours and an odd vessel

A friend linked to a short online collection of pictures of alchemical manuscripts, which included a 15th century Germany/ Austrian Donum Dei of pseudo-Arnaldian type, or at least it refers to him a few times. 386 mots de plus


Sovereignty - The Marriage of the Sun and the Moon

The picture above is of the famed Lady and the Unicorn tapestry, which was woven from silk and wool in Flanders around the 16th century, and is now housed in the Cluny Museum in Paris. 990 mots de plus

Ordo Ab Chao

You can Do This ~ 5th Dimensional Consciousness

When I helped my students master yoga poses, I would witness when they attempted to do things from a place of strength or a place of supposed weakness. 565 mots de plus

Alchemical Transfiguration