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Transmission of alchemical ideas via travellers and books

Obviously alchemical ideas and practise had to be communicated between people, by word of mouth or writing. But we are lacking in information about a lot of the information transfer in the past and exactly how it happened. 1 392 mots de plus


The Golden Tripod of Basil Valentine - Reflection


Alchemy is child’s play, God’s game in the garden.  The human physical and existential organism is wondrously subtle and infinitely textured, more to be breathed, yearned and died with, than to be figured out.   3 050 mots de plus


Things alchemy was related to and helped with and used by

This is a short blog post covering an interesting but rather deep topic which would require a great deal more research to make a full on really interesting post. 1 414 mots de plus


Sow your gold....alchemy and gardening

Depth psychologists get excited about alchemy. Alchemy as we know it tends to be about metal working – we are familiar with medieval European alchemists who sought to turn lead to gold. 398 mots de plus

Transpersonal Psychotherapy

Music Medicine - Empty - #Blesstival-2016

Here’s a bit of music-medicine blessing on ya.

Blessing’ is mentioned, actually, though not in the way you might expect it.

And the exquisite steel guitar accompanying Ray Lamontagne’s fab guitar and singing may well combine into a blessing-wave in themselves. 127 mots de plus

Dark Night Of The Soul

Blog Blesstival - CoCreate a Blessing Wave to Start the New Year

I invite you to join me in an experiment: A Blesstival  … sharing blessings into the collective via blog, website, Facebook … wherever you connect. 890 mots de plus

Transformation & The Great Turning

The Lady , the Unicorn and the White stone......

This is a new alchemical dry-point print. Ever since visiting the Lady and the unicorn tapestries in Paris in the summer I have been pondering the mystery behind these beautiful images. 258 mots de plus