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Is this an unusual and often overlooked piece of alchemical equipment?

When looking through alchemical works and examining the illustrations, it always pays to ask, is that real equipment and methods I see in use, or are they just making it up? 834 mots de plus


Meditations with Isis

Who is Isis?  Are we blind and deaf to the primordial feminine archetype which powered the ancient world?

Through ignorance of history and our roots, her Name is pasted onto an extremist sect and its atrocities against the hated female soul, against Gaia Earth. 6 515 mots de plus


My alchemical demonstrations at re-enactment events

As many of you know, I do medieval and Tudor re-enactment, where I demonstrate a variety of historical technologies and knowledge. One being alchemy. I have done all sorts of things: 745 mots de plus


Emotional Alchemy: Converting Fire Into Steam (Part 1)

As my understanding goes, Neidan or ‘internal alchemy’ (the Taoist kind), involves two paths, the path of transmutation and the path of generation. The first involves returning to a state of one or… 532 mots de plus


Introduction to Boehme's Threefold Life of Man. By George W. Allen

Introduction to Boehme’s Threefold Life of Man.

By George W. Allen

« There is a way, a wisdom, an operation which, taken, searched out and attempted, will lead him, teach him and form him so that he will not only reach the eternal (which all must do), but reach it to find himself in rightful relation to it, at home in it, conformed to it. 817 mots de plus