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Some notes on "Misticall wordes and Names Infinite" by Humphrey Locke

Who was an English, Elizabethan alchemist. I have recently gotten a copy of Peter Grund’s edition of the text, based on Simon Forman’s 1590 copy of it. 714 mots de plus


Alchemy: Mysteries

There are mysteries between heaven and earth , which are only revealed to the one who has a pure heart. Hidden secrets, reserved to the one who can see without the limits of the egoism. 372 mots de plus


How the shaman uses alchemy to heal pain

I explain in my book The Sacred Sex Rites of Ishtar about how alchemical transformation is used to achieve the Divine Marriage. But as everyone knows who hasn’t been totally brainwashed by modern day Rom Coms, the apple blossom and confetti wedding between the bride and groom is just the beginning of an alchemical process of self development, and not an end in itself. 1 525 mots de plus


Alchemy: The Philosopher's Stone

The studies of Alchemy, gave careful consideration to the secrets of nature and the secrets of life, searching for the answer, to transform the dense and gross into fine , elevated and also searching for the source, the eclipse, panacea, eternal life. 463 mots de plus


The 7 Hermetic Principles-Revisited

Long ago, I wrote a synopsis of the 7 Hermetic principles as laid out in the Kybalion. At the time, the principles were new to me. 93 mots de plus


What makes a negromancer an alchemist?

This post sparked by a short article in “The Ricardian – journal of the Richard III Society”, volume 13, 2003.

I bought it at Tewkesbury from their stall, because it had some interesting stuff in it including “The inventory of a fifteenth-century Necromancer” by Carole Rawcliffe. 901 mots de plus


On the word “Alchumy”, “Alconamye” and variations thereof in English

The more I delve into period manuscripts and the like, the more little things I notice. Such as the word “Alchumy“ or variations of it. 586 mots de plus