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Mysteries of Isis 9 - the Hearth-Fire and the Sea

In esoteric work for the healing of nations, there are at least two main streams – the path of the Lineages and the path of the Hearth-fire. 1 681 mots de plus



After meditating on the first stage of the alchemy enlightenment plan I’ve discovered some things about myself and the world from undertaking the process. I just need to point out that the contents of these posts have been a work in progress for about a year now so don’t think these changes and realisations are happening daily, they’re really not. 355 mots de plus


Alchemy's 3 phases (a deep question at the end for you)

So now we know about the seven processes of alchemy and how to undertake them there is also another aspect we should know; what state our mind and body goes through when attempting the purifying of ourselves to gold, or enlightenment. 421 mots de plus


The 7 alchemy stages (to gain enlightenment)

I can’t stress it enough that, like I said in the last post, alchemy is a metaphorical process to achieve enlightenment (turn yourself from sad, emotion filled lead to happy bubbly gold). 617 mots de plus


Alchemy (I know, trust me)

Ok, so if you have kept with this that’s great, thank you zero readers. Now before I go on I need to put down the facts about alchemy. 123 mots de plus


Why does Isis have Horns?

Part 7 in the ‘Mysteries of Isis’ –
Some early writings on Isis, from my « Arcanum Two »: 

25 September 1991 – The symbol for Taurus the Bull, ruled by Venus, is a circle crowned with a crescent – a pair of horns.   2 869 mots de plus