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Mysteriet. / The mystery.

Hver dag er et nyt mysterium at dykke ned i. Man ved aldrig hvad som hænder; hvilke muligheder, gaver og indsigter som dukker op.

Apropos, gaver har jeg foræret min mand (og jeg selv) et spontant 22-timers krydstogt til Mariehamn – så vi begiver os straks ud på et lille eventyr. 102 mots de plus


The Lady , the Unicorn and the White stone......

This is a new alchemical dry-point print. Ever since visiting the Lady and the unicorn tapestries in Paris in the summer I have been pondering the mystery behind these beautiful images. 258 mots de plus


En visionernes kop og en sang... / A cup of visions and a song...

Elsker de stille, langsomme morgner. De, hvor man kan vågne op i samklang med altet omkring én. Gå ud i koekkenet, saette en kande over til kaffe, lytte til maskinens klukken som den sorte vaeske loeber igennem… 120 mots de plus


Emanating as Your Star Creation Matrix~5th Dimensional Consciousness

Words cannot describe the state of Being, that is your Original State of Being.  One can list attributes that are Present in that state of Being, that are only guideposts that may function as the recognition of your transformation, as Being That.   675 mots de plus

Alchemical Transfiguration

Alchemy and Magic, are they related?

The answer is of course, yes and no.
Sparked by this rather meh, if not downright wrong in places, essay that seems to think that alchemy is magic in the medieval period: 1 626 mots de plus


The Naked Shaman - In the Alchemist's Garden

In my book, The Sacred Sex Rites of Ishtar, you can hear about how and why Sovereignty is a transmission of spiritual power that comes from the land. 479 mots de plus

The Naked Shaman

The Shining Glory of Your Divinity~ Ascension

You are ACCEPTING ALL of your Experiences and placing them on the Crucible of Acceptance to be Transformed through Unconditional Love, that is, through the application of  5th Dimensional Consciousness. 792 mots de plus

Alchemical Transfiguration