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The Alchemical testament of John Gibbs of Exeter, and other 16th century English alchemists

This is a peculiar little text, apparently from the 16th century. The original MS is apparently Ashmole 1423 in the Bodleian library, yet I can’t find it in their catalogue, it seems because it isnt properly digitised yet and they have multiple catalogues. 966 mots de plus


Rites of passage: how the wolves (initiates) are misleading the un-initiated sheep

Who trusted God was love indeed
And love Creation’s final law
Tho’ Nature, red in tooth and claw
With ravine, shriek’d against his creed.

I couldn’t remember where this line came from when I recorded my new video last night. 819 mots de plus

Ordo Ab Chao

The complicated braid of alchemical thought and practise

A few years ago now, when I got into alchemy, the more I read, the more confused I got. At first it seemed fairly simple, but after a few years I managed to find more sources and information and it all got very complicated. 834 mots de plus


So what did people think about the purity of gold in medieval times?

Talking with a re-enactment friend about reproduction medieval jewellery, the subject of the purity of gold naturally came up.

This is of course of great interest to moneyers, Kings, alchemists and jewellers. 1 087 mots de plus


Resurrect the Star

These three Tarots tell me a story:  the cracking of the seedcase, the watering of the shoot, the evolutionary journey to ripen.  When the Tower falls, it reveals its inversion, a well. 934 mots de plus


The Emerald Tablet-What is it?

The legend surrounding the Emerald Tablet is that it is a tablet that was made/created by Hermes thousands and thousands of years ago and were said to be made of a crystalline substance that was indestructible . 172 mots de plus


Embodiment of Multidimensional Consciousness ~ Your Unique Blueprint

The Design of consciousness as a Holy Vehicle of Light that transmits its awareness into the Holographic Field, contains the embodiment of Light of all frequencies, held in the Heart of hearts. 727 mots de plus

Alchemical Transfiguration