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Jung on Alchemy (8): the Coniunctio – part 2 – the White Stone

“When God, disgusted with man,

Turned towards heaven.

And man, disgusted with God,

Turned towards Eve,

Things looked like falling apart.

But Crow        Crow

Crow nailed them together,

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I had it to say

not, knot

the toilette roll fell

I grab too much

of that paper and it all fell

shit was smelling well… 31 mots de plus


Jung on Alchemy (7): The Coniunctio – part 1 – The Mercurial Fountain

“And just as the cosmos is not a dissolving mass of particles, but rests in the unity of God’s embrace, man must not dissolve into a whirl of warring possibilities and tendencies imposed on him by the unconscious, but must become the unity that embraces them all.”

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Shifts in Consciousness ~ Far GREATER than Imagined!

Profound Bliss and Ecstasy as the Frequency shifts and you receive more of the Awareness of Consciously Being your Original Light Self.

Feel and receive more of the expanded YOU as Sacred and Divine Light. 243 mots de plus

Conscious Creation

The guest house 

Oh what an honour it is, for you to be here.

Come take a seat, please be seated. Come rellish in my sadness, sit with me in my sorrow, laugh your way through my madness, here there is no tomorrow. 90 mots de plus



Maybe there is no such thing as a destination.

There is only here…


Dancing in a Dream in the Land of Remembering...

I want to and have done the dance of barefoot fun

Warm sand

Grounding barefoot toes

Sinking, expanding, compounding the ground below

Exotic drums beating and pounding their soundings… 107 mots de plus