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Sovereignty - The Marriage of the Sun and the Moon

The picture above is of the famed Lady and the Unicorn tapestry, which was woven from silk and wool in Flanders around the 16th century, and is now housed in the Cluny Museum in Paris. 990 mots de plus

Ordo Ab Chao

You can Do This ~ 5th Dimensional Consciousness

When I helped my students master yoga poses, I would witness when they attempted to do things from a place of strength or a place of supposed weakness. 565 mots de plus

Alchemical Transfiguration

Separatio - the Alchemist's discernment

Alchemy is about the application of wisdom to process – personal and political. Wisdom seems to have abandoned the political system this week, as Britain falls apart before our eyes. 951 mots de plus

Transpersonal Psychotherapy

The Alchemical Salt and Its Taste of Infinitude

I.“Thus the fire began to work upon the air and brought forth Sulphur. Then the air began to work upon the water and brought forth Mercurius.

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A practical alchemy mystery

Whilst distilling at the weekend using a long glass worm to ensure good condensation, I started wondering about the practicality of it all. What I just have not seen in alchemical images showing furnaces and distillation and sublimation and the like is a way of holding all the equipment in it’s proper place. 3 301 mots de plus


Solve et Coagula

The second chapter of Chemical Serpents is titled “Eggs and the Androgynous Child”, carrying the general theme of serpent symbolism from the previous chapter into its relation to eggs, their offspring and serpent-like mythic beings, with specific reference to the Philosophers Egg, the Cosmic Egg, the Monas Hieroglyph, and the figures of the Androgyne, Baphomet, N’Aton and Sophia. 644 mots de plus


And another one bites the dust

The cucurbit I used a couple of weeks ago for a distillation broke when I held it by the neck. Being pyrex I thought it would be a bit stronger, but obviously the weight of lute around the bottom and some sort of flaw in the glass, perhaps brought on by too much heat or the time I heated it without lute and it changed shape slightly, meant it could only do a few more high temp distillations. 215 mots de plus