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Battle of Alesia

Battle of Alesia Part of the Gallic Wars Date September 52 BC Location Alise-Sainte-Reine (France) Result Decisive Roman victory 3 133 mots de plus

Astronomical Clocks and the Lunar Eclipse

The theme of time continues on my journey through France when I visit the cities of Beauvais and Besancon. For it is in their ancient cathedrals that I discover two amazing accomplishments of engineering. 504 mots de plus


Arrondissement of the Day: Le XIVème

The “arrondissements” are essentially the neighborhoods of Paris. While there are still subsections within them, these twenty administrative units each have specific identities and unique atmospheres to discover.

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I believe I’ve finally gotten it.  Deeper than our own lives, our own existence, our Mother Earth, our Father Time, our Universe, our Everything.  Maybe this is my moment.  1 246 mots de plus


Are the six NATO warships in the Black Sea studying Crimea's defenses in preparation for an invasion?

Posted on Fort Russ

March 5, 2015
Translated by Kristina Rus

Officer of the Black Sea Navy: NATO Exercises in the Black sea – is study of Crimea’s defenses  345 mots de plus

Castlevania vibes from Alesia

OWSLA’s resident Parisian geniuses Alesia have dropped a very Castlevania-esque dark techno track featuring fellow French underground dweller Nömak. The track is appropriately-titled « Featuring Nömak », or it could be that the track has no title at all. 23 mots de plus


Alesia Grand Studio

I was looking at France and comparing it with the map of the location of Bas-Rhin and realised that Bas-Rhin was on mainland France.

In the 17th and 18th centuries, the Secretary of State (Ancien Régime) were also included with the Great Offices: 126 mots de plus