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The Pauper Queen

Saorsa – Sitting in a tower of great opulence a Queen ponders. Her name is Queen Violet Winterlynn from the Kingdom of Alésia. Titled through vanity and holding a weak power, only granted by King Phyllian, over her citizens; whispers of revolt emerged in the cracks of her falling crown. 254 mots de plus

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Honeyed promises from Virtori Queen

Duchy of Thearyn – We have just received confirmation from multiple anonymous sources that the Church of Thaeryn is but a front for a dastardly organization bent on the subjugation of all Mannkind! 91 mots de plus

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Vercingetorix: Caesar's Greatest Opponent

Vercingetorix united the Gallic tribes together in a confederacy and began using that power against Rome. As soon as Caesar heard of this revolt, he moved immediately back to deal with this uprising. 633 mots de plus


You're Fired!!!

With stunning efficiency and charisma Violet Winterlynn recruited hundreds of citizens, supporting the rise of the Kingdom of Alésia. However, the campaign for winning the hearts and minds of the Free Kingdom has ended. 197 mots de plus

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Free Kingdom Shennanigans

Free Kingdom – It has been an eventful week as the contest heats up, one prospective duke has been knocked out and replaced by an unknown up and comer. 122 mots de plus

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Editorial: Uniting the Free Kingdom

Disclaimer: The opinions, beliefs and viewpoints expressed by the various authors and forum participants on this web site do not necessarily reflect the opinions, beliefs and viewpoints of the Elyrian Examiner or official policies of the Elyrian Examiner. 241 mots de plus

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The Rise of Queen Violet Winterborne

Free Kingdom – The polls are in and it is all but decided. The voters will support Queen Violet Winterborne at a staggering 87% rate. This is only expected to grow and solidify as the election progresses. 89 mots de plus

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