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Opera është vepër komplekse muzikore skenike, e cila është paraqitur në periudhën e Barokut. Shumë historianë të muzikës fillimin e Barokut e lidhin me paraqitjen e operës ose në vitin kur lindi ajo – 1594. 196 mots de plus


Roman research - en Francais

Something a bit different for this Thursday’s review. I’ve been tidying the bookshelves of my office and four of my research texts in particular caught my eye. 1 026 mots de plus



I purposefully look for not only songs I think are unique and fresh, but drastically different and thought provoking.

Like all of us, we have our moods and sometimes you want to chill, sometimes you want to rage. 41 mots de plus

Battle of Alesia

Battle of Alesia Part of the Gallic Wars Date September 52 BC Location Alise-Sainte-Reine (France) Result Decisive Roman victory 3 133 mots de plus

Astronomical Clocks and the Lunar Eclipse

The theme of time continues on my journey through France when I visit the cities of Beauvais and Besancon. For it is in their ancient cathedrals that I discover two amazing accomplishments of engineering. 504 mots de plus

European Nomad