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"Algeria not willing to fight the Ahmadiyya sect", declares Algerian Minister of Religious Affairs & Waqfs

Source: http://en.aps.dz/algeria/18010-algeria-not-willing-to-fight-ahmadiyya-sect

Algeria not willing to « fight » Ahmadiyya sect

ALGIERS- Minister of Religious Affairs and Waqfs (Endowment), Mohamed Aissa declared Tuesday in Algiers that « the Algerian State is not willing to fight the members of Ahmadiyya sect, » stressing that they are not prosecuted for practicing a religious cult but for their membership in an unauthorized association and collecting donations without permission. 256 mots de plus

The Muslim Times

The Battle of Algiers

Which side would I choose in a revolution? Let me finish this bag of chips first. 777 mots de plus

Three Reels

A strange protector: Stuffed lizard from Algeria

Who on earth is this little dude?!? With his stiff legs sticking out, he does not look too comfortable lying there, in our photographer’s studio, on his big, bloated belly, mouth wide open. 175 mots de plus


Algerian Foreign Ministry summoned Morocco’s ambassador here on Sunday in protest of Morocco’s accusations that Algeria expelled Syrian refugees into Morocco. « Following serious accusations by Moroccan authorities that blame Algeria for forcing Syrian refugees to illegally enter Moroccan territories from the two countries’ shared border, Algeria has expressed to the Ambassador of Morocco its categorical rejection for these false allegations, » a ministry statement said. 52 mots de plus


A new habit: Cafeteria

Who needs take-away starbucks, when you can kill time sitting in a Kahwa.

There’s a very Algerian habit that got me for its « café au lait« , for its « croissants » and for its « ambiance » that provides me so much time and peace to write.

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