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Turkish MP: “Europe Will Be Muslim”

By Robert Spencer – Re-Blogged From Freedom Outpost

“Europe will be Muslim.”

That fact is fairly obvious to everyone at this point, and that is likely why the May government in Britain is moving so swiftly to persecute and destroy all resistance to Sharia and Islamization. 358 mots de plus

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Walking To The Park

The days in Algeria started to get boring because it was really hot and there wasn’t much to do.One day me and all the neighborhood friends decided to put all of our money together and buy a pizza.We all wanted to buy pizza , snacks and walk to the park.That day I remember walking so much and really getting to learn more about the streets.I feel like I was taking a tour around the city.It was one of my favorite days.Once we arrived at the park we played and played till we couldn’t anymore.The park there was so much different from here.A lot of the toys at the park there were old and worn out but so much fun.They had a sea saw and a really steep slide.The slide was at the edge of a steep hill.We took cardboard and slid down the hill.This outing showed me how kids could be out all day and there parents don’t worry as much as here.If I was here and as young as I was then I know my mom wouldn’t let me go walking to the park and play.

Africa Energy: Algeria to Export Electricity to Libya and Tunisia

Algeria will export electricity to Libya and Tunisia, Algerian Minister of Energy Mustapha Guitouni said.  120 mots de plus

Mozambique Energy Industry

DIARY 12 March 1968 French connection

French connection

I have no idea where my interest in France came from as a teenager. I was good at French, passing my ‘O’ level with a grade three; not bad for someone whose main subjects were scientific. 336 mots de plus


Saudi Arabia interested in playing Algeria

Saudi Arabia are interested in playing an international friendly against Algeria, as part of their preparations for the World Cup this summer.

Having been drawn in a group with Egypt, Saudi Arabia want to prepare for this fixture by facing fellow North African side Algeria in May. 161 mots de plus

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Morocco recalls envoy over Algeria FM's drug accusation

Morocco’s foreign ministry calls Abdelkader Messahel’s remarks ‘very serious’ and ‘false’.

Morocco has recalled its ambassador to neighbouring Algeria after the Algerian foreign minister accused Moroccan banks of laundering drug money in  210 mots de plus