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Algeria: Laws to Prevent ‘Alteration’ of Citizens’ Religious Convictions

Source: Asharq Al-Awsat

Since 2008, according to the minister, all Imams finished their religious education programs and memorized the Qur’an because these measures are important to ensure moderate speech that could serve the country.  98 mots de plus

Ahmadiyyat: True Islam


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Depth: 10 km

Distances: 138 km SW of Algiers, Algeria / pop: 1,978,000 / local time: 03:09:00.0 2017-10-16
99 km W of Médéa, Algeria / pop: 148,000 / local time: 03:09:00.0 2017-10-16… 11 mots de plus

Earthquake Alert

The roots of Islamophobia in France

Jacobin, 29 August 2016. Read the original here. Read a German translation here. Read a Bosnian translation here.

The “Burkini ban… 3 871 mots de plus

Islamophobia, secularism and the French Left

Solidarity online, 19 August 2016. Read the original here.


For as long as Muslim people have been living in modern France, they have endured violence and exploitation at the hands of French capital and the French state. 5 004 mots de plus


Madjer set for Algerian national team job

Rabah Madjer is set to be the new manager of the Algerian national team and replace the outgoing Lucas Alcaraz, according to Algerie 360. 186 mots de plus

National Team

Montreal: the latest hotspot for Africa’s rulers to keep their wealth?

By Emmanuel Freudenthal & Hugo Joncas, June 3, 2017

A new African Arguments investigation has found that politically-exposed African nationals hold Canadian real estate worth several millions of dollars.
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Human Rights Violations