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NCIS New Orleans Season 2 Episode 4

NCIS New Orleans Season 2 Episode 4

I Do

Alison’s bridesmaid just sleep with Chris last night, today when she goes to Alison’s wedding she found the body. 283 mots de plus


Lover's Alibi

I have rewrote this couple times, this is the original guitar with an added chorus, I hope you enjoy

The moon was out the stars were lit… 129 mots de plus


Just wanted everyone to learn meaning of the word ‘alibi’. An alibi is a Latin word and is »a form of defense used in criminal procedure wherein the accused attempts to prove that he or she was in some other place at the time the alleged offense was committed ». 203 mots de plus

Breaking News

$12 Watered Down Cocktails

Alibi to the deception kept

Best in lust ne’er give rise

Dead men may with will

Tell broomstick-tainted lies

With many legs to carry

An hourglass dances on… 72 mots de plus


Netflix can vouch for my whereabouts

I watch a lot of procedural crime shows for some reason, but always something with a twist or some humor in it–none of that Law & Order stuff for me. 364 mots de plus

#SoCS -- Motive

Detective Frank Morrison looked up from his desk after taking the last sip of coffee from his mug. « Shit, » he said.

« What’s the matter? 327 mots de plus


Day 17 - good progress

I re-read what I had so far so I wasn’t just randomly stabbing in the dark (pun intended)

  • ALIBI: Police woman interrogates Bride & Victim’s boyfriend.
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