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Bound Copy of Breaker (Random House Alibi)

I’m giving away ONE signed, bound copy of Breaker, my third novel, and the second book in the Windy City Mystery Series from Random House Alibi. 604 mots de plus

Richard Thomas

Alibi (30 Seconds to Mars)

No warning sign, no alibi
We faded faster than the speed of light
Took our chance, crashed and burned
No we’ll never ever learn

I fell apart, but got back up again… 157 mots de plus


the big THRILL interview with Robert McClure

We are honored to announce that the November 2015 issue of the big THRILL features an interview of Louisville, Kentucky native and attorney-turned-author, Robert McClure… 484 mots de plus
Crime Fiction Thrillers

Review: THE KILL BOX by Nichole Christoff

THE KILL BOX: A Jamie Sinclair Novel by Nichole Christoff

Mystery/Thriller Released Oct 20th by Alibi

“What kind of a private investigator wears silk to a sting operation?” Marc Sandoval grumbled. 237 mots de plus

Mystery Reviews

Ray Lewis Says He Couldn't Commit Murder in a Mink Coat

Former Baltimore Ravens linebacker and 13-time Pro Bowler Ray Lewis has offered an new explanation for why he is innocent of the infamous double homicide that occurred after a Super Bowl party in Atlanta in 2000 — he was wearing a quarter-million dollars worth of clothes. 280 mots de plus

Day 11 - Testimony of Kevin Pease and Eugene Vent

Two of the Fairbanks Four, Kevin Pease and Eugene Vent, took the stand during the 11th day of proceedings. The two men spoke to a packed courtroom and recounted the events of the night of October 10th, the early morning of October 11th, and the series of interrogations and events that lead to their wrongful arrest and conviction for the murder of John Hartman,. 1 330 mots de plus

The Case

Day 8 - These Are OUR Streets - Alibis Return

October 14, 2015

On the eighth day of proceedings in the Fairbanks Four case, alibis returned, or appeared in court for the first time.

Conan Goebel came from his home in Washington to testify for the first time in this case. 924 mots de plus

The Case