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New Orleans-part one

Arnaud’s Restaurant Musicians/French Quarter

Best Fried Chicken/Treme

Marcus our cemetery tour guide in the Garden District.

The Garden District

Preservation Hall/French Quarter


damned you, damned me

gun on the floor,
the residue
on my hands,
your fingerprints
on mine.

whose alibi
do we use
if we both lay our guilt
on the crime scene… 30 mots de plus

Literature & Writing

I have become a third wheel.

As I am on my way to meet two friends, let’s call em D (female) and K (male) (they shall probably feature prominently on my blog), I realize that I’ve been asked to join them at a bar because D’s mother would (understandably) be more comfortable knowing that her daughter is with me rather than alone with a guy she just met two weeks ago. 133 mots de plus


Crossing Lines finds an Alibi

Alibi has picked up the first two seasons of pan-European crime drama Crossing Lines.

The UKTV-owned network will air all 22×60′ episodes of the series, which also airs on TF1 in France and Sony’s AXN around the world. 122 mots de plus


Interview: Jo Joyner, Murdoch Mysteries

One of the most underrated crime dramas on television – and one of the most reliable – is Murdoch Mysteries. Stuffed full of period detail and intriguing cases that are informed by key moments in history, it’s set in early 20th century Toronto – a time of burgeoning technology, gas lamps, shadowy streets and devilish villains, as well as real figures from history (most notably Arthur Conan Doyle) criss-crossing with the fictional characters. 551 mots de plus


I Am Spartacus - Prosecutor's Hate Speech Backfires in Fairbanks Four Case

Prosecutor Jeff O’Bryant, in cooperation with lead detective Aaron Ring, was without question the driving force behind the conviction of the Fairbanks Four. They pursued the conviction with a strange zealotry that to this day remains hard to understand. 1 241 mots de plus

The Fairbanks Four

A few new books to read

I spotted a draw on Alibi’s FaceBook page a couple of weeks ago to win the new Tess Gerritsen book. Alibi is the TV channel that shows Rizzoli and Isles and I love that show. 262 mots de plus