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Weekly inspirations: Monday #2

Another week went by and here we have a new Monday. Weekends are for me the favorite part of a week, like, probably for most of people. 197 mots de plus


Ms Mohammed, the Indie Rock Goddess!

Ms Mohammed has strong views and an even stronger, more powerful image. You can get this as soon as you see she owns the screen in her new music video for ‘Alibi’. 178 mots de plus

New Music


The plea of alibi in based on the theory that it is physically impossible for the accused to be present at a particular place at the time of commission of the offence for the reason he was present at the said point of time at another place. 509 mots de plus


Interview: Finding Out What Influenced Ms Mohammed's 'Alibi' E.P.

We briefly sat down to talk to singer-songwriter, performer and Genre bending artist, Ms Mohammed.

Talking about the release of her latest E.P., she spoke to us about her origins, where she draws inspiration from and what she aims to do with her interesting fused music. 443 mots de plus


Ms Mohammed Is Tackling Prejudice With Brand New Genre 'Clit Rock'

Ms Mohammed is breaking the normality, proving that rock n’ roll is far from dead, if anything, its being rejuvenated in the form of a style of music known as… 185 mots de plus


Clue Who?

As part of my new job in Material Handling, I’m no longer tethered to a machine, or machines, as the case may be. As a result, I’ve been able to talk to my co-sufferers workers more than I was able to do before. 373 mots de plus


Raffaele Sollecito's changing alibi

On November 4th, 2007, as the police in perugia were in day three of the murder investigation, the Sunday Mirror in the UK published an article by reporter Kate Mansey. 344 mots de plus

Amanda Knox