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Lip laminate

Its legal to erect
New barriers
Walls painted door like
Fooling wily coyotes
A dome made of HEPA filters
Mummified nations
Living embalmed
Bleach pot exfoliates… 30 mots de plus


The Fixer - Flash Fiction short story

Flash Fiction short story no:7 (only 93 more to go). This will probably be the last one for a week or so while I catch up on some long overdue book reviews. 877 mots de plus

Short Stories

I have no alibi

You’ve got me, I’m the one who did it.
You know me too well.
Those are my tears, puckering
that paper. I cannot lie.


#48 Hours the Fitbit alibi

a Murder in a small town in Wiscounsin

and another who did it and what had happen.

a cold case over the past couple of years… 54 mots de plus

News & Current Affairs

No time like the vernal equinox to watch all the characters in Alibi spring into action!

Greg tries to stop Marcey from revealing all, but he’s foiled by Danny. 10 mots de plus

Michael Kitchen