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The Alibi, Who's is Stronger?

Just the thought of what we will get to uncover in the Adnan Syed case has me shivering in anticipation. There are so many things that seemed to have gone wrong with one day in the poor boy’s life, and as result they have ruined the next part of his life as well. 603 mots de plus

Defending Adnans Innocence or Guilt?

When I think of the podcast, Serial, the first thing I think about, is the stance I hold on Adnan being either, guilty or Innocent. After listening to the podcast for the first time I had to do plenty of thinking about everything I learned. 737 mots de plus

Adnan Syed's Undeserved Punishment

Welcome, fellow bloggers, to my final post on Sungwoo’s Blog (for now)! Several days ago, I posted about the first episode of the Serial podcast, created and narrated by Sarah Koenig. 1 106 mots de plus

Serial Podcast: Questioning Adnan Syed's Innocence

The first episode in the podcast « Serial » narrated by Sarah Koenig can be best described in one word; invigorating. I’m not surprised that I enjoyed this podcast because I’m a sucker for murder mystery; typically shows like Bones or CSI, but more realistically 48 Hours Mystery. 799 mots de plus

My Thoughts on "Serial", Episode One

Welcome back to another blog, readers!  Today, I’ve got something very interesting to discuss: cereal.

Er.  No.  Actually, that popular podcast Serial, and the first episode of the first season.   1 071 mots de plus

Serial's Convicted Murderer: Adnan Syed

Within the last few days, I had to opportunity to listen to a podcast called, Serial. Serial is a podcast about a convicted murderer, Adnan Syed… 684 mots de plus