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Review: THE KILL SIGN by Nichole Christoff

 THE KILL SIGN A Jamie Sinclair Novel #4 by Nichole Christoff

Military Thriller Released Dec 7, 2016 by Alibi

Adam Barrett, Jamie’s love interest, made some not great decisions in the last book that landed his AWOL backside on a base in Mississippi. 178 mots de plus

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The dabbawalas in India point to future e-commerce and payments

If you spend any time in India, you will often be told that home-cooked food is far better than restaurant food. As the restaurant food is so delicious, this is hard to believe, but it is true. 1 384 mots de plus

Consumer Banking


When is the best time to open a new bar/restaurant? Well in to the low season so you have plenty of time to iron out systems and start off gently with passing local trade? 1 164 mots de plus


Fatally Flaky

I am a bit of a self proclaimed flake. Not in the sense that I will cancel on plans last minute (I’m not that barbaric), but I do engage in manipulation tactics to get the other person to cancel the plans. 572 mots de plus


New Release: THE KILL SIGN by Nichole Christoff

THE KILL SIGN by Nichole Christoff / Military Mystery /  Released December 7, 2016 by Alibi

Security specialist and PI Jamie Sinclair finds herself in deadly waters off the steamy Gulf Coast in this combustible thriller from the award-winning author of The Kill Box. 164 mots de plus

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Why are Italian and German cuisines all mixed up in "Western Restaurants" in Hong Kong?

When I was in Europe for half a year, I was surprised how an Asian restaurant can be so general that they offer Chinese food, Japanese food, Thai food and Korean food in a same restaurant, sometimes even in the same dish. 1 066 mots de plus

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