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Feud: A Profile of Ryan Murphy

Without a doubt one of the most prolific creators and executive producers of television working today in the US, Ryan Murphy, like Greg Berlanti, seems as if he is on a one person quest to get as many shows on to the airwaves bearing his name as possible. 970 mots de plus


A TV composer shows exactly how music can amplify an actor's performance

This story and video include spoilers for seasons one and two of Mr. Robot.

It happened in Breaking Bad, before the drug kingpin Gustavo Fring met his gruesome end; in… 1 040 mots de plus

Damned in the Deep South

These lyrics were inspired by American Horror Story: Coven

Painted face with slaves’ blood
Sickening skin-care routine
Seeping through her aged pores
While servants work to death… 197 mots de plus

Heavy Metal

Binge Watch Worthy Shows // blogmas

During the cold Winter months, there is nothing I like more than wrapping myself in a warm blanket with a cup of tea and watching episode after episode of my favourite shows on Netflix. 335 mots de plus


Gods and Monsters (from American Horror Story)

#26 is Gods and Monsters, from American Horror Story, season 4.

I didn’t do as much reading or as much music browsing this past year in part because working first shift (wake up at 4am, get home MAYBE at 5pm, go to bed at 9pm…) was exhausting. 191 mots de plus

Kelly's Honorable Mentions

Watching television is one of my favorite past times, and I have racked up an entire queue of favorites that I re-watch over and over again. 628 mots de plus

TV Shows

Cose successe, varie ed eventuali

… e insomma, cosa è successo?

  • Incredibilmente, ho fatto domanda per accedere ad un master universitario e mi hanno presa! GIUBILO E GAUDIO! Così torno sui banchi di scuola – si fa per dire – per un master in comunicazione d’impresa, che si spera mi porterà qualcosa di buono, come ad esempio ad avere un giorno una palestra attigua al mio ufficio, cioè proprio nella stanza affianco, così da poter somigliare sempre meno a una scamorza ammuffita.
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