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Our Semi- Regular State of the Onion Address - TV

Its time for my however many  annual list of « shows that I’ll start out enthusiastically watching, but then falling asleep on in a month, becuz I’m old and can’t stay awake ». 1 775 mots de plus


American Horror Story Season 3 Episode 8

American Horror Story Season 3 Episode 8 The Sacred Taking

At night Queenie wander under the highway, one homeless attack her. She knock him down, Zoe and Madison show up. 355 mots de plus


Favorite TV Shows 2016

Hey everyone! Sorry it’s been so long since I’ve posted, I just haven’t had much motivation to write anything. Since summer is a great time to get into new TV series, I decided to recommend some of my favorites, since I’ve loved a lot since… 735 mots de plus

It's Not Even Thursday

« How are you? » It still sounds like such an asinine question, yet I can’t help myself from asking it. I try to check in with my family on Thursdays. 553 mots de plus


Back here: Talking about nothing and modern love.

Living in Brazil is exotic or ilegal when we watch most part of the Hollywood movies. Yesterday I finished the first season of American Horror Story and once again I saw something related to crimes and fugitives in Brazil. 727 mots de plus

American Horror Story

Comic-Con International is happening after all... sort of. How one email changed our plans.

Comic-Con International (CCI) starts this Wednesday, and the last few weeks have been hitting me hard that I don’t have a coveted badge. I honestly didn’t think it would get this bad since skipping years isn’t new. 604 mots de plus

Comic Con

American Horror Story's 15 Most Terrifying Moments of All Time

Welcome to our nightmare — and, chances are, yours, too.

As we’ve been looking forward, giddier with every passing day, to the premiere of the sixth season of FX’s… 149 mots de plus

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