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An 'American Horror Story: Hotel' Refresher: What The Heck Is Going On And What Will Happen Next?

We’re now just over halfway through this season’s American Horror Story: Hotel, which is shaping up to be quite the season. There’s vampires! And ghosts! 1 914 mots de plus


Review: Scream Queens Season 1 Episode 9 "Ghost Stories"

This episode finds a great balance between meta, satire, comedy as well as some of the more sudden dramatic moments, and though it still does feel like a filler, with some episodes just retreading earlier points, or emphasising ideas for the sake of a laugh, with storylines consisting of too many characters, the focus on the main arc and relationships on the show is commendable, and is elevated by the always fitting acting and the cinematography and direction within the ‘ghost stories’. 7.8/10


Glossary: T — Total Black

Говоря о черном цвете в моде, мы всегда представляем себе красивое вечернее платье и бриллианты в качестве аксессуаров. Однако в повседневной жизни носить комплекты только из черных вещей согласится не каждая женщина.


American Horror Story Ratings Plummet

It’s a horror-comedy show, but the only thing horrific and funny about American Horror Story is the ratings.

The Lady Gaga-starring anthology series has lost even more viewers, according to the recent ratings. 137 mots de plus



Podejrzewam, że ostatni epizod « Hotel » nieźle namieszał w głowach tym, którzy bardziej od samego horroru cenią sobie w nim relacje między bohaterami i ich zawiłe konotacje. 945 mots de plus


American Horror Story: Asylum E04 - I am Anne Frank Part 1

It was since the first season of Game of Thrones that I didn’t binge watch a tv show with so much passion. American Horror Story… 1 314 mots de plus

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American Horror Story (Hotel): Flicker Review

Originally posted on on Nov. 21, 2015

If I was held at gunpoint, and forced to choose a show that has set itself apart from all other shows by having the most outrageous plots per capita, I would choose “American Horror Story” in a heartbeat. 428 mots de plus

Zachary FR Anderson