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Am liking this season's AMerican Horror Story, for the most part

American Horror Story is one of the shows that I always *want* to like. But many years it involves homicidal maniacs, violence or is just flat out too over the top, so that really the only year I’ve truly liked is Coven, which I flat-out loved. 133 mots de plus

True Crime Corner: Inside the Mind of Aileen Wuornos

If you thought all serial killers were men, you would be mistaken. Aileen Wuornos is probably the most well-known female serial murderer, taking the lives of seven men in 1989 and 1990. 1 045 mots de plus

American Horror Story

Playlist: Welcome to the Devil's Playground


Inspired by: Witches a la American Horror Story: Coven

Genre: indie, haunting (I know « haunting » isn’t really a genre, but idk how else to label this) 7 mots de plus



  By request from my followers and fans, here’s my second slow video dancing to Jessica Lange’s version of « Gods and Monsters, » from American Horror Story Freakshow.   43 mots de plus


American Horror Story-Roanoke Theories

Like many of you I have been watching American Horror Story for the last few years now, even though I have slowly been turning into a huge scaredy-cat! 213 mots de plus

The True Story Behind the American Horror Story's Evil Nurses

If you’re an American Horror Story obsessed, the creepy nurses in last week’s episode might have caught your attention. I am talking about Nurse Bridget (Kristen Rakes) and Nurse Miranda (Maya Berko) who shot an elderly woman so they could spray-paint the first letter of the woman’s name – it was an M for Margaret – on the wall. 208 mots de plus


American Horror Story: Roanoke’s “Chapter Two” Review

Full spoilers ahead:

Jump scares, creepy kids and evil nurses are everywhere in this American Horror Story second chapter.

On this episode we pick up things right where we left off: Shelby lost in the woods surrounded by colonials. 868 mots de plus