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Random Friday: AC, AHS, and GoT

Random Friday pic from Horizon Zero Dawn.

So, let’s talk American Horror Story.

Yes, the television show. No, not the shit you see on the news every damned day. 1 257 mots de plus


Nelly Bly Admiration

So after watching American Horror Story: Asylum, I decided to read Nelly Bly’s personal encounter about spending ten days in a mad house in a book of the same title. 162 mots de plus

What to Watch: Halloween TV

I hope you all enjoyed the first part of this series last Friday I certainly enjoyed creating it. I realise now that for some people this may be slightly late to watch all three full series in these few weeks left of October. 429 mots de plus

What About Me

It is fall in New Orleans, and the light has changed. Summer is a brutal season here, and it is easy to wonder, as you bake in the sun and get drenched in sweat from the thick humidity, why on earth you ever thought you could live here. 552 mots de plus


Gilbert Speaks on "American Horror Story: Cult" S07 E07

Lies and sleight of hand is the trademark of a true politician, and Kai is a manipulative sociopath keen on winning the election. In this episode of « … 408 mots de plus

Frances Conroy made her appearance in last night’s episode of AHS: Cult, and with no surprise, she’s already given a brilliant performance. Conroy plays « Bebe », former lover of Valarie Solanas, the belligerent, radical leader of the 60’s cult SCUM (Society for Cutting Up Men). 416 mots de plus

Ahs Cult

Who Is Valerie Solanas, The Woman Portrayed By Lena Dunham On 'American Horror Story: Cult?'

Tuesday night’s new episode of American Horror Story: Cult (read our recap here), featured Valerie Solanas, the would-be assassin of legendary pop artist Andy Warhol, as wonderfully portrayed by… 712 mots de plus