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Jessica Lange confirma su alejamiento de 'American Horror Story'

Por: Cesar Cortez

El año pasado, mientras se grababan los episodios para la quinta temporada de la laureada serie de horror American Horror Story, se había esparcido el rumor que la actriz… 195 mots de plus


New Orleans - May 2014

“America has only three cities: New York, San Francisco, and New Orleans. Everywhere else is Cleveland.”                                                                          ― Tennessee Williams

New Orleans is like a dream city, gorgeous art, music and architecture; culture beyond measure and then endless samples food and drink. 355 mots de plus


Why Are Fan-girls So Psychotic?

I am an asshole. I am who they call The Sass Master. Imma get straight to the point… I like derpy funny things, The Walking Dead (anything zombie related/ Norman Reedus), AHS, scary movies, dogs and lasagna, possibly the sassiest person you could know. 406 mots de plus

Andy Black

Pain etc and other nicer stuff

You know what?
Trying to stay alive is the hardest thing I’ve done all fucking year. I want to chug a few bottles and eat some pills. 519 mots de plus

Jessica Lange Is For Sure Done With 'American Horror Story'

Her days of, um, « reinterpreting » David Bowie classics have come to an end.

Jessica Lange confirmed to Charlie Rose that she’s done with starring in Ryan Murphy’s Emmy-winning… 223 mots de plus


On May 26 Stevie Nicks was born...

On May 26, 1948 Stevie Nicks was born. She is best known as the lead vocalist of Fleetwood Mac, as well as her own solo career. 297 mots de plus


What to watch on Netlfix 

Hey guys! Today I’m giving you abit of a « what to watch » on Netflix™ post. Here’s just a few things that I have watched that I think you might enjoy as much as I did! 503 mots de plus