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Miss Direction

I confess that I am directionally challenged. Even with a map in my hands, I struggle to figure out where north is. Second Life makes it a bit easier with the mini map, but if someone told me to drive west for 2 miles, it’s anyone’s guess where I will end up. 109 mots de plus


Celebrate Yourself

People grow and change all the time. I’ve always hated hearing someone say that people don’t change, because they most certainly do. And a lot of us need to. 289 mots de plus

Second Life

His Words Shook My Core

Words carry immense power.  They carry the power to hurt, to heal, to support, to destroy.  And when used properly, they also have the power to educate and raise awareness. 962 mots de plus

I wrote my own pain

Wild roses on a bed of leaves
In the month of May
I think I wrote my own pain
Oh don’t you

Down by the creek I couldn’t sleep… 109 mots de plus

Second Life

Pink isn't just a color it's an Attitude too!

LeLutka Bento Head-Vera 3.4

Skin- RAONHAUSEN – Lorena Vanilla

Top- toksik – Lullus Top (Pink)- MP

Skirt- toksik – Lullus Skirt (Pink)- MP

Choker- toksik… 32 mots de plus


we'll always have Paris

I have this bucket list.  I made it a couple of years ago, and while I have managed to achieve a couple of the things on it, there’s still so much more I want to do before I die.  202 mots de plus


Her Wish

She had gathered every potion, sipped every elixir, pricked herself with the thorn of a rose, and repeated the chat a dozen plus one times…just as the witch had instructed. 142 mots de plus

Second Life