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The Moral Gymnastics to Justifying 'Free' Downloads of Classic Texts

Not long ago I searched online for a free PDF copy of The Theatre and its Double by Antonin Artaud. My motivation was curiosity. For years I’d looked out for a physical copy in the theatre and film section of an enormous secondhand bookshop that I’m lucky enough to live within commuting distance of, but to no avail. 471 mots de plus


10 Years Old And Pregnant Should Never Be In The Same Sentence

In Paraguay there is a 10 year old girl who is currently 21 weeks pregnant after having been raped by her stepfather.  He is on the run, and her mother is in jail for failing to protect her.   355 mots de plus


Australia Is Trying to Get Refugees to Resettle in Cambodia and Unsurprisingly They Refuse to Go

Some 750 asylum seekers living in Australian government detention on the tiny Pacific island nation of Nauru face an impossible choice. They can stay on Nauru in squalid conditions. 1 716 mots de plus

Loi Renseignement : Là où finit la loi, la tyrannie commence

«Where laws end, tyranny begins», «Là où finit la loi, la tyrannie commence».

C’est ce que proclamaient les Anglais John Locke, philosophe du dix-septième siècle, et William Pitt l’Ancien, homme politique, au siècle suivant. 2 895 mots de plus

Amnesty International

Stacie's Activism To Do List

1.  Make yearly donation to the three charities I am actually a member of-Amnesty International, Best Friends Animal Society, and PETA.  It is already May and I still haven’t done this.   159 mots de plus


Two documentaries worth watching

Looking for something to watch this evening?  I’d like to call your attention to two recent documentaries which address Turkish human rights issues.

The first, … 69 mots de plus

Freedom Of Expression

Marwa Salim - Bring My Father Home

I am Marwa Salim. I live in Windsor and I am 17 years old.  I am sharing my story with Canadians in hopes that the Canadian government and all Canadians will help and support my family in our plight for justice.

Arbitrary Detention