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Amnesty International Job Opportunity: Uganda and Tanzania research consultant

Message from Amnesty International (Terms of Reference below):

Amnesty International is recruiting a research consultant on Uganda and Tanzania. I am reaching out to you in case you know of candidates who might be a good fit for this role. 799 mots de plus


New push to end the death penalty

Two weeks after a teary Michael Chan spoke of his executed brother’s final wishes, human rights groups have called for a new Australian campaign to end the death penalty.  76 mots de plus

Andrew Chan

Helpless refugees forced to drink their own urine for survival

The most persecuted peoples on our earth are right now taking to ‘floating coffins’ to flee violence and seek sanctuary for their families. But instead of responding with humanity, our governments are closing their doors, letting them starve and drown at sea. 211 mots de plus

Migrants 'drinking their own urine' to survive -

Myanmar Muslim migrants abandoned at sea have been ‘drinking their own urine’ to survive after Thailand refuses boat entry.

Migrants abandoned at sea

Myanmar migrants left abandoned at sea after being refused entry to Thailand have been forced to drink their own urine to survive, it has been reported. 177 mots de plus

Poem for Raif Badawi Appeal

Save Raif 

I am tired but I am not afraid

You beat me down but I get up again

I am fighting for justice , for you and I… 109 mots de plus

In Egypt, editor accused of publishing false news

Egyptian authorities today released on bail the editor-in-chief of the privately owned weekly El-Bayan after arresting the journalist on Monday and accusing him of publishing false news, according to  315 mots de plus

Tools To Protect Your Online Privacy

The dialogue that you shouldn’t worry about privacy if you have nothing to hide, or the wand-waving away of basic security in return for convenience, simply doesn’t fly. 75 mots de plus

National Security