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Homosexuality is forbidden in Romans 1:26 -

Evangelists Don and Sarah Hill, Living Hope Ministries, Canada.

Dear Rev. Donald Hill,

I would want to thank you for your recent comment on sendson04 blog. 434 mots de plus

Two Indian Sisters Ordered to Be Raped by Village Council Beg Supreme Court for Help

A petition to save two sisters in India from being raped and publicly humiliated for their brother’s actions, a punishment handed down by an unofficial village council, has gathered considerable support for its demand that authorities intervene and stop the « disgusting ruling » from being enforced. 290 mots de plus

Time to Act: Divest from Fossil Fuels, Invest in Climate Jobs, Build the Climate Movement

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In this crucial year for climate campaigning, help to build apowerful climate movement – join us for this national conference organised by the Trade Union Group of Campaign against Climate Change and Sheffield Climate Alliance: 128 mots de plus


September 2015 report on Burma & North Korea

Street Collection:

  • A couple of people have dropped out of this, so if you have any friends or relatives who could spare two hours of their time on Saturday 10th October, please get in touch with me on 01225 316246 or 
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Human Rights

QotD: "When progressives support pimps"

Love how you treat them like slaves too bro love your work” pipes up one young Australian dad on Facebook. He is messaging Tim “Sharky” Ward, a notorious Australian pimp who lives in Pattaya, Thailand.

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Redrawing the Margins: Debating the Legalization of Prostitution

Amnesty International’s recent decision to support the legalization of sex work is a controversial one. The group reasoned that because these individuals lived outside of a licit society, they were more vulnerable to physical abuse: « Sex workers are one of the most marginalized groups in the world who in most instances face constant risk of discrimination, violence and abuse. 964 mots de plus