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Editor's weekly round-up

What’s been going on this week at Durham Amnesty?

The meeting:

Liv gave us a great presentation about refugees. We started out with some general information, and some all important definitions of key words: 280 mots de plus

Amnesty International

Motion Asking Amnesty to Reconsider its Prostitution Policy

Dr Anna Cleaves has proposed a motion to Amnesty International UK (AIUK) asking the International Secretariat to re-evaluate its policy on prostitution. The resolution has been accepted and it will be debated at the AIUK Conference in Nottingham on 8 and 9 April 2017. 737 mots de plus


Report from our January meeting

Taunton Welcomes Refugees! This message underpinned the talk given by Chris Waddilove of Citizens UK. He spoke about his organisation, and then went on to talk of refugees in Taunton. 235 mots de plus

Human Rights

Amnesty International Attacks Democracies, Forgives Islamist Tyrannies

According to Amnesty International, the centers that host migrants arriving in Italy, known as « hotspots, » are like concentration camps. This is what you learn from Amnesty International’s new… 312 mots de plus


#MLKDay 2017

MLK Day is not a day off. I was raised to know that today is a day of service. I’m blessed that the work I’m paid to do doubles as community service. 77 mots de plus

Black Lives Matter

Snowden's Pardon Demanded by Over 1 Million in a Letter Given to Obama

At the eleventh hour, more than 1 million signatures from all corners of the world have been delivered to President Obama. The signatures represent a call to pardon whistleblower Edward Snowden before President Obama leaves office. 525 mots de plus


Lip Service

Recently I went to downtown LA to walk around and eventually find a calm and quiet place to write out the main points I got out of this book called « Blue Like Jazz. 1 132 mots de plus