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Coprophagia: Why animals eat their own feces

Have you ever seen an animal defecate, then turn around and eat its own feces? It’s more normal than you might think, and there is a reason. 232 mots de plus

Saturday Photos

Palm frond in the sunshine.

Looking up into the palm trees.

Gloriosa lily buds.

The curl at the tip of a gloriosa lily leaf. The tip curls around whatever it touches, clinging as the plant grows taller. 59 mots de plus


Gorilla Dancing to Maniac

Zola the gorilla dancing to Maniac at the Dallas Zoo is the best part of 2017 so far.


Seeing double...

Ziggy to the left and Fluffy to the right!


Commitment to Life

Promises are not copperless pennies collected at the bottom of a purse
Or walked over with indifference
They are little contracts we make for ourselves… 176 mots de plus

Blog Post

Fancy Feast

Caturday haiku

Feed me seafood pate and

tell me I’m pretty


the promise

the promise

seagulls descend into the sinking surf

as daylight enfolds itself in the cloak

of night, all across the island, havoc

reigns, turtles drowning in the rising… 210 mots de plus