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Stirling collies: A crossbreed which outflanks others

What is the most imperative thing that a man needs? A decent companion. What’s more, what better animal can fill that need than a puppy. In any case, on the other hand, a great pooch is a hard thing to discover these days. 17 mots de plus

Stirling Collies

I'm Taking A Little Blogging Brake

Hey guys!  No, I’m not leaving this blog *considers the thought*.  I just need a little time to put together my posts and I just want some extra free time.  80 mots de plus


LIFESTYLE | Animal adoption: a cat story

Since I’ve started this blog (I know, not so long ago) I knew I would have to post about this, as it’s something that I feel defines me – even between friends and coworkers it’s something that people comment on when talkig about me. 1 066 mots de plus

Puppy Appreciation

I really like living in New York City. You can do and see things here that you can’t do or see anywhere else in the world. 525 mots de plus



Munguin would like to point out that he doesn’t give a twopenny damn what football team Richard Leonard supports.

Admittedly, if Leonard were Scottish First Minister it might be rather embarrassing for him to attend an international and support the away side, but, let’s be honest, he’s pretty unlikely to ever be in that situation…and he can cross that bridge when ( 364 mots de plus