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Kokkoku : The Second Moment

Episode 2

There were a lot of questions I had at the end of episode one and I wasn’t too sure on whether I enjoyed it or was just fascinated to find out if we’d get answers to those questions so here I am at episode two. 707 mots de plus


Kokkoku : The First Moment

Finally having time to sit down and watch something from the new anime series I was able to pick up Kokkoku, a fantasy, psychological, mystery drama thing. 695 mots de plus


Shirobako | Anime Review

An anime about making an anime within the anime? WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA 371 mots de plus


This is how to be healthy when you're busy

{« contentType »: »NEWS_STORY », »id »:{« value »: »b314672105290e0a71e739ab7177b224″, »link »: »http:\/\/\/content\/v2\/b314672105290e0a71e739ab7177b224″}, »originId »: »BodyAndSoul-55332″, »origin »: »WORDPRESS », »channel »: »NONE », »title »: »This is how to be healthy when you’re busy », »altTitle »: » », »subtitle »: »This is how to be healthy when you’re busy », »description »: » 3 636 mots de plus


A Quick Trip to the South

It was an unexpected trip since Loon just came back to Cavite after spending Xmas in our place. A few days after she got home, one of her cats, Hide, unfortunately got ill. 1 165 mots de plus

[HQ!!] Misstep (6)

iwaoi. hq!! abo au. pg-13 to r. angst, romance.
content warning: mpreg. unplanned pregnancy.

(6) 170 mots de plus