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Installing LAMP

Install Apache

1. Open up the Terminal.

2. Copy/Paste the following line of code into Terminal and then press enter:

sudo apt-get install apache2… 424 mots de plus


Apache Tez installation

In this article, i’ll show how to install Apache Tez.

The Installation of Apache Tez contains four simple steps:

1. Download and build the tar file… 222 mots de plus



You cannot wake a person pretending to be asleep.


Stream Editor for Trafficserver

I haven’t blogged much on software of late. Well, I don’t seem to have blogged so much at all, but my techie contents have been woefully sparse even within a meagre whole. 835 mots de plus


Non www url apache rewrite to www - consider the servername & alias

apache rewrites of non www urls to http://www.mysite.og ( vs needs to also be noted in the « servername » and « serveralias » and not just the rewrite conditions. 89 mots de plus

Web Programming

Not good at horses!

At 7,000 feet up in Show Low, every cloud has a distinct shape, every tree has its smell and every wood creature has its home that always leaves food out. 268 mots de plus

Installing Apache Solr on Linux as a Container

Have you ever had a need to do a recommendation engine (something akin to Amazon) for a website? Ranking search results? Search at scale is hard. 1 823 mots de plus