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Artists of the Wild West

The ‘American Frontier’ which is popularly dubbed as ‘The Wild West’, has long been romanticized in literature, fine arts and other media’s. Adventurous cowboys, western landscapes, American Indian warriors and similar intriguing subjects have served as inspirations for many Hollywood movies, books and artworks. 743 mots de plus

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Publishing Apache Avro messages on a Apache Kafka topic

In earlier posts I played around with both Apache Avro and Apache Kafka. The next goal was naturally to combine both and start publishing binary Apache Avro data on a Apache Kafka topic. 616 mots de plus


AWS CloudTrail log analysis with Apache Drill

AWS CloudTrail tracks API calls made in one’s account and the all these calls are logged or can be analyzed. The output files are typically json formatted.   516 mots de plus


Playing around with Apache Avro

When entering the world of Apache Kafka, Apache Spark and data streams, sooner or later you will find mentioning of another Apache project; namely Apache AVRO… 765 mots de plus


捏麵大分享知識,舉Web Service為例,記實如下--

  ====================================================================== 208 mots de plus


Logging Client IP in apache's access log when using Varnish

If you are new to varnish then please go through this wiki page.

Short Description : Varnish is an an HTTP accelerator, reverse proxy, which sits in front of apache server and serve the request from cache. 411 mots de plus