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More Notes to the Future

Instead of talking about image analysis, this post will document the setup of a multiuser multisite ELN based on WordPress. Lots of the hard work was done by… 3 663 mots de plus


Arizona's Miami

October 11, 2017, Globe, AZ-

This old copper-mining community, near and in competition with, a town called Miami (pronounced my-AM-uh), was, in times long gone, a gathering place for foragers and for farmers. 309 mots de plus


How to Setup Virtual Host with XAMPP and LARAVEL at window OS

Step 1 – Add one virtual host at “httpd-vhosts.conf” at C:/xampp/apache/conf/extra/httpd-vhosts.conf

<VirtualHost *:8085>

DocumentRoot « D:/my_work_project_path/Project_Name/public »

ServerAdmin Project_Name@localhost

ServerName Project_Name

ServerAlias Project_Name

<Directory » D:/my_work_project_path/Project_Name/public « > 67 mots de plus

Virtual Host With XAMPP

Join Semantics in Kafka Streams

Introduction to core concepts:

Apache Kafka is a distributed streaming platform which enables you to publish and subscribe to a stream of records also letting you process this stream of records as it occurs. 537 mots de plus


Day 2 of 365 Days of Metta

October 12, 2017 – Well yogis today’s Metta session was not enjoyable at all. Here’s what happened. I didn’t get a chance to post the studio classes on Instagram and Facebook last night so I posted them as soon as I could in the morning. 375 mots de plus

Day 1 of 365 Days of Metta

October 11, 2017 My first day of Loving Kindness meditation was wonderful. Right after I woke up, I sat down for the first day of (hopefully) 365 days of Metta. 392 mots de plus