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On my outside life and trickiness.

<Talking to two former students in the hallway before class, one of my new freshmen comes up.>
« Welcome! »
Current student: « Miss, were you driving by Agnew two days ago at like, 9:15pm in a silver car with your windows down and a white dog sticking its head out the window while you were playing the Jump On It song? 234 mots de plus

Stuff High Schoolers Say

The Armor of God (APACHE, WEST: Bible NT)


Ephesians (Ephians) 6:10-18

10 Ike’yúhíí, shik’ííyú, nohwe Bik’ehń dak’a’at’ehi binawodíí bee nłdzilgo nasozįį.

11 Bésh diyágé Bik’ehgo’ihi’ṇań nohwainé’íí dawa ádaagohdle’ ch’iidn nant’an nohwich’į’ nach’aagee nłdzilgo nasozįį doleełíí bighą. 245 mots de plus