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How to Password protecting your development site with .htaccess or .htpasswd?

It is very simple just follow below instruction:

Step 1 :

Create a .htaccess file and upload to your server to the root of your dev site with the following content: 104 mots de plus


Apache add unknown whitespace on Vagrant Sync Folder

I spent more than one day to solve this issue which makes my js code error by unknown generated whitespace, finally My mate told me that was caused by apache web server in vagrant shared/sync folder. 52 mots de plus

APACHE2.4 설치기록 및 RPM 목록 (AIX 7.1)

AIX 7.1 환경에서 apache2.4.12 버전을 rpm 설치 성공한 버전을 정리하여 올립니다. 많은 삽질이 있었지만 아래 순서대로 설치성공 했습니다.

사용한 RPM 버전들이 7.1 이전버전들것을 쓰기때문에 다른 AIX 버전에서도 잘 될 것으로 예상됩니다 (해보진 않았어요. 613 mots de plus

OpenShift - git push your webpage to the cloud

OpenShift provides you with up to three free gadgets. Sufficient cloud space to maintain your PoCs at no cost. The blog shall guide you through the first steps to get your PHP server and pages up and running. 1 115 mots de plus


Namestitev apache serverja

V tej objavi bo prestavljeno, kako se namesti linux server.

V kolikor še nimate nameščenega strežnika si postopek namestitve lahko ogledate na youtub-u ali pa na linku  strani: 184 mots de plus


Installing nginx di server berbasis Centos

Nginx atau bisa dibaca dengan Engine X merupakan salah satu aplikasi open source yang diperuntukkan untuk web server sama halnya seperti aplikasi Apache. Di usung sebagai… 291 mots de plus


Apache Brooklyn、トップレベルプロジェクトへ [ #cbajp ]

Apache Software Foundationは11月23日(米国時間)、「The Apache Software Foundation Announces Apache™ Brooklyn™ as a Top-Level Project : The Apache Software Foundation Blog」において、「Apache Brooklyn」がインキュベータから卒業してトップレベルプロジェクトになったと伝えた。