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« OOOOH goodness, can we stop? » I implored the driver.

We had been at the beach for the day and driving back home, but we passed a 1959 Chevrolet Apache Fleetside, sitting as decorationat an antique store that was closed for the day. 19 mots de plus


ColdFusion on EC2 Server

Here we will install ColdFusion 2016 on an Amazon EC2 Linux server with Apache 2.4.

Get the ColdFusion installation .bin file from Adobe at https://www.adobe.com/products/coldfusion/download-trial/try.html… 484 mots de plus


LAMP on Linux Amazon EC2

As you recall in the recent post Create an EC2 Linux Server I used the standard Amazon Linux AMI image to create an EC2 server. Now lets get it to host some things. 790 mots de plus


Tomcat load balancing


In a previous article, I have shown three ways to reverse proxy apache tomcat.This article goes one step further and shows


7 open source IoT operating systems That Are Democratizing The IoT Space

The open source movement which started in 1998 as a niche went on to become a mainstream movement after the success of projects like Linux, Ubuntu, MySQL, Apache, etc. 21 mots de plus


Container Security in Tomcat

We need define security roles in web.xml.

Here, security-role operator created by adding following into web.xml

                  <description>Application USER</description>

Then define the resource path   305 mots de plus


Shalako (1968)


Shalako (Sean Connery), a former U.S. Cavalry officer, rescues Irina Lazaar (Brigitte Bardot), a French countess, from Apache warriors provided her hunting party of European aristocrats led by Baron Frederick (Peter van Eyck) keep off Indian land. 111 mots de plus

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