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Blue Sky Acquires A Little Piece Of Folding Camper History

This week, we were very pleased to have acquired a little bit of early folding camper history; a 1964 Apache Raven, complete with ‘Add A Room’ awning, as a restoration project, with a view to bringing her back, as close as possible, to her former glory. 236 mots de plus

News And Information

How to stop spam referrals and filter them from Google Analytics (Using htaccess)

Many of us have seen spikes in traffic report from Google Analytics. These spikes bring joy to our minds and when we drill down the traffic we get disappointed because it is from a spam referral. 355 mots de plus


Digging Deeper Into Apache Mesos

In my previous post, I provided the proverbial 10,000 foot overview of Apache Mesos and it’s value as a resource manager for the data center.  1 723 mots de plus

Apache Mesos

Installing Spark on Ubuntu


First, check to see if you have Java.
java -version

If you do not, then install the latest Java (currently Java 8)
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:webupd8team/java…
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Data Science

Wirtualne adresy na localhost

Problem: mamy wiele aplikacji na lokalnym serwerze apache (httpd) i chcemy by każdy projekt był pod osobnym lokalnym adresem, np. mam dwie aplikacje w zend i dwie w symfony, i chcę się do nich odwoływać z przeglądarki na zasadzie: … 314 mots de plus


Apache Verse

I was inspired by the song Geronimo by Sheppard to read more about Apache history and culture. I found a fascinating religion and story of resilience. 54 mots de plus


Using Apache Jena With Netbeans

So it is GSoC time and I came across an interesting project which deals with linked data. In order to apply for it, I had to get… 188 mots de plus