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Plain, Simple Tom reviews . . . "Broken Arrow" (1950)

Starring one of my all time favourite actors, James Stewart, « Broken Arrow » is the story of gold prospector Tom Jeffords (Stewart) who takes it upon himself to bring peace between American Settlers and Apache Indians, led by Cochise (Jeff Chandler). 243 mots de plus

Film Reviews

Lack of Nested and Implicit Data Support in Drill, PostgreSQL and Pentaho when Working with Json Data

JSon is great. It can contain a variety of data types in an expected format. It is becoming easier and easier to work with Json in existing formats as well making it a future workhorse for NoSQL based ETL. 300 mots de plus

Data Extraction

Apache + GitHub + Windows: My Initial Experience

As you may know, I’m delving into the world of Git and GitHub to version control my web development work, and to provide a way of demonstrating what I’m up to through public repositories (such as… 1 354 mots de plus

Web Development

Get your Local Web Application to pull data from a Remote Server

Sometimes when you have a web application deployed to your local host it is more convenient to get the data for it from a remote host. 57 mots de plus

[PHP] PHP code showing on the page instead of being executed

Environment :
Ubuntu Server 14.04
PHP 5.5.9

Problem :
PHP code showing on the page instead of being executed

Reason :
The reason that I met this problem is because the PHP file I used begin with (<?) instead of (<?php) which the short tag is deprecated by default. 33 mots de plus



Learn to set up a LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) stack on your Raspberry Pi and configure it to work as a web server. You’ll download and install WordPress and set up a basic website which you can access on any device on the same network as your Pi. 1 747 mots de plus

The state of WebSphere Application Server business

Application developers today have more choices than ever before. Choices of programming languages, UI and backend frameworks, libraries, IDEs, operating systems, databases, clouds. It appears that the most difficult thing in application development today is to make a decision which of these technologies to use. 2 798 mots de plus