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After the war all signs of vibrancy were gone.

We went, my friend and I, to the old mall where once we’d spent many a lazy, pointless morning. 383 mots de plus

Horror Flash Fiction

Bored Shenanigans Podcast – Story Time 002

Up this week you meet the first of the protagonist, the cowboy in dingy armor, a scraper of the old world and relic of it; S.E. 79 mots de plus


Emergence by David R. Palmer

Read  June 2017
Recommended for classic sci-fi fans
★    ★    ★      

Apocalypse? Hugo nominee? An eleven year-old girl? A pet parrot? Friend recommendation? Sign me up! 717 mots de plus

Book Reviews

Why the Zombie Apocalypse Makes a Good Analogy for Productivity

I don’t have to tell you – zombies are everywhere.

I do not mean to say that the zombie apocalypse has begun (although that would certainly make for an interesting post). 663 mots de plus


Origins of the Great Squirrel Conspiracy

The following is a collection of intelligence mission reports intercepted in 2013, secretly disguised as Facebook updates. The deep cover agent known only as, “the Professor” is speculated to work for a top-secret branch of the intelligence community devoted to eliminating the looming squirrel threat that almost every government on the planet has been able to keep secret, until now. 1 141 mots de plus


The Other Rabbit Hole

There was no wonderland

at the bottom of the rabbit hole

 tumbled down

there was apocalyptic

blighted landscape


of small dragons

limed into the stone… 85 mots de plus



You have probably heard of me, except you have not. Ay, there’s the rub. Rub denotes friction and that has to matter. An ongoing battle of creation and annihilation and sublation. 697 mots de plus