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Best of Action: Mad Max Fury Road

Here comes my first entry in a series that looks  into the very best of the action genre! Up first, Mad Max: Fury Road! 

What a day! 1 033 mots de plus


Dating and Re-dating Revelation

There are two main options -an early date pre AD70 under Emperor Nero or a later date around about AD90- AD95 under Emperor Domitian. 1 195 mots de plus

Bible Studies

First Encounters

Running from your life sounds like such a novel idea until you find yourself doing just that. Add that to the fact that the creature chasing you is some sort of crazy, blood thirsy radiation- induced beast, and the person you’re running  1 051 mots de plus


Day 71, No. 71. Joseph Gatt

HAIRCUT 100: Day 71, No. 71. Joseph Gatt – ‘The Man.’ So, we’re just getting the third season of The Asylum’s postmodern zombie western Z Nation… 457 mots de plus

Haircut 100

I'm Going Away!

You may have noticed that I’ve been a tiny bit absent lately. That is because I’ve been preparing for next week—I’ve been invited to give a lecture at the Universidad Complutense de Madrid! 148 mots de plus

My Life


Barack woke with a warm tide at his knees, and he crawled backwards into the damp sand above the waves, where he sat up, buried his eyes in his palms, and willed vigilance to settle in. 739 mots de plus