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24th of April
Coffee with James, what can I say? Firstly I can tell you that he’s a cheap skate who has two extra shots in his large latte. 376 mots de plus

Re-Post Holy Love Message - "Blessed Mother, I don't know what this means about the (First) Seal. Can you explain it please?"

Holy Love Ministry

September 24, 2016

Our Lady is here dressed in white and gray. She says:

« Praise be to Jesus. »

« I have come to tell you that the First Seal has been opened.* Now is the time when hearts and nations will be conquered. 405 mots de plus


The Apocalypse Wasn't So Bad

I loved Bryan Singer’s X-men movies, but I’d heard terrible things about X-men Apocalypse. Partly because of my fellow geeks having an aneurism over it, and also general lack of funds, I hadn’t actually got around to watching it until just last night. 385 mots de plus


The trees are dying

In Hawaii trees are dying at an alarming rate due to an unknown and uncharacterised disease.

Since 2010 66 million trees have been killed in the Sierra Nevadas due to an invasive pathogen called Sudden Oak Death. 44 mots de plus

Endless Forms Most Beautiful

​I want to never come back to you
It’s just that I’m always feeling blue
With you, without you- it’s always the same
And your leaving always drives me insane!

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A zombie World- Short part of story to start

 A zombie world


By: L.S. Rockel

Copyright 2014 All Rights reserved

North Georgia & Florida



It started with a virus. They all start with a virus of some sort. 387 mots de plus


[AGttA] Chapter 10.1: The Moral Debate

Continued from Chapter 10.0, here.

Read it from the beginning, starting here.

Axiom 10: Do what makes you happy.

“What?”  I didn’t understand what the woman sitting on the other side of the desk meant. 1 324 mots de plus