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According to the Book of Miracles (Augsburg Book of Miraculous Signs), mid 16th Century.

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The Fractured Spheres Part IV. Chapter 3. Spirits of Vinaserat

Jinn lifted her eyelids to slits. She could make out her layered armor plating, hauberk, doublet, greaves, and helm on a table. It was no wonder she felt light … and cold. 555 mots de plus


The Journal: Prologue

Synopsis – A woman, surviving in an apocalyptic world, finds a journal, and decides to chronicle her remaining days.



Only the hand is visible. 1 310 mots de plus


Apocalypse: The Battle for Tartarus Prime

A planet once rich in natural resources, Tartarus Prime was long hailed as the gem of the sector.  But it had been millennia since those days.

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Warhammer 40k

Real Talk

I woke up to snow falling at a steady pace just on the other side of my living room’s window. It wasn’t like yesterday afternoon where the snowflakes had been wet and the size of my dogs head (that is a pretty accurate comparison by the way) no this morning it was just regular snow, you know, the kind you expect to find in mid-January while you’re freezing and only dreaming of warmer days. 665 mots de plus

The Blogging Mama

"X-Men: Apocalypse" Revisit

Last summer, I saw and reviewed X-Men: Apocalypse. The other night, I watched it again with my wife, who hadn’t seen it yet.

I was willing, thinking that maybe some distance and a second viewing would allow me to appreciate it a little more. 63 mots de plus

Movie Reviews

Time to Discover Atwood’s Other Dystopia

Oryx and Crake By Margaret Atwood

Margaret Atwood has probably never been better known than today, what with the premier of a serialization of her superb dystopian novel about the transformation of the U.S. 530 mots de plus