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Inner Apocalypse

My eyes are wide as they stare at my monitor. I watch the straight line blinking in it’s place, waiting for my next move as if this were a game. 829 mots de plus


The Vector Race: Chapter Five: Confessions and Consequences

“So let me get this straight, you’re telling me not only did you purposely expose yourself to a sick patient but you’re aware virus’ tend to, what did you call it?”  Doctor Randerson said, the look he was giving Jack didn’t surprise Jack one bit, he was more than aware of how crazy he sounded. 1 439 mots de plus

Apocalytic Savior

The Dishwasher Debacle

Out of nowhere, sometime in May, our dishwasher stopped washing the dishes. Mom called a repairman, and when he looked the machine over, he said that what we’d been told was a fairly new dishwasher (when we moved in two years ago), was actually on its last legs. 986 mots de plus


And we're back!

I’ve not been idle – although I’ve been keeping busy I’ve been able to get a fair amount more painted since the last update, and hopefully they’ll become more regular from now on. 177 mots de plus



There is nothing left to give, there is little left to try.
His lungs were starting to give up on him, choked full of smoke and held in sighs that he never exhaled. 189 mots de plus


A Happy Ending

Bleed the golden blood
Hit the floor hard

Spark within boundaries of the dark
Glow in spite of the ferocious barks
Break their fun… 91 mots de plus

Implantables | Prototypes of the Mark of the Beast

The age of implanted biochips that allow payments, alter health and involve DNA interfacing is here.

“Implantables can save lives, improve health, prevent diseases and even begin to make us superhuman.” – Forbes…

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