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5 Mari
originally a street urchin, begging for change in marketplaces
now a wanderer, forging her own trade routes
she aspires to buy the very Crown Jewels belonging to King Shit, and thereby ascend to the monarchy… 79 mots de plus

Logan Bright

Opening the Seals

« Death is not the enemy of life, but godlessness. The despair of humanity today is the product of centuries worth of both the denial of the spiritual life of the world and the suppression of the natural urge to reintegrate with that world.

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Violence Causes Silence

♫It’s the same old thing in 2018
In your head, in your head
They’re still fighting
With their tanks and their bombs
And their bombs and their guns… 47 mots de plus

A Bratastic World

The End of The World's Reborn Cannon fodder Counter-attacks Chapter 6

The End of The World’s Reborn Cannon fodder Counter-attacks Chapter 6 is out, Read it:



The Dangerous Days Series–Baileigh Higgins

To be honest when I started reading this I thought it would be a cheap rip off of Dawn of the Dead, the first zombie scene with the woman trapped in the bathroom with her zombie husband outside the door wanting her brains for breakfast, I was almost ready to throw it aside within the first few pages but then it really picked up. 458 mots de plus


Welcome to Guccishido

Ages ago, sprawling civilizations spanned the great continents of Eulim Fikzio, a planet whose natural bounty provided for all.

Cities ballooned and buildings punctured the sky. 262 mots de plus

The Pantheist Apocalypse

Last night I had a religious moment. Mother Nature appeared in my dream and I had disturbing visions of the Pantheist Apocalypse, also called the « Great Rebirth ». 121 mots de plus