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Survival Situations and Me

Hey you! Yes you, I see you there… Here’s a question you’ve always asked yourself but never known the answer to… What do you get when you cross Rambo with Batman then if Chuck Norris, Steven Seagal and Jackie Chan were to have a love child, meet Batbo (or Ram-man… or Rambat….) and then procreate? 1 047 mots de plus

Book Three of the Opportvnvs Adest Series

« What you know is false. What you believe is wrong. So where lies the truth? »



Yurugu's end times

YURUGU is the name of a disagreeable male spirit from the myth of the  Dogon people of Mali. Yurugu is the deity of chaos. Yurugu is a deity of pure evil. 2 495 mots de plus

Politics, Imperialism, Colonialism

Vikki Patis - Weltanschauung Review

Review copy provided by the author in exchange for an honest review

Weltanschauung is a book of short stories each of which stands one its own. 567 mots de plus


Peace in a beastly world

When we started to talk about peace, we set the problem in the context of messy life in a messy world. We talked about pain, trouble, uncertainty and chaos. 1 232 mots de plus

The Christian Life

Hard Times

I just can’t shake this apocalyptic feeling but, since I’m Buddhist, I don’t necessarily have. Instead I just need to be mindful of how it arises, persists and passes away all the while causing dukkha and being dependent upon a complex web of interdependence. 287 mots de plus


What Really Matters

While we all scramble, rush, stress and worry about the things we really have no control over, the illusion is that we do, the planet is speaking and we are not listening. 744 mots de plus