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What's the Best Possible End of the World Scenario?

Robot uprising, a zombie apocalypse, a super volcano and an alien invasion—what’s the best scenario in which I could enjoy the aftermath comfortably?

Zombie Apocalypse… 678 mots de plus


The Storm - Morning Haiku and Waka - April 21

hanging over the world
in intrinsic grey

crushing life
negating light over the sea
with a mighty voice

wind shouts
a battle cry piercing the sky… 33 mots de plus

Morning Haiku And Waka


When the sirens went off I was in the garden
And I knew, because they’d told us so,
That there were only two minutes left… 103 mots de plus


Vlog Entry #15: Ziem Reap

For part of my winter vacation this year I traveled to Cambodia. Exploring the ancient ruins throughout Siem Reap made me feel like I was walking through a post apocalyptic world!  28 mots de plus


One of Us

*Warning, mild-moderate descriptions of blood and zombie actions*

People called me crazy, they did. They called me crazy! I warn’t crazy! They’re crazy for not takin’ this opportunity! 687 mots de plus

I'm Not Dead

*Warning, very mild descriptions of zombiness, blood*

They keep telling me I am dead.

Of course I’m not dead, I say, I can hear and see and touch you! 215 mots de plus

I'm Tired

I’m tired of running. I’m tired of seeing and smelling death. I’m tired of being homesick and stuck in this barren and god forsaken wasteland. 190 mots de plus