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Reading the [fig] leaves

Sunday’s Gospel lesson is chronically difficult to deal with.  What did Jesus mean by signs in the sun, moon, and stars?  How do we handle Jesus’ promise that the generation would not pass away before these things took place?  415 mots de plus


The End of the World

War. Famine. Pestilence. Death.

The end of the world is a deeply religious issue. It seems like every other year there’s a story of some cult offing itself or offing others because they thought the end of the world was at hand. 223 mots de plus

Post-apocalyptic Reads- T. M. Payne's Fallout 5

This week’s Fallout 5 are chosen by T.M. (Tina) Payne, author of the crime, thriller/mystery novel; To Catch a Butterfly (Amazon UK/ Amazon US… 223 mots de plus


How to Write an Opening Paragraph


I’m here to talk about, as you’ve likely deduced in the title above, how to write an opening paragraph. It’s really not that hard. Seriously there are less steps to it than a fat man’s staircase. 370 mots de plus

Dragonlance Round 2 (and the D&D Model)

It’s been a long week already, so I don’t quite have the brainspace for really delving into Hyperion. Though I think I found my copy of Neveryon! 595 mots de plus

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