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Apocalypse day thirty six

Apocalypse day thirty six

A post shared by Betty G (@genericpoet) on Feb 24, 2017 at 8:12pm PST

Apocalypse day thirty six

Because inventing a hero isn’t enough …


828. waiting for the end of the world

« In which young Elvis Costello smartly, smugly reminds us of what we were all doing back in 1977, and probably last week for that matter. 101 mots de plus

All Vinyl Apocalypse

Interviews of the Apocalypse - Chapter 8 (The Corrupt)

Personal notes of Alex Ahmed

Topic – Undesignated survivors of the First Fall

Referred to as – The Corrupt, Raiders, Fallen, Monsters

Time Period – Undocumented, estimated some 10-15 years after the First Fall… 1 079 mots de plus


Book of Ivy Review

Book of Ivy By Amy Engel 5/5 stars

Ivy is so human. She isn’t this perfect heroine or even the misfit girl no one understands, but somehow everything goes her way *cough* YA contemporary *cough.* Ivy has a backbone, but she’s also so vulnerable on the inside, and I really connected to her on a personal level. 170 mots de plus


Well,   they do have that right  —

It’s either Freedom  —  for all of us.

Or it’s an  inevitable development of Hell on earth.

Either/or. 80 mots de plus


Apocalypse day thirty five

Apocalypse day thirty five

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Apocalypse day thirty five

Because …


Counting method for dealing with anxiety

When I woke up this morning without warning or any reason, anxiety was to the extreme. In my previous post I mentioned how I never forget my medications but just in case, Ace is here to help me with that right? 603 mots de plus