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I don’t know what it is about watching the dawn sky – a great calm fills us all; there is in every sunrise the silence of a deep inhalation that today gives us all some much-needed sense of peace. 1 510 mots de plus


Day 65: New Short Story -- "Into the Dark"



I finally finished one of my short stories today.

By which I mean that I found a title, doctored an image for the cover, and posted the finished product on wattpad. 275 mots de plus

The Last of Us Let's Play [Part 15]

Last place we left off was in Bill’s Town. He’s supposed to be the only one in the town so i guess it is technically his town. 992 mots de plus


Preface continued: We Are Entering the Days of Noah

I believe intellectually it is true, but even my heart does not want to believe it.  Jesus warned us these current days were coming in Matthew 24.  420 mots de plus

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Random Things

email to bill

hi billy. have you seen pics on fb of how yellow and smoky it is here? it’s so fucked up. it looks like an instagram filter. 378 mots de plus

Trespassers, beware.

Ah, brave ballistics buddy
you entice me with the here-and-now
compelled as I can be to ideals elation
with reluctant relation my arguments bow.

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