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10th February 2016

Well, any thoughts I may have been having about leaving the apartment look to be on hold for a little bit longer. The rain just kept on coming yesterday, it was so unrelenting. 534 mots de plus


I wouldn't survive a dystopian future: I can't braid (reason #53)

There are many, many reasons I wouldn’t bet on my survival in a dystopian future. Lack of hunting skills. Reliance on clean drinking water. Pale, friable skin (that ozone hole, man). 452 mots de plus


On This Day

The angels rushed
Out of Heaven as
Warriors of
An apocalypse
Raging forth
To light
The flame of

The magnificent
Illumination of
Truth slicing… 478 mots de plus


The Zombie Apocalypse After-Show, Part 4: Rulepole

I can’t remember who started it, but someone painted the rules in black on plywood, nailed them to the wirepole by the wall. We just kept adding rules with time. 983 mots de plus


An Apocalypse Of Need

Society always finds a way to express it’s fears though not always in a straightforward manner.

Consider the popularity of Zombie movies. I think most people are worried about the end of the world and a zombie apocalypse reflects that. 234 mots de plus


Walking through The Walking Dead (Season Five): Aahh – I’m Losing Faith in Humanity!

Guest Writer: Michael J. Miller

Season Five contained an odd experience for me.  By nature, I am a trusting person.  I believe in (and hope for) the best in people.  1 555 mots de plus