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Steel and Concrete (Two Photographs)

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More from Montreal. In the first, the sun ray tool in Luminar worked out very well. 51 mots de plus


An example of dependency injection pattern

In the example two kinds of classes are defined: “data loaders” and “injectors”. “Data loaders” are responsible for reading data from specific file format, “injectors” are responsible for providing client with implementation of “data loader” according to some criteria. 50 mots de plus

Design Pattern

Biblical Site: Mt. Nebo

Apart from touring the sights in my friends’ town, I also visited a number of Biblical locations. Among them, one of the most well-known is Mount Nebo. 382 mots de plus


Lincoln. 23-02-2019

Lincoln was bathed in a strange light yesterday morning turning everything model-like and curiously sharp. Surreal.

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