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chicago 2010 Posted by renedepaula on 2010-03-29 11:55:56...

chicago 2010

Posted by renedepaula on 2010-03-29 11:55:56 Tagged: , chicago , usa , eua , travel , architecture , tourism

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Racked up at Rite-Aid

Grabbed some pegboard displays from a Rite-Aid going out of business sale:

More as it develops!

My shed will be awesome!

A town by a river, full of salt and music.

The old GDR, and I’m giving my age away by saying so, has so many beautiful spots to visit. East Germany is full of historic places yet to be discovered and I’m way behind. 125 mots de plus


Preparing my Final Images (Editing Process and 6 Days Left) - Portraiture and Architecture 📷

19/10/18 ☼

6 Days to go until the hand on of the images. So far I’m feeling pretty good about having everything ready in time as I have taken enough images now to choose the ones I feel best showcase what I want and what the brief specifies. 1 032 mots de plus