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2016 Topps Archives Signature Series Box Break & Review

Someone call « Doc » Brown.  Its time to dust off the DeLorean and power up the flux capacitor, because 2016 Topps Archives Signature Series… 430 mots de plus


"Freedom Paper"

August 1, 1838 was a special day for the enslaved people of Jamaica. They received their freedom paper. 178 years later, we join the exslaves and exhibit our « Freedom Paper ». 12 mots de plus


Sparkle plenty...

I’ve been wanting to play with more sparkle in designs. And just received an order of a box of a dozen crystal chandelier pieces in the mail…so here’s my chance!   249 mots de plus


DI&C- Exercise 2:2- The Artist as Archivist

For this exercise, we were asked to write 500 words about a contemporary artist/photographer who uses archival imagery for their work.

I choose to step aside from the usual artists/photographers and look at the work of Ransom Riggs. 380 mots de plus

OCA Digital Image & Culture

[archives] Fees Must Fall 2015: #NationalShutDown memo

Toni Morrison once wrote that « [l]ike failure, chaos contains information that can lead to knowledge—even wisdom. » It appears that under the current state of anxiety that has covered over South Africa as a result of crucial conversations emerging, a la Rhodes Must Fall, Fees Must Fall,  the only people truly at peace are those that have been raising these conversations. 127 mots de plus


a visit from ellie and ben.

about 10 days after i got back to memphis, ellie and ben came to town. they were in the states for 3 months while ellie completed a work exchange, and the timing worked out perfecctly for them to come down for a weekend. 702 mots de plus


Do Not Neglect to Show Hospitality to Strangers...

My parents used to say, “Blessed is the child who sleeps on the floor so company can have the bed.” My brother and sister and I were very blessed. 627 mots de plus