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Hi. Let me re-introduce myself.

My name is Erin. My real name is Catherine.

BOOM TOP 10 ANIME PLOT TWISTS. I hope no one IRL finds this post ever, let alone my blog. 945 mots de plus


Who lived in a house like this?

Have you ever wondered who lived in your house before you? Perhaps you would like to know who built it? Well you might be able to find out in the Archives. 112 mots de plus

FDCA Lunchtime Talks

Why don't archivists digitize everything?

Today on the blog we’re tackling one of our most frequently asked questions: « Why don’t you digitize everything? » and its related runner-up, “When will you be putting all your records on the web?” 2 660 mots de plus

Archives FAQs And Facts

learningaboutarchives a reblogué votre sur Learning About Archives et a répondu comme suit:

'Why don't archivists digitise everything?' - this is a great Blog post by the PAMA archives about a really complex subject.

Lady Laura Ridding

100 years ago the first British women were granted the vote and to mark this occasion I would like to share with you a small selection of papers from the Earl of Selborne and Laura Ridding collection we hold at Hampshire Record Office (collection ref 9M68).  893 mots de plus


Portrait of a Foreign Service Secretary | Welcome Aboard!

January 1978 | Am Consul Karachi—Stuck in an elevator (continued)

After claiming she had accidentally sat on LBJ’s ten-gallon hat as an eight-year old youth BJ waited for the smile to melt off my face. 702 mots de plus


CACHATTO Desktop V3.0 user interface renewal

CACHATTO Desktop for Windows V3.0 was released on 8 Februrary. Along with this release, the user interface was renewed to be even more intuitive and easy to use. 99 mots de plus


February 22, 2018

Keeping our integrity intact – while we find freedom from who we thought we were.

It is said that it’s not enough only to return to our source, but once you have done so you become rejuvenated and become the source over and over again. 2 745 mots de plus