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Practical Digital Preservation: In-House Solutions to Digital Preservation for Small Institutions

By Tyler McNally

This post is the tenth post in our series on processing digital materials.

Many archives don’t have the resources to install software or subscribe to a service such as Archivematica, but still have a mandate to collect and preserve born-digital records.  1 831 mots de plus

Digital Processing Blog Series

learningaboutarchives a reblogué votre sur Learning About Archives et a répondu comme suit:

I'm only two weeks into my Digital Preservation module at UCL, and although I'm still getting used to the terminology and acronyms, this blog from Tyler McNally from the University of Manitoba provides a great example of a digital preservation workflow for a small archives service.


On this day, 100 years ago an IMechE member was killed in action.

Beresford Frank Parsons: 23rd January

Graduate 1913.

Pupil Engineer, City Gas Works, Birmingham. 173 mots de plus


Changing the Definition of the Museum Experience.

For years museums have had a rigid idea of what their purpose is and how they should display their collections. The museum model has for a long time been to statically display artifacts behind glass. 609 mots de plus


Reflectance Transformation Imaging

Conservators, archaeologists, and conservation scientists use many pieces of equipment and methods of investigation to perform analysis of records, artifacts, and historical buildings. Analysis is performed to research materials, collect historical information, and determine how they can be preserved. 269 mots de plus

Alternative Facts

Since alternative facts are a real thing now, I have some about Donald.

  1. His hair is real.
  2. He’s not actually orange.  That’s normal coloring.
  3. He has normal sized hands.
  4. 25 mots de plus
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i stuff fistfuls of leaves in my ears, all dead-

fleshed and numb, imagine they seize control

of the tempestuous headspace that traps me

dried veins blacken my vision, transitory lines that… 98 mots de plus