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Digital Hoarding and Archives

If you are like me I have created thousands of documents, pictures, videos and the like over the years. So many of the files I have stored are 10 years or more old. 238 mots de plus

Tony's Posts

Stealing Home Depot

I didn’t steal the whole thing. Only one track of it, a stealer engine maybe. Me, Dogwalker Bill, that’s what they called me. Then they called me with a phone. 834 mots de plus


Looking back at looking forward

A decade later?


Robert U. Ayres

Prepared for a lecture at the Swedish Institute for the Future,

Stockholm,  2005

From th eearhcies – why

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Pastoral Nominating Committee

April 2016

The committee has updated the MIF.  Here is the link to the document.  MIF – 2016

5/1/15 Update

3/27/15 Update – Our candidate will be traveling to Big Bay in April.  657 mots de plus