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Welcome to a New Adventure

It had taken me years to build up the courage to create a series like this: out of the need to create a platform for ‘easy’ access. 237 mots de plus


E-Jan International Golden week holiday announcement

Due to a string of national holidays in Japan (Golden Week) on 3 May 2017~ 5 May 2017, e-Jan Networks will be on holiday. 59 mots de plus


The Digitization and Organization of Alan Lomax’s Music Recordings Online

For this article, the author, Andrew R. Chow, explains how the Association for Cultural Equity (ACE) is digitizing and organizing the collection of music recordings of Alan Lomax (the founder of ACE, who passed away in 2002) on a new online database, called “the Global Jukebox,” as a way to further Lomax’s musical research.  457 mots de plus


David Letterman’s Unlikely Archivist

Amid the confines of a cramped apartment on Manhattan’s Upper West Side exists what may very well be the most comprehensive archive of any late night television show. 402 mots de plus


Spectator and performer -who is who?-

Role reversal

in Kourion theatre ~ Cyprus 37 mots de plus


The Most Important Records In The World Are Our Fondest Memories

My father turns 86 years old today and the world through his eyes looks very different than it did in 1931, but also much the same.  383 mots de plus


Junior of the Month

By: Nicholas Jamerson, Newspaper Editor.

Junior of the Month: Vanessa Carlisle.

Q.Events you participate in?

A.Cross Country, Track, Student Ambassador, Street and peer ministry, tutoring, theatre, debate, and yearbook. 149 mots de plus