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Edna Vogel: Cranbrook's Other Wright Weaver

Researching in the Archives before a big tour, I came across an interesting person whom I earmarked to come back and examine further. I already knew Loja Saarinen wove… 753 mots de plus


Getting in gear...

The first of three Holiday Markets is coming in a couple of weeks…time to get a move on! I’m trying to add some new things to my offerings…the leather pieces I’ve recently shown you and this week I’ve created some embossed and textured sterling silver components from sheet metal.   52 mots de plus


On Donating Family Papers

The Maunsell White Family Papers have that unique smell of archival documents. There is the tender, vaguely stuffy, scent that surrounds each document—the smell of history. 597 mots de plus

A Look at a Student Archival Literacy Study at Purdue University

There’s not a lot going on here at the UA Little Rock Center for Arkansas History and Culture. I’ve been putting the final labels to the entire… 525 mots de plus


WWPL Internship Part VI

« Dear President Wilson, » Danna read, « I voted for the first time for Abraham Lincoln back in 1865, and I’ve voted Republican ever since, until I voted for you for your second term, ’cause I liked the way you done business. 355 mots de plus

WEPL Internship Part V

I’m still describing documents, printing them out, and integrating the digital and paper collections. When I first started describing documents, I asked my supervisor if I could name a document something like “racist slander.” He laughed and said that didn’t meet professional standards of objectivity, but that I could “dance around that” as best as I could. 253 mots de plus