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Baking History with Novelty Cakes!

This is a plain chocolate sponge cake covered in fresh cream and decorated with red icing, fondant letters & flowers and silver balls. This was the first « novelty » cake mom made


On Pugilists on a Punk Poster, or More Boxing in Boxes 

I have previously mentioned my fondness for the fistic arts. My online boxing finds are often added to my Pinterest, Boxing in Boxes, that’s focused on representations of boxing in library, archive, and museum collections throughout the world. 194 mots de plus


Behind the Scenes of the 21st Century Museum: My thoughts on Week 6

Behind the Scenes of the 21st Century Museum is the world’s first free online museum studies course. Run by the University of Leicester and National Museums Liverpool, it seeks to work as an introductory massive open online course to people and professionals seeking to learn more about museum practice.  341 mots de plus


Centennial Photo Display: 1960's, Part I

Alethea Drexler
archives assistant

July’s photo exhibit had to be trimmed down, but don’t worry–it’s for a good cause.  We need the display space for a traveling exhibit.  261 mots de plus


DIY: Checkerboard Set - Free Sewing Pattern

Next up in my collection of FREE sewing patterns is my Checkerboard Set pattern, including game rules. Learn how to make this set so you can bring it along to the beach or the park. 1 205 mots de plus



I e-mailed this to myself on 22nd August 2004, over a decade ago. At the time, I was incredibly pleased with it. I remember thinking that it was the best thing I had ever written. 226 mots de plus