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Creating Connections: Grace Melvin

This short blog post will introduce the Glasgow born artist and designer, Grace Wilson Melvin (1892-1977), who helped to establish and shape the Vancouver School of Design and Applied Arts. 919 mots de plus


Where My Family At?

Over the last few years I have been looking into my family genealogy. As you my know for African American families a lot of our family history has been lost or not written (and in some cases not told). 91 mots de plus


#ThankfulThursday at the Archives

Today is #thankfulthursday at the Warren County Records Center and Archives.


We are thankful today for having our Common Pleas Record of Black and Mulatto Persons (1804-1840) index and images available to researchers online and House Bill 139 passed the house! 163 mots de plus

TBT: Created by Philosophy

On 10 June 2016, I posted this short piece on the idea—taken from the famous Margaret Thatcher quotation—that « America was created by philosophy. »  This post was part of an ongoing examination of… 1 089 mots de plus


The Windrush Generation - Euton Christian

This year marks seventy years since the Empire Windrush set sail from the West Indies and docked in the UK on June 22nd 1948.

Originally sent to bring servicemen who were on leave from the British armed forces back to the UK, because of the size of the ship, hundreds of others were offered the chance to join them on board to fill up space, for a £28 fee. 796 mots de plus


aiucentre a reblogué votre et a répondu comme suit:

A group of young researchers volunteering with Archives+ have been delving into our oral history collections to learn about experiences of the Windrush Generation here in Manchester. Here's an insight into the life of one of the many ordinary/extraordinary members of this generation; Euton Christian. You can learn more about Mr Christian in the Roots Oral History Project collection and the Exploring our Roots Collection.

Benefits of device security testing function on CACHATTO Desktop V3.0.2

Remote-access and telework systems are becoming more and more necessary for modern companies. Working from outside the office has become easier than ever but providing the devices and tools to achieve this can be costly. 153 mots de plus