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From the Archives: Reasons and Excuses

This is a more recent post written after a long stretch of not blogging. It is sort of an examination of why that was and why it was wrong, all coming around to God’s work in the lives of His people. 1 461 mots de plus


Medieval Women and Power: Female Abbatial Lordship

John Rylands Research Institute Visiting Research Fellow, Dr Laura Gathagan from SUNY Cortland, has spent the last two months investigating part of the Beaumont Charters collection. 759 mots de plus


Diary of a non-fiction book: week 4 - day 1

My first day back on the non-fiction book was yesterday.

First of all I reviewed the list of storage material I’d compiled the last time I visited the company archives two weeks ago. 307 mots de plus

Diary Of A Non-fiction Book

American Embassy Cairo | The Shepheard’s Hotel Bar

Early November 1977

It was Thursday, the day before my departure to Athens. CRO Holman called early and put the kibosh on my visit to the pyramids in Giza. 1 431 mots de plus


Lost | Video

Rici Moore 2017-08-07 Lost – Mid Winter Canberra

I am following you through the side streets of Canberra my eyes everywhere, as I’m taking photos …