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Do you regularly watch RBDR, whether once or up to four times a week? Do you find it informative and entertaining? Help maintain and continue our video based on what you can afford (e.g., $5 or $10 for an individual, perhaps $25 to $50 from a business per month). 76 mots de plus

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Smooth interpolation of ARF curves

As discussed in the previous post, the areal reduction factors, developed for Australia must be interpolated for durations between 12 and 24 hours. The long-duration equations apply for 24 hours or more. 454 mots de plus


Stop writing dog noises as just “bark” or “woof”—use a new and complete dog alphabet to give them their proper due! Linguists love this one weird tip that will expand the linguistics job market!


Written languages have generally been optimized for the most meaningful elements of speech, so sometimes strange workarounds are required to capture certain subtleties: e.g. capital letters for YELLING, alternating capitalization for “thE spEaKer is VEry StUpid,” ellipses for a stilted-last-gasps sort of speech (“tell… them… the… killer… was…”), or the HTML-inspired “/s” for “please interpret the former sentence sarcastically.” 418 mots de plus