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Complementary Colours

Léran, Ariège – August 2019

As I was posting this picture I researched complementary colours and realised there was a difference according to websites and possibly cultures. 46 mots de plus


Carnet de Route - Ariege 2

Les vallées sont si encaissées que le soleil y touche à peine. « C’est déprimant », nous confie Augutin, l’agriculteur qui nous présente notre chalet-gîte, situé cent mètres au-dessus de leur maison. 1 230 mots de plus


Carnet de route - Ariège 1

Tout est tellement calme ici, qu’on entend le temps passer. Ce sont les bruits du corps.

Les bruits du corps d’une maison, ce sont ses machines. 1 121 mots de plus


Post August 15th

So, August 15th has come and gone and guess what? As it is the rule, the weather turned. It has been like that since I am a kid in the South of France. 125 mots de plus


Series 3: Episode 5

The Tale of the Taupe Troupers

“Hey Maurice, what’s wrong?”

A slap on his shoulder roused Maurice the Mole from his depressing thoughts. He looked up from the glass of root-beer he’d been nursing for over an hour in Le Niche. 635 mots de plus