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Did I Mention That I Hate Needles?

Had my 2nd and 3rd nerve blocks done the other day. Not a pleasant experience, I will say. Hell, I think it hurt worse than it did with my first one, and he actually gave the lidocaine time to do its job… 403 mots de plus


Answer to Condescending Brits & rest of the world.

Volsted Gridban: Send up all the rockets you want, you still don’t have a pot to p!ss into. End your poverty first.

Gobshyte: Why all the fuss, its easy to put a satellite into space …I mean its hardly rocket science is it? 542 mots de plus


The Right Reverend Dr Bishop Magic Wrong Dick

I once met a preacher in passing. He flattered me, shared his dreams, visions and prophesies, and made me grand promises.  He promised me another passport stamp and a paradise bound ticket. 568 mots de plus


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wild flowers

wild flowers
grow from the depths of
broken promises and
empty hands
they flourish
weeds and all
sunlight dances and twirls
on their green nudity… 11 mots de plus