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Today's Art ( 20th October 2017)

Woo hoo! I am very proud to present the cover illustration for this year’s Halloween comic :) Stay tuned for the next page tomorrow :) 95 mots de plus


What do you Gather?

How do you gather as you begin a project? I start by finding a small box then proceed to look through my studio stash of items I love and have collected over the years. 163 mots de plus

Stumbling into myself

I seem to struggle handshaking my soul,
when I need to return to the place I know I can reconcile,
it seems, it figures out a way to remain distant, 79 mots de plus


COMING SOON...Josue Caceres

The Bronx is not just  borough, its a culture; a culture that is focused heavy on the arts. That being said, the Bronx bears many artists in the form of poets, photographers, videographers, writers, and overall creatives. 98 mots de plus