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I just painted this mural inside the « Centre Culturel Jean-Rouch », the French-Nigerien cultural center based in Niamey, Niger. I’ve been staying here for the last 4 weeks, and have been welcomed so generously by its staff. 53 mots de plus

« I would like you to paint the word « Sabu » which means « praise be to god » in Zerma. I went to a school set up by the mission during the colonial era and I was a christan like my father. 64 mots de plus

Sourou (=Patience in Zerma) was chosen by Koda La Cadette. « Patience is a necessary vertue here as nothing comes quickly and easily. » It’s the 145th mural I’ve painted as part of Share The Word Project and it’s the first time that the word « Patience » is given to me!


Written by Jacob Ibrag

Key around her neck. He wonders where

it connects. Heart in hand, she let him have it when

they first met. Mind in his chest, he always knows what… 142 mots de plus


Vincent Descotils

Formats of photography presentation doesn’t have to be in squares or rectangles. They can also be in circles.


Mini Biography: Natalia Goncharova

Birth: July 3, 1881
Death: Oct. 17, 1962
Nationality: Russian
Movement: Avant-garde
Goncharova was born into a prestigious family in a culturally rich area outside of Moscow and when the artist was about ten her family moved to the rapidly growing city for financial reasons. 254 mots de plus