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“Loving Vincent” Inspired

I loved the new animated film « Loving Vincent, » which was hand painted by 100 artists in the Van Gogh style. The film inspired me to see how good, a digital oil painting effect I could get on my IPad Pro. 50 mots de plus


the house of guardaboschi

the house of guardaboschi

-after Klimt

walls and windows

with no doorway

pity the long-suffering

tenant pity the edifice

soon to be swallowed

in the widening mouth… 18 mots de plus

Dog-eared hauls: a series on second-hand books

Dog-eared hauls, conceived as a series of show-and-tell articles, captures some of the wonder and delight that comes from exploring second-hand book stores and leafing through the unusual books to be found there. 355 mots de plus


Harp song: Lament of Tristan

« The Lament of Tristan » is an anonymous 14th century Italian piece that I play on my 26 string lever harp.

Wikipedia has this to say about the legend of Tristan and Iseult: 235 mots de plus

Society For Creative Anachronism

Smack Talk

1, 2, 3, here we go,

Come up, step up, look down at me,

Up against a wall. Nowhere to flee.

Pop open your mouth like a switchblade—dull intimidation. 92 mots de plus


'Paris Balloons #3'

‘Paris Balloons #3’-2001, 24″x 24″
This mid winter demonstration was shot on film, ‘in camera’ in 2001.
It’s part of my Paris Series, shot with large distortable Mylar mirrors. 20 mots de plus