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Hilangkan Noda Kopi Pada Baju

Noda kopi biasanya sering menempel pada kemeja atau baju saat kita menikmati kopi.

Hal itu terjadi ketika kita tidak sengaja menumpahkannya ataupun terburu-buru untuk menghabiskan kopi tersebut. 217 mots de plus


Contribute To Plant Powered You

Do you have a recipe, fitness or personal story that would would like to share?

At Plant Powered You we promote a healthy plant based lifestyle to people all over the world.

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Coffee Bean Has Many Benefits For Home

Based on the Huffington Post article, powdered coffee or brewed coffee that have been completed not only provide encouragement and positive sense to move, but it still can be used for home furnishings. 270 mots de plus


Answer to Condescending Brits & rest of the world.

Volsted Gridban: Send up all the rockets you want, you still don’t have a pot to p!ss into. End your poverty first.

Gobshyte: Why all the fuss, its easy to put a satellite into space …I mean its hardly rocket science is it? 542 mots de plus



This is quite simple.

This is a call to action.

There are 2 legislative bills happening that need to be stopped.

Federal Level: H.R. 899… 1 144 mots de plus


Serbuk Kopi Banyak Manfaatnya Bagi Rumah

Berdasarkan artikel Huffington Post, serbuk kopi atau pun kopi yang sudah selesai diseduh tidak hanya memberikan semangat dan rasa positif untuk beraktivitas saja, namun ternyata masih dapat dimanfaatkan untuk perlengkapan rumah. 244 mots de plus


All-out Brawlout: My impressions of the joys of cartoon violence


I was recently given a code to play another game early and give my thoughts. check out the article in the link above. :)