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Klasifikasi Besar Tegangan : "380 V Apakah Tegangan Tinggi???"

Seringkali kita melihat tulisan berupa peringatan seperti “Awas Tegangan Tinggi”. Namun tahukah kamu klasifikasi besar tegangan listrik??? Bahkan ada beberapa masyarakat yang salah memberi tagging… 170 mots de plus

Wisnu Sri Nugroho

UTMSU to lobby for better transit

Transit and parking were among the main topics discussed by UTMSU at its second commission meeting held last Thursday.

UTMSU says that they will try to consult with the university, as well as with MiWay Transit, to come up with a plan to acquire more buses that stop at UTM so that students who live further away have easier access to campus. 135 mots de plus


Dancing alone in spite of stormy weather

Embracing powerful topics through the art of dance is nothing new. Choreographers play around with different themes and subject matters, all trying to convey their thoughts through movement. 690 mots de plus


Nuit Blanche in Scarborough

Nuit Blanche is an annual one-night art event in Toronto that features large scale and often interactive art both indoors and outdoors. It attracts large crowds, including people who don’t often engage with art. 310 mots de plus

Celebrating research with Smarti Gras

The Smarti Gras event was held on August 16 at Deerfield Hall. This summer research celebration was a chance for student researchers to demonstrate their research projects, through either presentations or posters, to other students, faculty, friends, and family. 2 498 mots de plus

Us versus them: redefining the barrier

The current exhibition at the Blackwood Gallery is titled The Cage is a Stage: A Project in Five Parts, presented by Southern California-based artist,  679 mots de plus


Ready, set, go find your hip-hop rhythm

This past Monday on October 16, Rhythm Performing Arts hosted a hip-hop workshop in the student centre’s boardroom. The workshop was hosted by the group’s dance experts Anshita Khanna and Paul Rodriguez. 455 mots de plus