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The link below is to an article/interview concerning evangelism with the author of the book ‘Questioning Evangelism’ – Randy Newman.

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My Acting Career

People have said, if you are a good liar, you are a good actor.

Well I believe they are wrong.

I have been told, that I am a really bad liar, but a really good actor. 1 281 mots de plus


A Money-grubber’s Sharing: Money Cannot Change My Fate

I was born into a poor family, so I worked tirelessly with all my heart and soul, wanting to get rid of poverty. My father could not work because of his poor health; therefore, my mother had to support the family by herself. 2 463 mots de plus



“Dare to turn life on its end, and you may find that topsy-turvy is a truer perspective than turvy-topsy.”

Robert Breault


Do We Need Books Anymore?

The link below is to an article that asks the question, ‘do we really need books anymore?’

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Cyberbully (2011) Review - If Being Awful Wasn't Bad Enough...

Before anyone starts, I know that bullying is a problem and not a very funny problem but let me just throw a little thought out there. 2 444 mots de plus


The Bird Nest - Waiting for Spring

This family of birds picked special twigs and streams of bark to construct this nest in the tree behind my house, and its only about 4 feet from the ground. 31 mots de plus