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A Lost Girl -II

“Everyone has hope, everyone is alive here….

But why still few hopes have agitation & fear”…

“A Girl by Choice”…

Most of the people think that being a girl means you will have to go through lots of difficulties, lots of restrictions & fears…. 226 mots de plus

"A Lost Girl"

10 Article Writing Keys For Newbies

This article on the 10 (no, 11… yes, 11) tips for newbies is​ not written from the catbird seat point of​ view of​ the article host or​ database manager. 1 305 mots de plus

Windows Fall Creators Update

On October 17, Microsoft released the Fall Creators Update to Windows 10. This is the third major, named update since Windows 10 was originally issued on July 29, 2015. 732 mots de plus


Reflexión sobre el sexismo lingüístico

Es la primera vez que leo algo sobre el sexismo lingüístico. Después de leer el artículo de Bosque y de otros eruditos , empiezo a pensar. 804 mots de plus


Ketahui Trivia Unik Klitoris Yang Bisa Membuat Wanita Menggelinjang

Seorang feminis generasi kedua, Anne Koedt mengatakan, titik utama dari orgasme wanita selalu ada pada klitoris. Bahkan walaupun wanita tersebut menerima stimulasi vagina. Jadi menurutnya, organ kecil inilah yang seharusnya menjadi titik utama seksualitas perempuan. 473 mots de plus


The Path You Choose

When you were young, you were asked what you wanted to be when you grow up. You might have said that you would want to be a writer, teacher, pianist, director, fashion designer, entrepreneur, librarian, veterinarian or maybe a geologist or an astronaut or anything you wanted to be. 360 mots de plus


4 part plan for writing your article

As much as I’d like to dive headlong into writing, I am a planner. The mix of a brief, research and interviews create a chaos in my mind, which only planning can put into order. 537 mots de plus