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Writing Update: Camp NaNoWriMo, Patreon, and Other Endeavours

I am very excited to say that my writing has really been flowing over the past few weeks and I feel as if I’m back on track after some time when I had a few flares and couldn’t write at the pace I desperately wanted to. 360 mots de plus


​10 movie shots in Delhi University

1. Rockstar – (Hindu College, St. Stephens College and Shree Ram College of Commerce)

This blockbuster film has been shot throughout the DU campus where our very adorable Ranbir tried to woo Nargis. 572 mots de plus


You cannot be a White colored worker if you are not a stupid & dumb

Why I normally say that IT employees(not all of them, but majority of them) are stupid and dumb on matters beyond coding or Server Administration or some specialized knowledge about specific IT products. 355 mots de plus


Cell eating locusts, locust eating cells, or the other way around

Artwork and Essay by Seven Raspberries

“Sometimes cells become ‘corrupt’ and start spreading without regard for their neighbours or the organism as a whole. You might say we as cells in the earth-organism have become corrupted by a domineering culture and are behaving the same way, having forgotten our role within the whole of nature.”

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The Other Me

​Today I decided to kill the other me. It hurts. The other me is the real me. I sometimes think to myself – How many of me reside within this one existence? 483 mots de plus


Wall Street Ditutup Menyusut | PT BESTPROFIT FUTURES BANDUNG

PT BEST PROFIT FUTURES BANDUNG, Best Profit Wall Street menyusut pada penutupan perdagangan Kamis kemarin waktu setempat. Pelemahan ditoppang oleh kebijakan Presiden Donald Trump. Parlemen atau pembuat undang-undang menunda voting untuk menetapkan RUU kesehatan yang merupkan uji kebijakan DOnald Trump. 158 mots de plus