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Churches Getting It Right, Part 1: Public Discourse

–Daniel S. Ferguson

I talk a lot about what churches have done to drive people away, but the truth is that a lot of churches are getting a lot of things right. 477 mots de plus


Census 2016 reveals Australia is becoming much more diverse – but can we trust the data?

The ABS estimates that as of December 2016, the Australian population was around 24.4 million.
AAP/Alan Porritt

Nicholas Biddle, Australian National University

According to… 1 093 mots de plus


Explainer: what is tularemia and can I catch it from a possum?

Researchers have found Australia’s first confirmed case of tularemia in a ringtail possum.
Andrew Mercer/flickr, CC BY-NC-SA

John-Sebastian Eden, University of Sydney

Tularemia is a disease that affects humans and other animals. 967 mots de plus


Roman gladiators were war prisoners and criminals, not sporting heroes

The helmet of a heavily armed ‘secutor’, first century AD.
Rógvi N. Johansen, Department of photo and medie Moesgaard

Alastair Blanshard, The University of Queensland… 1 226 mots de plus


Australians are increasingly non-partisan: Morrison

Scott Morrison talked about the challenges of a nation indifferent to the business of politics.
Dan Himbrechts/AAP

Michelle Grattan, University of Canberra

Treasurer Scott Morrison has highlighted the difficulty of reaching today’s public, declaring Australians have “turned down the volume on Canberra’s noise”, ignoring both politicians and the media. 714 mots de plus


Apologies: Your Best Guide on the Internet

The Reconciliation of Paris and Helen after his Defeat by Menelaus Richard Westall.

Russell Blackford, University of Newcastle

Self-help book and works of popular psychology often instruct us in the art of apologising. 3 435 mots de plus