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The Yakinikuya - The Best Yakiniku AYCE So Far

For some of you who’s a big fan of Yakiniku AYCE might have heard about The Yakinikuya before… But, you might not get the chance to try that due to it’s location, or full-book issue (as this is what happened to me 2x before). 320 mots de plus


7 art restaurants in Hong Kong for design-savvy dining — Lifestyle Asia

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— by Rebecca Cairns: While the food might be the most important part of any restaurant, having stellar service and a pleasant ambiance can elevate any dining experience — and in some cases, stunning design can steal the show

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Addiction To Domestic Abuse

Medications, liquor and food are not by any means the only things that individuals can get addicted on. You may be astonished to discover that abuse can likewise turn into an addiction. 376 mots de plus


Kagura dance winning over young women — The Japan Times

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— Kagura, a form of Shinto theatrical dance, is increasingly winning the hearts of young women in Shimane Prefecture, carving out a new fan base in the traditionally male-dominated music ritual that is grappling with a shortage of successors…

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Japan's Haru Nemuri Writes 'Colorless' Movie Theme — Billboard

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— J-pop artist Haru Nemuri’s new song « Seventh Heaven » will be featured as the theme of an upcoming Japanese movie called Colorless (Japanese title: Sarugakucho de aimasho)… 6 mots de plus


Two Leslie Cheung films to be re-released to mark actor's 17th death anniversary — The Straits Times

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— by Lim Ruey Yan: Cantopop star Leslie Cheung, who died almost 17 years ago, is still fondly remembered by fans for his movies such as A Chinese Ghost Story (1987), Days Of Being Wild (1990) and Farewell My Concubine (1993)… 6 mots de plus