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Making is Connecting

“Look at the recent studies of happiness, which suggest that individuals are more satisfied when they are part of social network”

— David Gauntlett <Making is Connecting> 223 mots de plus


The Process

When I give you one silk scarf, you might take it because you like the pattern or you don’t take it because you don’t like its colour. 186 mots de plus


The Locality

« Craft often represents an intensely personal or symbolic relationship with a particular locality. This ‘sense of place’ does, by its very nature, largely defy objective analysis: it is as unique to each person as it is to each locality. 115 mots de plus


Understanding of the Craft

What is Craft?

Nowadays, it is more difficult to define Craft. There are many pieces of artwork made by hands. The boundary of craft and art sometimes is not necessarily clear. 257 mots de plus


Sabian Artisan Hi Hats (14")

Description: Deep, dark and rich, Artisan Light Hats deliver complex tone with crisp yet soft stick sounds, for dynamic responses at all levels

Price: $609.0… 7 mots de plus


Born and Bread

Morning all!

Started Friday morning a bit different this week. At 8:30am I was at Sheffield’s Amphitheatre with a group of Sheffield locals for Creative Mornings – a series of breakfast lectures for creatives ( 557 mots de plus