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Apartmanın en üst katında gizli gizli bitkiler yetiştiren bir kadın var. En büyük hayali bahçıvan olup gözünün alabildiği kadar bağ bahçe yetiştirmekmiş ama apartmanın üst katıyla yetinmek zorunda kalmış. 304 mots de plus

Weekly Edit | Ceramics

Here at Central Design Studio, we hugely admire craftsmanship. Our focus this week is on the craftsmanship of ceramics.

Ceramic tableware can really alter your dining experience. 255 mots de plus


« thinking of you », « let’s get together », « what’s going on? »…..

wonderful hand drawn + hand silk screened cards from barbara raidl – chicago… 41 mots de plus

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From crop to cup - The Fields Beneath

The Fields Beneath, a vegan cafe and coffee shop in Kentish Town, gets its name from a book by Gillian Tindall. The summary is as follows: 658 mots de plus


Custom Kitchen Island-

My wife and I were looking into buying an island for our kitchen. We shopped around but were not sold on any that we found. Jenny spent some time in design school and we decided to sketch out a custom island that we could build. 169 mots de plus


I hope we picked a winner!

Sarlat was inundated with Master Chocolatiers last weekend, they were showing their skills at the Chocolate Festival which had been organised, for the second year, by the Rotary Club. 306 mots de plus