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Review of the High Tea box from The Chocolate Tour

I celebrated a somewhat significant birthday recently, which you can read more about here. As a wee treat to myself, I decided to purchase a chocolate box from my friend Rosa’s… 1 053 mots de plus

Getting Back to Our Artisan Roots

At Cafe Ficelle we take pride in making absolutely everything we serve from scratch. Our bakers make everything from breads to croissants and other laminated pastries every day for the following morning bake. 262 mots de plus


Colors of Joy

Is it me or some of you also think that 2017 is one of the fastest year.

I’m writing today after months, and for all the people who think that I’m no longer making jewelry or notebooks / going out for my short and long expeditions / meeting inspirational people everyday.. 234 mots de plus


Creativity and Spirituality

Erwin McManus wrote the book « The Artisan Soul » – when asked to sign it, he often writes « Dream. Risk.  Create. »

Today, I’ve been energised by his short inspirational video… 181 mots de plus


The Bricklayer

I began my career as a bricklayer on the 29th of June of 1984. I remember the date because it was the day my uncle brought me to Lagos from Abeokuta to work for him. 143 mots de plus

Archer Farms - Greek-Inspired Spinach & Feta Cheese

Another Target brand. I chose the « Greek-Inspired Spinach & Feta Cheese » due to my lov for spinach pizza. Cannot recommend this one. Small, light on toppings, not too flavorful. 25 mots de plus