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E.L. James Twitter Q&A turns 50 shades of awkward

It turns out the financial success of E.L. James’s latest novel in the 50 Shades of Grey series couldn’t shield her from a disastrous Twitter Q&A. 317 mots de plus


Trish Duggan Did Adding More Best-Picture Nominations Devalue The Oscars?

In opting for more pictures, the Academy has risked tarnishing the value of a nomination. “It’s hard to find 10 movies that should be nominated,” says producer and former studio chief Bill Mechanic. 20 mots de plus

Trish Duggan

Terminator Genisys review: Forget the future

Well, he did say he’d be back. After sitting out the bombastic disappointment that was 2009’s Terminator Salvation, Arnold Schwarzenegger returns in fine form as the original T-800 series Terminator robot, a role he pioneered more than 30 years ago. 776 mots de plus


'These are CIA torture techniques': Why Bachelor and Bachelorette contestants act like lunatics

Whether they strip naked, get way too drunk or scream how no one’s appreciating their « sparkle, » it’s a time-honored tradition: Every season, many Bachelor and Bachelorette contestants act like complete lunatics. 652 mots de plus


Book Review No. 4 - After the Gazebo by Jen Knox

Book Review by Sam Slaughter

After the Gazebo
by Jen Knox
Rain Mountain Press, 2015
185 pages, $15.00

If you have never lived in Ohio, after reading Jen Knox’s new collection… 507 mots de plus

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The Power of Poetry

– Duncan Shields

Poetry uses language to surpass language.

That is the central thought I’ve come to believe during my relationship with the spoken and written word. 633 mots de plus

The Poetry Question

Trish Duggan Crowdfunding To Recreate An Old TV Show As A Live Experience Smashes Its Funding Goals

The live immersive project has now raised more than £600,000 from close to 4,500 people in just 16 days, after reaching its £500,000 target last week. 30 mots de plus