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October 3, was memorable night for those people who attended Alab’s open mic with the theme of Laya (Freedom) at Conspiracy Bar, Visayas Avenue Quezon City. 208 mots de plus

Wer R U At?

Photographer Pascal Barnier at

Image creator since 1985, the camera has become like a extension of myself, a seventh sense. I learned the history of photography and the history of art in general in order to push my research even further in creating more within the field of photography. 75 mots de plus

The Way is Complete


The Way is complete in itself.

All blessings come from it, and it

holds nothing back from anyone.

Lao Tzu

source: Lao Tzu, Tao Teh Ching… 20 mots de plus



I just wanna cry to cry to see this picture of kissing of two that you left me for someone else when I really love you I do Is hard to think of the fact been separated from you when is only that I want to stay with and be with sorry if I did not understand we were together and you were my friend… … 6 mots de plus


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