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In the beginning, writing provided healing for me. As a teenager longing for stability, writing gave voice to words I dare not speak. Now, writing proves to be a responsibility. 170 mots de plus


Red Penelope speaks, again

« There is only one pleasure—that of being alive. All the rest is misery. »

(Cesare Pavese, Journals)


Johann Hari: The failed War on Drugs demands a “return to sanity” for Mexico

Former Independent columnist Johann Hari is back in the limelight with an explosive New York Times bestseller, “Chasing the Scream: The First and Last Days of the War on Drugs.” 96 mots de plus


Deep Nature of Life

The five basic colors
can be made into countless combinations
to perplex the eyes.
The five basic tones
can be made into infinite compositions
to bewilder the ears. 58 mots de plus


Thought For The Day: Arts for Everyone

“The arts are not a luxury. They are as crucial to our well-being, to our very existence, as eating and breathing. Access to them should not be restricted to a privileged few.

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Thought For The Day

April 4: City history tour, #Leipzig Stadtrundgang, "10 centuries in 2 hours"

In honor of 1000 years of Leipzig, Leipzig Erleben is organizing fun bi-monthly history tours where the group « goes in search of clues » and « 10 centuries are reflected in an exciting two hours. 241 mots de plus


Last chance to see 'The Wide Open Sea'

SATURDAY 4th April will be your last chance to see the current exhibition ‘The Wide Open Sea’ at Hedon Museum.

Stunning paintings by Richard Hayton and Reg Moss are on display for another week, depicting trawlers amid beautiful sunsets and seascapes. 79 mots de plus