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In Rainbows. 

Because we separate like ripples on a blank shore (in rainbows).

Garden Center Trip

Dioramas, windmills & fairy lights.

Strolling past walls of fairy lights,

Walking at light speed

Trees of Light

CHEOPS update

Further progress with my CHEOPS entity for an Ariane 5 rocket fairing (artistic setting).

3D Depth map!


Joy / Grief

author’s note:

I know something about choking on silence.


Today « happy / unhappy »
are merely words of make-believe

because today, I feel joy… 109 mots de plus

New Age

the detective: horizontal departure

I wake up slowly in the soft infinity,
to discover I’m a dried out coffee stain
on the office floor.

By eight o’clock, I’ve morphed into a forgettable insect; 437 mots de plus

Speculative Fiction