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100 Theme Challenge #12: Insanity

My idea for this was to make a warped brain to represent insanity.

I drew this at work and the kids were asking me if they could keep it. 35 mots de plus


Spork, In Yellow!

For a blogger, they will know whom they are when they see this!
For everyone else, good luck guessing the meaning of this!


First Time in New York


New York City has a lot to offer if you’re looking for a place to view art. You don’t have to just go to an art gallery or museum. 222 mots de plus

Where Creativity Works

Which way to the library theater?

Which way to the library theater? (kinda, sorta meets the challenge)

Cee’s Which Way Challenge: Week #21

Cee's Which Way Foto Challenge

Inspired By...

…’Pathmark’ monotype and drawing by Helen Frank, 1982.

The scene of Helen Frank‘s artwork is a Pathmark store (top) that’s closing for the night. 48 mots de plus


Frustrated Artist

I love drawing but it seems like it doesn’t love me. I’m always trying my best to draw and create a legit artwork.

Here are some of my latest work (haha): … 230 mots de plus


THINK. (Midnight Rambles Art)

Double-click to see full version, created by Amy verrrrry late one night during the Yikes! Cymbalta! Cycle, which is still going strong – forecasted to continue at least four more months.  12 mots de plus

ABC Wednesday