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Artwork #25 - UNTITLED

* Title: « UNTITLED » (I haven’t come up with a title yet)
* Type of Artwork: Design
* Progress: Nearly Finished 7 mots de plus


Usedae be a singer in Glasgow, Jamie Barnes.

I remembered that I had drawn Jamie Barnes while I was at Art School the day after witnessing a particularly good set at McSorleys. I eventually found the drawing in an art school sketchbook in my studio which informed me that I had made the drawing whilst in 3rd year, so either in 1999 or 2000. 57 mots de plus

In The Pub

Whitechaple in need

Sometimes when I’m walking the streets of London snapping art my knees get so stiff and the feet grow tired. Time to make my way to Whitechapel Gallery and sit in the same small room that is always showing  arty films.  252 mots de plus

Mitch Hicks

Bucharest notebook

I recently re-discovered a notebook I thought had been lost years ago ‘BUCHAREST / OCT 5th-15th 2006 / BRIEF ACCOUNT OF TRIP’. It briefly documents day by day  various events during my visit to Bucharest to take part in AWOL, 2nd International Biennial of Young Artists. 81 mots de plus