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Magical Slovenia And Not A Trump In Sight !




Gornji Grad


My Slovenian grapes on the terrace

Just a few snaps from my autumn trip to the magical land of Slovenia… 7 mots de plus

Mitch Hicks

CTS lecture - Entry 3

Hectic friday morning as I attend late to lesson, this is therefore what I could summarise from our morning lecture. Arriving at 10:50 Andrew kindly allows me into class declaring « I can’t deny a person’s education ». 473 mots de plus

Art Lectrures

It is open!

The door to the new TINY WINDOWS … TINY TEMPLATES is now open.

Three new ones are available to buy with more coming.

If you want to refresh your memory about them, check out the page above. 38 mots de plus


Of The Artistic Nature

I feel as though an old love of art making as come bubbling up to the surface of my mind.

It started with painting little salt-dough leaves at a friend’s house. 81 mots de plus

Creativity Refresh

Supporting Molly Olly's

I created a print much like this which is currently for sale on my Artfinder store but this collage was created with something other than sales in mind. 365 mots de plus


Mermaid in the Shallows

I’ve been working on my own version of « The Little Mermaid », and this is one of the first scenes that came to me. Like in the original, my mermaids are not allowed to visit the surface until their fifteenth birthday, which is when my heroine first sees the prince. 177 mots de plus