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Healing Light

It is the New Moon and Chinese New Year – the Red Fire Monkey, each of which have aspects that will be life changing. It doesn’t matter if you ascribe to their forecasts or not for in all aspects it is a new beginning… 96 mots de plus


Primroses, take two

Buoyed on by my enjoyment of my last painting of primroses I was interested to see how they would translate painted in the same way but this time on watercolour paper. 55 mots de plus


The Message

The Message is the first artwork in my Automata series of mixed media scupltures. Here there are 5 moving parts above the platform. By turning the handle on the right some parts rotate and others move vertically; all at differing speeds. 349 mots de plus


Check out these Sources of Free Vintage Images

The internet is a beautiful thing. Not only can you watch as many funny cat videos as you want, any time day or night, but there is a wealth of royalty-free content out there begging for you to do something with it. 274 mots de plus


Pantone Wallpaper Project: February

Let’s begin with the song behind this month’s entry.

Click play please.

I love Bloc Party so much, I watched them twice in a span of one week in 2013 – in Singapore and then here in Manila. 353 mots de plus


Bedside Manner

When I feel under the weather, Angel turns into the best caretaker ever…

…but that doesn’t keep him from messing around whenever he gets the chance.

There, there. All better now.


CARTAGENA, COLOMBIA: Outside El Viajero in Cartagena. Rated 4 out of 5 stars on TripAdvisor, this hostel is a great place to meet other people from around the world. 28 mots de plus