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Painting a Princess Update (from my Patreon page)

Well, we are now in the home stretch if I can keep my moral up.  I am doing my taxes now so that remains to be seen.   95 mots de plus


"Press Start to BGN" 2016/2017 postcard

Since my radio group and I had our last recording of the year this Tuesday, I decided to make a small postcard poster of our group. 70 mots de plus


Undertale Cards

For my first year 2D and 3D design class, we were instructed to make four cards and a backing of a card deck. I decided to do Tarot cards based on the four child characters Frisk, Chara, Monster Kid and Asriel from the game Undertale. Made in Adobe Illustrator.



A picture of an amethyst made using washable markers, copic alcohol based markers and a white gel pen.


Off "Minuit a Fond la Caisse" song cover

Last year, one of my class projects was to create an album cover for an artist we liked. I really love the soundtrack from the game Off and decided to design a cover based on the song « Minuit a Fond la Caisse » which is played during the boss fight against Japhet. 34 mots de plus


2017 Music Release, Album Title Unknown

New music should be coming sometime in the future. I would be closer to completely finishing but had a few set backs, problems with gear specifically, but now the gear is fixed through warranty repair and I should be back on track to recording all the music I’ve been working on. 138 mots de plus