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Firstly, I want to say sorry for the lack of updates. I’ve been really busy with school work and other stuff. However, I’m still here. Plus, I’m working on some new artwork. 606 mots de plus

Everyday Life

Seinfeld – Monks Restaurant Menu

The Menu that everyone at Monk’s chose from. Check out the Clams Casino,  Chef Recommends!


Seinfeld – The Movie Posters

Various Seinfeld Movie Posters referenced throughout the show. 

These are not created by me and are here for reference only.


Seinfeld S8E1 – The Foundation – Elaine Benes J. Peterman Catalog Cover

“The Foundation” – Season 8 Episode 1

“After a nervous breakdown, J. Peterman runs off to Burma (thought you may know it as Myanmar) leaving Elaine in charge of his catalog.  42 mots de plus


Good title here.

Hello peeps,

I am keeping this post super short, because I caught a disgusting cold and my head is quite empty.

I have officially buried my old sketchbook, because it grew quite « fat » over the time, since I glued so much stuff inside. 111 mots de plus


Optical Mixing Portrait

An optical mix is when you create paint colors not by mixing them on the palette (or physically), but through knowledge of color theory and how the eye perceives colors that  overlay each other. 58 mots de plus


Seinfeld S6E20 – The Doodle - The Doodle Napkin

“The Doodle” – Season 6 Episode 20

“George complains to Jerry about the doodle his girlfriend Paula drew, finding it an ugly caricature. Elaine sees the doodle and thinks it is Mr. 7 mots de plus