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April Challenge - 30 Sketches in 30 Days

I’m planning to take the plunge and discipline myself to do a drawing/painting/sketch every single day in April. I thought it would be grand to have a list of topics/themes/ideas to paint/draw for each day….so here we go! 225 mots de plus

What's Written In There, Darling?

What’s written in your heart is the biggest secret of all. Protect it, for no one else has the same words scrawled in your chest.

Melanie Tassone. 2013.


Comfort Zones.

Comfort zones are nice things. They’re….comfortable. And they’re SO good to get out of sometimes. Don’t leave your comfort zone for the sake of leaving it, if you shouldn’t…..but when you’re using your comfort zone as a safety net in a situation where you  157 mots de plus