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Three To Admire (2015)

1. Friend.
2. Artwork.
3. Ancient history.
As it used to be-
Structures still here, for all to see.


The Colors of October

Fall and its beautiful colors, light and morning mists. I wish a wonderful autumn season with my last years digital work :-)


Shin Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem - Mirage and Collaboration Costumes Screenshots

I think it’s amazing how the game’s artwork and screenshots look exactly the same without losses in fidelity. 




Itsuki Aoi

Tsubasa Oribe… 98 mots de plus

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Texas Contemporary Art Fair

This past Saturday, I attended the Texas Contemporary art fair. I went with my sister and we really enjoyed ourselves. Texas Contemporary is one of seven art fairs produced by Art Market Productions. 223 mots de plus


Live from the Squid Research Lab – October 5, 2015


One of our interns was checking out our Google alerts and found a brand new Splatoon research portal at! Login with your Nintendo Network ID to recruit friends for Splatoon battles, view rankings and equipment, and more!

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