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So we paint.

As Zehra Khan, a science student at Mama Parsi Girls’ Secondary School, shares with us her stunning masterpiece, she also beautifully gives words to the sentiments and emotions of a painter: 63 mots de plus

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Blac Youngsta Announces NEW Project "I'm Innocent"

While fighting for his freedom CMG rapper Blac Youngsta announces a new project titled I’m Innocent dropping next Friday. 111 mots de plus

The Last Laugh

After having rejected him
night after night, in what had become
an agonized shtick and ritual
of unrequited love,
Colombine turned away  one last time, 30 mots de plus
John Biscello

Doing It Over...Again

Back in 2008, I wrote a fun post about wedding changes I would make. Looking at the post now, it seems a bit out of step. 29 mots de plus


IB Visual Arts HL

On my junior and senior year of high school, I pursued the International Baccalaureate‘s Higher Level Visual Arts Programme. The following artworks were created between 2013 – 2015. 211 mots de plus


In Memory of Self

(Reposted and updated from previous years)

This is a story about a man I never knew, who was an important part of my life.

I actually don’t know very much about this man. 508 mots de plus

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What Went Wrong With... Teenage Emotions by Lil Yachty?

Mark today in your calendars, for today is the day that Mumble Rap super-twat Lil Yachty releases his début studio album, and with all the furore and fanboying that surrounds him, surely this album will satisfy the fans and silence the haters once and for all. 2 263 mots de plus