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Associated Luxury Hotels’ Chief Commercial Officer Tom Santora Adds Role as Executive Chairman

Parent company Associated Luxury Hotels, which significantly expanded its global footprint, hospitality services and collection of member hotels with the recent strategic acquisition of Frankfurt, Germany-based Worldhotels, announced that its Chief Commercial Officer Tom Santora has added the role as Executive Chairman of Worldhotels.



SB 192 Mental Health

Senator Jim Beall (San Jose) has introduced SB 192. This bill concerns Mental Health Services Act funds, which have been a topic of conversation within our Commission. 205 mots de plus


The First 5 Association Explained

In 1998, California voters passed Proposition 10, the « Children and Families Act of 1998. » The passage reflected a mandate by California voters to enhance the early development experience of young children so that they were ready to be successful for school and life. 694 mots de plus


UNWTO: Innovation, technology and sustainability – pillars of Smart Destinations

‘Smart destinations’ are key to sustainable development and contribute not only to advances in the tourism sector but also in societies at large. The use of technological solutions contributes effectively to evidence-based decision making, prioritization of measures and anticipation of future scenarios, which is essential for responsible management of tourism and its impacts.

Source: Travelandtourworld.


When Should the CEO Tell the Board, "No"?

The CEO reports to the board. Right? Yes. So if the board directs the CEO to do something, he/she should do it. Right? Not always. 435 mots de plus

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Barbed wire & no stingers - small river chubbing part II.

It goes like this…got woken up; « daddy can I go and see nana? » « yes, go on then » I mumble. I go downstairs, boil kettle, find cup, clatter, spoon, rattle coffee packet, pour…flick through newspaper, celebrities, celebrities, celebrities, war, fear, sport; put paper down, slurp. 289 mots de plus


Sungei Road peddlers 'get the sack' - again

(Source: www.straitstimes.com)

A pall of finality hangs over the Sungei Road flea market as peddlers digest the news that they have about five months left before it closes for good . 810 mots de plus

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