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Edmonton councillors asks for 'cooling off period' policy for former employees

A complete management oversight breakdown has prompted city councillors to ask that a new « cooling off period » be established as city policy.

The move comes after a scathing audit on Edmonton’s revolutionary sand recycling program revealed former city employees had a good working relationship with city middle managers when the recycling program was set up in 2005. 583 mots de plus


Log mining real-time steps in Oracle 11g RAC

LogMiner Benefits:

LogMiner provides a well-defined, easy-to-use, and comprehensive relational interface to redo log files, it can be used as a powerful data audit tool, as well as a tool for sophisticated data analysis. 1 783 mots de plus


Audit users connecting as SYSDBA and SYSOPER - a workaround

How to audit SQL statements issued by SYS, including users connecting as SYSDBA and SYSOPER?

Applies on : Oracle Database – Enterprise Edition – Version to on Unix based platform. 821 mots de plus


Moving Audit trail objects to different table-space to gain performance

If you have enabled audit trail to « DB » and and auditing all / max users, then you may observe some performance issues if your system is high CPU bound. 236 mots de plus


Basic audit on user level activities in Oracle

Configuring and Administering Auditing : Using Oracle 11g
Auditing is always about accountability, and is frequently done to protect and preserve privacy for the information stored in databases. 913 mots de plus


5 reasons to trust the professional company registration

The creation of a business company or even a sole trader is an activity that is important to be done by the rules, because the appearance of a newly created business depends on it. 631 mots de plus

Conducting a Monthly PPC Keyword Audit

PPC (pay-per-click) has been a useful tool for many businesses and marketers ever since online marketing became a thing. However, as Google has undergone numerous updates over the past several years, the dynamics behind traditional PPC has changed, and with it a new form of relative PPC advertising—called social ads—has grown. 112 mots de plus