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MF Global Blaming the Auditors

The Wall Street Journal had an article recently about the former CEO of the « doomed brokerage firm » MF Global testifying that his firm relied on their auditors, Pricewaterhouse Coopers to « make sure its finances were accurate. 503 mots de plus

DoD still haunted by $125 billion efficiency report

A ranking Defense Department official says a new round of base realignments and closures (BRAC) is needed to help streamline the agencyDoD still haunted by $125 billion efficiency report, which found itself once again in the spotlight for a 2015 audit claiming $125 billion in unaddressed efficiencies. 8 mots de plus


What assessments did I have while training to become an Independent Prescriber?

Now, you are all probably thinking…. « was there a written exam? »

I know the vast majority of people aren’t fans of written exams, and neither am I. 335 mots de plus

What are Medicines Management Audits?

In my last post I started off talking about what I did at the GP practice as part of my Independent Prescriber training, time to continue… 148 mots de plus

How to do a life audit

How to do a life audit – https://wp.me/p77jmO-S1

If you’re like me, there are times when your plate feels a bit too full. There are times when you’re overscheduled and overwhelmed, but you don’t believe you’ve accomplishing much. 685 mots de plus

How to Do a Content Audit [Updated for 2017]

Posted by Everett (function($) { // code using $ as alias to jQuery $(function() { // Hide the hypotext content. $(‘.hypotext-content’).hide(); // When a hypotext link is clicked. 145 mots de plus

Piranhas are Not Good Neighbors - Part 2

To find the first part of the story, look here.

Dave and Christine took their daughter Sara to the Emergency Room to make sure there were no serious injuries. 973 mots de plus