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Tate's Excellent Audit Committee Guide (July 31, 2015, a work in progress)

For audit committee members and directors, I have attached three links below, the first for my 2007 audit committee chapter for the California Continuing Education of the Bar, the second for the new audit committee guide that is a work in progress but already contains substantial materials, and the third to the cover and table of contents to Accounting and Its Legal Implications. 184 mots de plus

Residents frustrated over continued wait for collection bins during audit

Oahu residents still aren’t getting extra collection bins.

The city tells us it’s still auditing the number of bins so no additional ones will be given out until that’s done. 406 mots de plus


Alcy and LaRose Elementary schools cleared of cheating on TCAP

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — As the kids say, cheaters never prosper, but cheating wasn’t the reason why students at Alcy and LaRose Elementary schools scored high on their TCAP tests. 324 mots de plus


Audit finds repeated errors at child welfare agency

HARTFORD, Conn. (AP) — Connecticut’s state auditors released a report Thursday that found repeated financial and administrative mistakes have been made at the Department of Children and Families and its various facilities. 629 mots de plus


W20-W49: Exposure to inaminate mechanical forces

That line is nearly as good as « exposure to animate mechanical forces ».

I’ve finished the data stuff – all 4000 and something missions done by EAAA uploaded to a fancy data sharing system.   467 mots de plus


Charter school spending - KFC, Burger King and Domino's Pizza!

School staff withdraw $4k from school account.

No receipts.

No records.

Can’t explain where it’s gone.

At all.

But it won’t be investigated.

Auditors « raised concerns as to whether some expenses could not considered normal operational expenses » including… 50 mots de plus

GERM (Global Education Reform Movement)

Over Reporting Your Income? IRS May Find Out And There Could Be Consequences.

Just read an interesting Tax Court opinion (Cadet, TC Summ. OP. 2015-39) about over reported income.  The taxpayer, who was called ‘a low income filer with very little… 269 mots de plus

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