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Please sign petition for state audit of Massachusetts physician health program (PHP), Physician Health Services, Inc. (PHS)--Evidence of top-down corruption

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Why this is important

State Physician Health Programs (PHPs) were originally developed by competent and caring physicians to help colleagues who developed problems with addiction or substance abuse. 1 908 mots de plus

Physician Health Programs

SQL Audit End To End

In SQL Server 2005 and earlier versions, auditing was implemented using a combination of tools. At the server level, options were available to log successful and/or failed logins to the Application log in the Windows® operating system and the SQL Server Error Log. 573 mots de plus

SQL Server

Kajian Hubungan Percintaan Berdasarkan Opini Audit

Salut buat kalangan pintar yang tetiba begitu paham opini Wajar Dengan Pengecualian (WDP) milik Pemprov DKI sehingga bisa memaki-maki Ahok di Pesbuk. Padahal, awak yang berkutat di… 921 mots de plus

Berniat Lucu

Report: Caltrans Engineer Was Paid For Playing Golf On 55 Workdays

COSTA MESA ( — An Orange County lawmaker said Thursday he has « no confidence » in Caltrans’ spending practices after a state auditor found the agency approved the time sheets of an engineer who played golf for 55 workdays while on the clock. 239 mots de plus


They can't handle the truth

Have you ever had to deal with managers or users who were sceptical about the time and effort a piece of work would take? Have you ever complained in vain about a project that was clearly doomed to fail right from the start? 775 mots de plus


Who needs Audit in their mobile CRM system? We all do

Statistics say that a huge percentage of information systems purchased by organizations are not used at all; or employees use only very small portion of the full functionality. 531 mots de plus

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