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An Audit of Our Recycling

Yeah, our recycling in Chicago is pretty much the pits.

I am pretty skeptical that anything we put in the recycling bin actually gets recycled, and that is why many people don’t even bother. 238 mots de plus

Green City Living

#EYInstaTakeOver – Eine Woche mit Nathalie Mielke

Ein Besuch beim Mediengipfel in Berlin, Meetings in der „EY Sky Lounge“ und #qualitytime mit der Familie: Eine Woche im Leben von Nathalie Mielke ist ganz schön abwechslungsreich! 613 mots de plus

Work @ EY

Why you should audit your website...

Websites require a lot of time, effort and money. Probably more than most people think. It’s not just technical things like development and hosting. Anyone involved in commissioning, writing or editing content is spending valuable time to help publish stuff. 120 mots de plus

We're Better Together: DevOps, Security, Audit, and Compliance

I’ve been on a kick recently about how DevOps, security, audit, and compliance all fit together. Spoiler alert: they all do fit together. In fact, we’re better off individually and collectively when we bring security, audit, and compliance into the DevOps tent and treat them like we would any other function that has valuable expertise to contribute to help our organizations win. 57 mots de plus

Oregon Secretary of State Dennis Richardson says Oregon Health Authority owes General Fund $100M; OHA says he's wrong

Please contact the State Library for access to this premium story from the Portland Business Journal. or 503-378-8800.

Dennis Richardson contends the money is available because OHA over-estimated enrollment, but OHA says its enrollment forecast is also identical to the actual numbers and there’s no excess funds. 24 mots de plus

Health Authority

Our Adoption and Limits on Board Spending

Saturday we completed the adoption process.  Kubae had been wanting a little girl to spoil and pamper and the process was complete this Saturday.

We would like to welcome Ginger to our little family. 824 mots de plus

Homeowner Associations

The forgotten art of investing in people learned from Mr. Raju Menon, Morison Menon Group

A man who was dreaming, a leader who was striving and an entrepreneur who succeeded – I would like to welcome Mr. Raju Menon, Chairman and Group Managing Partner of Morison Menon Group. 1 209 mots de plus