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Learn to STOP once in a while to listen, observe, and evaluate…

Something very pivotal has been trying to get your attention all this while but you’ve been too BUSY to realise, and that on it’s own is another way to die quick (maybe not physically though) 24 mots de plus

Paul Shola Oguntade

Everything's done on the cheap, that's one of the problems...

In Cameron’s Britain.

The cheapest quotes, the cheapest staff, the cheapest anything they can get.

In short…ficken cheapskates.


Sloppy practice by the criminal record checking service is putting innocent people at risk of being mistaken for paedophiles, a damning inquiry has found. 139 mots de plus

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Who checks the checkers.

Fingers crossed it slips by the internal auditor...

That was clearly the thought of the Regional Finance Director when he sent me an email stating that the Commercial policy did not say anything in relation to the level of approval required for discounts higher than 30%. 559 mots de plus


Trados: What Happens When Venture Capital Interests and Director Fiduciary Duties Collide | Woodruff-Sawyer & Co.

Some sales of private companies are terrific events. Big valuations can lead to all investors getting paid, not to mention dancing and high-fives all around. But what happens when the sale is a sad one?

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감리수행가이드 점검 프레임워크

정보시스템 감리 수행가이드(한국정보화진흥원, 2013)의 점검프레임워크를 설명한 것으로 가장 거리가 먼 것은? (3)

  1. 사업유형/감리시점, 감리영역, 감리관점/점검기준 3개의 분류로 되어 있다.
  2. 사업유형은 생명주기를 기준으로 EA, ISP, 시스템 개발, DB 구축, 시스템 운영, 유지보수의 6개로 구분된다.
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University of Missouri administration to get state audit

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. (AP) – State Auditor Nicole Galloway is launching an audit of the administration of the University of Missouri system.

Galloway said Thursday that the audit will review the administrative spending and policies of the Board of Curators and the president of the four-campus system. 88 mots de plus


Haiku Quartet, #caucusoverhaul

« Voter lists were wrong, – people were untrained and no – one knew what to do »

« Democrats begging – voters to switch look like kids – playing Red Rover » 32 mots de plus