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No wine tonight.  Sparkling water and something sweet. 

Waking early, hopefully, for some writing, planning, something creative.  Or just write about the 4AM hour.  Or 5.  I’d take 5, honestly.  Will be in the office tomorrow.  130 mots de plus



Just What I Want

I’m in a mood to be loved, to love, to focus on the idea of love and just explore it.  Not sure how, but to just throw myself into it.  230 mots de plus



Can’t wait for coffee in the morning.

So waking up at fucking 4AM.

Poetry… MORE!!!

My own business… It’s not a door, it’s a character I have to be. 27 mots de plus


À la fin… 

I feel better, more ME.  Not sure what it was about today, but it pummeled me up and down its block.  Maybe I deserved it for a lack of connection to self.   74 mots de plus


Ten minutes to write, edit and post. 

Ready for the day after ironing shirt and khakis, which are more so I feel informal or semi-formal slacks.  I find every time I iron, there’s an accompanying meditation.  517 mots de plus


Starting haiku-a-day project.  Haven’t written today’s, yet. 

Still thinking about the vineyard we visited this morning, more content and story to sort through.  Looked at time, and SHIT, already close to 12pm.  11:56 exactly.  550 mots de plus


Change of mind. 

Will have a beer at Dry Creek.  Need scene change.  Tired of this chair.  Even the view of the blocks around this building, the SB, Zin, Cab, it’s all starting to infect my concentration and dominant demeanor. 17 mots de plus