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Some Days as an Adjunct 

You’re just not in the mood.  And, it may happen that you’re slightly a bit ahead in your semester schedule.  During an 8-week Summer course, that’s quite hard to do.  566 mots de plus


Now in the part of the day,

right over the 4PM wall, where it moves slower than the hours preceding.  Just passing the time by typing short page struts like this, breathing, and scribbling singular words in the Comp book.  100 mots de plus


1 minute note

Keep writing, reacting, logging dreams and visions for this ‘lifestyle’.

Go for walk in vineyard, different part than you usually do.

Drink that fucking coffee!


Just wrote a page to be sold. 

Not to be posted to any blog.  Adjunct office quick-typing.  Papers graded…  Great day at fair with Alice and J… no mocha this morning, no sodas today either.  283 mots de plus


Question for readers...

Are mornings usually kind to you?

Or, are they trying, demanding, or outright cruel?


Tell your story….

Thank you for sharing!


I'm awake, barely--


the writer

needs a tusunami

of coffee.