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French Word of the Day--

Maison – home.

Have to remember this, as home is more than just important, it’s where everything is. Everything. My babies, wife, OUR maison. Where we grow and learn from each other’ characters, build a collective character and story. 32 mots de plus



At Starbucks.

Why do I do this to myself?

I curse them, but I should

Be cursing me.

Wait– I’m already cursed.

So I just sit here.. 6 mots de plus


At winery, writing copy for owner and wine club.  Posted new gig on Fiverr… need to start gathering more content.. waiting for feedback on drafts.  Today’s goal.. 236 mots de plus


Closer to 37

I step, the less I fear it

The less I fear anything

It’s not even fearing less

But not at all

Not punctuality

Or bills… 103 mots de plus


And like that, quiet house.

Emma and J away with their grammy, and me at the desk, simple goals for day.. desk and workbench.. workout, write of course.. stories and stories and stories.  90 mots de plus


16-Word Story


Her writing became a drug. I couldn’t wait for the next article.

It arrived.

Me, high.