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What Month--

Time suddenly an

odd chord, measure and tonal–

over that, seconds–


And if

it gets shitty, just have more wine.

That’s what I’m going to do.

Right now, actually.


Thought 4

So many say, “Measure twice before cutting once.” Well, I say just go for it.  Cut.  Make lots of cuts.  Create.  No more boxes—  In fact, just step outside all boxes.  84 mots de plus


Walking the vineyard today thinking about a

Pinot we’re pouring in the tasting room.  One thing I can say with rallying vigor is that Dutcher Crossing has shown me a new scope of wine’s existential consistencies, both drinking wine and out in the vineyard.  468 mots de plus


Fold Plausible

Have to make up for 20 years in one–

Think myself no dummy, beers and rum none,

Focused on the plateau, though, so where does a… 11 mots de plus


Song Some

Hold in anxiety, then

let it dissolve to some frothy

nothing.  MY day is

my day, a row of gems on either

side that I can just stare at and walk… 70 mots de plus



Sylvia Plath used her own story, her own life, as the nucleus of her creativity.  She knew her own story, her character, but she still had her struggles with it till her last day.  80 mots de plus


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From the other blog... What is your story? How well do you know yourself? If you had to tell your story, where would you start?