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Wine is

a walk.

A simple, joyful, not-overthought walk.



Coffee, iced, and me wondering what the next step is.  For everything.  Didn’t run this morning, and I’m in a lull, a stall, one of those self-contained mood halls.  310 mots de plus


Nuit d'été

Night of chores and writing.  Time is certainly an issue, and now that I’m in management I realize it’s never an issue.  How I manage it, that’s the “issue”.  987 mots de plus



Wine is in all of my moments.  If I try to refrain, it’s permissively insane.  It insists.  IT’s there to tell me that I can keep writing, that I can have my own thoughts, that I deserve my own moments.  75 mots de plus


OH… The writer or journalist or blogger

needs a fucking freewrite.  I hate feeling like I’m “on assignment”, even if the assignment was given by me.  So now… now that everything I wanted posted is fucking pasted, I’m going to pour myself more of this Viogneir and just freely write.  267 mots de plus


from book...

Day 39, 7/18/17, Tuesday….  Just wrote the vino letter a jour, now a couple moments of other written collection in my adjunct office.  17:32.  What do I do.  159 mots de plus


Tasters from Dallas...

« I think of that pink wine when I hear Zinfandel. Is that wrong? » 40-something woman says.

« Well, it– » I start.

« Zinfandel IS pink, Jeanie. 71 mots de plus