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journal - 12/6/16

Before the writer can write anything for clients, he has to write for himself.  And even before he writes those wine reactions, he has to note for himself, for his own composition and consistency in character.  569 mots de plus


Décembre 2016


Décembre, déjà et je n’ai écrit aucun billet à l’exception de l’introduction. Pourquoi?

Ce n’est pourtant pas le matériel qui manque. J’ai passé les premiers six mois de l’année en Haïti, voyageant entre différentes villes. 161 mots de plus


Three pages for day. 

Just finished article.  Need to do some client writing today, DEFINITELY.  Student meetings now… busy day.  Just the way I like and need it.  6 mile run on tread… tired but I can’t stop, and I won’t.  72 mots de plus


Now, time for


Coffee oh coffee…

You lovely taste vixen.


12/2 - 4

Had phone meeting.  More thoughts, more thoughts… building a business, a creative one, a strangely diverse one.  But my thoughts tend to wonder around this time of day, no matter how centering the vineyards are.  78 mots de plus


12/2 - 3

Stuffing envelopes, invitations— or no, xmas cards.  Such a simple project gives me time for collection, more visions of my shop.. how the bottles are placed and displayed, if I’d have a wine club (which I don’t think I would), and how I’d continue the narrative of the business.  158 mots de plus


12/2 - 2

Whatever I feel like I can’t do, I can.  That’s just a feeling.  The feelings are mine.  I’m in control.  I’m the writer.  I decide what unfolds and progresses.  84 mots de plus