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Film Study: A Recap

For my final semester of undergraduate study, I took a course called Intro to Film, in which over a dozen classic films were viewed and analyzed for their significance in cinema history, the social commentary, and why it’s still significant today. 1 507 mots de plus


Neon Dream #14: Blut Aus Nord - Epitome XVIII

The dream has to end somewhere. Science fiction seems to agree on that. Futuristic technology produces what biology could not: logic-based systems so functional and adept at survival that humanity becomes obsolete. 309 mots de plus


The One Ensemble Of Daniel Padden - Gong Farm

Daniel Padden, also known for being one of the Volcano The Bear members, is going solo here with his ensemble of one. This is from the 2006 album ‘The Owl Of Fives’, and is a wonderful piece of bucolic experimentation. 18 mots de plus


The Wizard of Oz - Belvoir

The Wizard of Oz awakens the subconscious, sensual being and leaves a lasting imprint – a glorious feat by Belvoir that comes highly recommended for a whacky, off-centre but absolutely thrilling night out.

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