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Hollis Frampton

« A film is a machine made of images. »

« Necessarily, what I have to say will be difficult to apprehend, if it is original enough to be worth saying at all. 1 104 mots de plus

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Album Review: The May Company - Teeth

Having been instantly drawn via a social media quick glimpse to an emerald locked, equally Jadific bright-eyed personality. No, it was not stalking, but a great find of an artist, who evidently loves Psychedelia, leading to an not-to-miss opportunity in reviewing the latest album… 405 mots de plus

EFC II #174 - Flaming Creatures (1963)

The Epic Film Challenge II
#174 – Flaming Creatures (1963)
Dir. Jack Smith
Starring: Piero Heliczer, Frances Francine, Sheila Bick, Joel Markman, Mario Montez, Arnold Rockwood, Judith Malina, Marian Zazeela… 38 mots de plus

Epic Film Challenge

In Defense of Visual Literacy

Interesting language isn’t interesting in the old form

Bodies aren’t meant to last

Shakespeare is slick, but 85% of high school students don’t care, and never will.

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Avant Garde Scam

Whitney Museum
New York (2016)

Two rocks, painted silver, placed in the middle of a room with a museum guard. Voila! Avant garde!


Heath Common: Heath Common and The Lincoln 72s

Heath Common is a beat poet whose previous efforts have been a little hit and miss, but this new album is his most musical and probably the most likely to raise his profile. 291 mots de plus


Listen In This Thursday to Night Moves Radio!

Join Night Moves Radio this Thursday, August 17,  at 9pm Eastern/8pm Central. Musician and poet Bruce Goble, a.k.a. Armand Tesla from Charleston, IL will be our guest, and we’ll be chatting with him about his avant-garde approach to music as well as his poetic inspirations. 33 mots de plus