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Inhaling the Nightmare

The staring tears glare years
Where not a touch deceived
And the great cry believed all
Photographs spreading spirits
Toward the temples in our eyes… 79 mots de plus


THE GATELESS GATE - Landslag Norður Íslands (The Landscape of North Iceland) (2015)

by Allister

I am actually working on a lengthy and very important post about a famous musician who sang about flying teapots. But in the interim, as I prepare my adjectives — whoops! 220 mots de plus


Our Daily Bread 145: Sonnymoon


Ayfer Simms finds herself enamoured by the amorphous, ethereal drifting sounds of the Boston Duo Sonnymoon. Formed whilst studying at The Berklee Collage of Music, imbued and led by the languid and loose nature of the L.A. 585 mots de plus

Ayfer Simms

Testing in the Wild

Into the Wild:
Challenges and Opportunities for Field Trial Methods

Through reading this article on examining Field Trial methods, I came across a few helpful insights as I plan out my own field test. 279 mots de plus

The Alter-Destiny

So I’ve been saying that the Cold War never ended. In the last of my four installments on this theme, I finally got to my point: it’s not the Cold War that has continued in some new form, but a force that impelled the Cold War and that still, 26 years after the fall of the Berlin Wall, can be felt in a certain collective mood. 1 156 mots de plus


Pushing my Heart Open

I look in a book of dreams
the pages get unglued

I make sure my door is locked
and chained

things out of the corners of my eyes… 110 mots de plus


As I Try to Write

i look out the window snow sinks down like feathers my slow thoughts resemble branches covered with cold white nothingness streets and cars become abstractions animals call out of the stormy glaze every sound repeats stolen narratives reborn to be worn so smile the disease everyone sees faces everywhere we have wrong and right day and night and enough clichés to water a garden stop there is a fork in the code a specter walking in the road