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Zipcar Says It's Booming As Twentysomethings Reject Car Ownership

Avis, the car-rental company that bought Zipcar last year, says it will grow to 1 million members by 2015, driven by the ‘fundamental shift going on with regard to car ownership’ among a new generation. 15 mots de plus



There is an annual cabin trip that my college friend group takes each year that we have coincidentally always missed. This year I was determined not to…. 1 694 mots de plus


Tesco sa Chomraich

Tha dragh air feadhainn gum bi Tesco a’ lìbhrigeadh stuth ro shaor a dh’àiteachan mar a’ Chomraich, agus a’ toirt droch bhuaidh air bùithean beaga ionadail san dòigh sin. 34 mots de plus


My flying year - 2016-2017

It is around this point every year when all the hard-earned tier points get wiped from my account and the balance is reset to 0. 829 mots de plus


Sweden to reintroduce conscription

The Swedish government has decided that as from 1 January 2018, conscription into the country’s armed forces would be reactivated.
BBC: Sweden brings back military conscription amid Baltic tensions… 125 mots de plus


Ma routine capillaire (1)/ My hair care routine (1)

Parlons cheveux aujourd’hui ! J’ai ce problème où mes cheveux ne sont ni secs ni gras mais bien les deux. Les racines de mes cheveux sont grasses tandis que mes pointes ont tendance à être sèches. 1 524 mots de plus