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Getting to your accommodation after just landing in SA

You have finally touched base at one of the airports in South Africa. Although you were excited five minutes ago, you feel your stomach tying into knots  as you realize that you are no longer home and  have no idea how you going to get to your hotel, because you forgot that minor travel detail ( we all forget something when travelling) 237 mots de plus


Fire Departments Sharing the Love

SOUTH WILLIAMSPORT — Two volunteer fire departments in central Pennsylvania are sharing the love this Valentine’s Day.

Every year on the week of Valentine’s Day, firefighters from South Williamsport sell hundreds of roses along Route 15. 354 mots de plus


Vipassana meditation #2 - Interview of Cameron  // Entretien avec Cameron 

How did you hear about Vipassana and this retreat?

Being interested in how the mind works and the questions of consciousness I often listen to podcasts regarding the topic – Sam Harris’ podcast waking up  1 208 mots de plus


Full autonomy is years away, but here's what's next on autonomy's wild ride

We’ve come a long way since 2009 when Google launched its stunningly ambitious self-driving car initiative. Nearly a decade later, it’s easy to consider widespread autonomy to be a fait accompli, an achievement on the cusp of attainment. 709 mots de plus


Waymo: Who is going to make the first autonomous car?

Forbes Global 2000 Ranking: 24

Autonomy: Level 4

« Waymo will launch the first self-driving taxi services in the world, possibly in 2018. »

Google kicked off the… 324 mots de plus

Autonomous Vehicles

Avis tries out app to operate keyless cars

Key fobs someday may be a thing of the past, at least for rental-car customers. Avis is testing a smartphone app that enables customers to order a vehicle, pay for it, unlock it and drive it away — all without a key fob. Read more at Automotive News.

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Avec le Boss Lady Beauty Agenda, démarrez l'année en beauté!

Quoi de mieux pour entamer la nouvelle année qu’un coffret au packaging à croquer pour vous aider à vous organiser au fil des mois. Too Faced compte bien faire de vous une véritable #GirlBoss ! 414 mots de plus