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Winners in every way!!

The circle is complete.

All school year John Fisken snapped photos, he was nice enough to send a ton my way, I directed readers to where he sold his pics and, when they bought some, a portion of the money was stashed away. 409 mots de plus

CHS Wolves

Mailbag! Fatigue, Sleep, and AWESOME!

What? Cabinet Peaks Medical Center gets a good review? Even though my appointment was cancelled? Am I okay? YOU BET! I even have a little award for them at the end of the post. 796 mots de plus

Cabinet Peaks Medical Center

A Review: The Danish Girl

At the heart of Tom Hooper’s period drama « The Danish Girl » is a struggle for identity, independence, and acceptance. As Einar Wegener, famous Danish landscape artist, slowly comes to terms with losing his own identity he realizes he has always had another: Lili Elbe. 556 mots de plus



Various bloggers have nominated me for awards over the past month and instead of thanking these wonderful bloggers on a timely basis, I have instead let the time run away from me, but – 456 mots de plus

Musings To Quote And Quotes To Muse

Broadcaster guide to new Dept. of Labor overtime rules

Our friends at Pillsbury Winthrop Shaw Pittman LLP have put together an important guide to understanding and preparing for new Department of Labor overtime and salary rules.  13 mots de plus